Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Footage and Review

As you must have heard by now, Christian Bale went off on the DP (Director of Photography) of the Terminator movie they are working on and it was all recorded by the sound guy. And then there was the remix to said recording. And perhaps you've seen the "Christian Bale takes David to the dentist" mash-up I posted on my Tumblr yesterday. Well, now I present Christian Bale vs Pathmark (an edit Peter did with some footage from night/winter sessions at Pathmark in Queens). Featuring Paul Leung, Jay Mullally, another one of Peter's friends who's name I don't remember, Peter Sarne, and myself.

I recently got quite a few skate DVDs in the mail, one of which was the new video out of AZ called Potpourri by Thad Croskey. You can click on the image above to watch some promos for it and buy it, or just watch this trailer:

Yes, they are using Neutral Milk Hotel in it...which is mostly what convinced me to buy it, haha. Also, these dudes roll with Buster O'Shea and the guys from PVWHL and A Happy Medium (both of which I recommend). Well, I just watched the video last night and here are some thoughts:

1) These guys know how to have fun. So much so, in fact, that you will become depressed on your own scene...or lack there of.
2) Arizona is full of amazing spots that, for a second, you might even consider moving to a red state.
3) The best tricks in the video are in the opening montage.
4) You must understand that this is a homie video and isn't at the caliber of the Buster O'shea's homie video previously mentioned. If you are expecting such, you will be disappointed. There is some good stuff, but it won't meet the average skater's standards...even those skaters filming tricks that don't even deserved to be looked at yet think they are the next Ty Evans.
5) The bonus stuff doesn't have a lot of skating, though it is as long as the video itself. However, it is full of entertaining shenanigans that had me laughing.
6) It didn't quite end with a bang. It felt like something was missing.
7) Matt Price footage is entertaining. He has some decent maneuvers for a fat dude.
8) I am still not sure if Peter Vlad is just fooling us all about his abilities and that is the joke, or if his ability is real and giving him a part is he joke. The thing is, every once in a while he does something sick that makes you think that everything else is just to fool us, but I am not sure. It is awesome nonetheless.
9) I am not sure if I was recommend this to anyone to buy. If it were $5 less, then maybe. I don't regret buying it though, but I also buy most videos.
10) Todd Bratrud did some graphics and I want to look into this company Brimley. I remember they had a Bratrud deck a while back with Elmo in a sling that I thought was sick.

The video did make me want to skate, however...and that is what matters. Too bad the weather is pulling at my heart strings. I guess I will sit at home and watch skate videos and movie until it is not so wet out there. Speaking of, watch Vicky Christina Barcelona, it is the best movie I have seen in a while. It is better tha Slumdog Millionaire, Milk, (that boring movie) Frost/Nixon, etc.

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