Monday, February 23, 2009

Mostly Skateboarding

I am going to start this morning off with a link to Danny Falla's Mag Minute. His 5-0 fakie at the Woodhurr hospital spot (the spot in the default image of the video) was legit. That thing is super hard to skate. His front blunt to manual at Vernon was sick too.

I want to roll with these dudes!

This is one of my favorite video parts. It is Eero Anttila's part from the Alis video "Who Cares." I haven't heard anything of Eero since this video came out years ago, but he is now on that new Euro company called Jart.

Tonight I finally get to see Deathbowl to Downtown (Charnoski and Nichols' latest flick) at Columbia. My RSVP got screwed up the last time I went to see it (when it premiered the first time a while back), and it isn't on DVD yet...that I am aware of.

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