Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"That's a long distance call...DOUG!"

So...the Super Bowl is coming up. I could care less, and I would hope you feel the same way. Oh, you don't, jock? Whatevs. Since I am part of the media world, I keep coming across articles about Super Bowl ads, past and future. Well, one article went through the top 10 Super Bowl ads of all time and while most of them were pretty lame, I though this was was worth posting again:


I love Terry Tate's delivery in this commercial and how he pauses between saying people's names. You see professional athletes in a lot of commercials, but they usually come off as awkward when forced to speak (note: Michael Jordan, Michael Phelps, etc.), so I can appreciate Terry here.

Monday, January 26, 2009

"Maybe I’ll start my own hooker farm or maybe I’ll practice sleeping."

Have you heard about the controversial T-Shirt Hell company? Well, according to TechCrunch, they are sick of dealing with people not understanding the meaning of their shirts and complaining non-stop.

Their intentions are still uncertain. Perhaps they are looking for a boost in sales for now to reemerge or re-brand themselves. Perhaps they are really serious and want to keep it real. Perhaps they are just tired of it all. Either way, I have never bought anything from them, though I do think some of their stuff is funny. Some is lame or cheesy, but they have enough good stuff to overlook that.

Here are some of their shirts that I found pretty hilarious:

Friday, January 23, 2009

Luis Got Bounce

Luis Tolentino won another high ollie contest!

Bouncing is what Tolentiggers do best!

Joey Pepper Skates Proper

You know how you sometimes see people skate and they can do a lot of tricks, but the tricks are sketchy and you don't know how they rode away? Well, Joey Pepper can never be accused of that. He does tricks the way they should be done. His back smiths are flawless, his backside nose blunts are legit, but my favorite is his back disasters. I have never seen anyone do them the way he does them. He basically backside ollies and sticks them. Everyone else just bonks them around. Watch this clip from the bowl last night that I took of his back disaster. Now to figure out how to do them like that...

Here it is again, 52 seconds in:

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Winter (Re)mix

Check out the Jahmal Williams interview on 48 Blocks. Don't miss the commercial on the left for Hopps. Josh Stewart (of Static 1, 2, & 3) put it together.

If you live in New York City, you know how wet and snowy the weather has been lately. I tried skating the BQE spot in Brooklyn yesterday, but it was too damp and there were a bunch of kids in the way. This has left me to skating the bowl a lot lately. That is not a bad thing, though. I have been getting more comfortable there and have been trying to get into things outside of 50-50s and 5-0s, which has led to a lot of falling down and getting hurt. I actually jammed my middle finger into one of the brick walls, bending my fingernail back causing a steady flow of blood, in which I wrapped with a tissue and some duct tape I found (I just found the duct tape, I had the tissue in my bag...I'm not that gross). I took a photo, which I am sure will be posted on here soon. Anyway, again, I noticed people taking advantage of keys with literally 6 people to 1 key yesterday. That is not cool. Bring one or two, not your whole crew at once.

I need to get out of this winter abyss. California, Australia, anywhere warm...can you bring me over? k, thanx, bai.

Here are some more photos I have taken.

I was waiting for Batman to appear or something.

Camille smelling the fresh snow. I think this was from the first significant snowfall of the season.

They have jokes at Vinnie's in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

This was my dinner of many nights during my tenure at NYU. Whole Earth Bakery on St. Marks (btw. 1st and Ave. A) has the best vegan pizza in NYC.

I guess pigeons don't fly south for the winter?

Christmas lights burning through the snowy layers.

This guy was laid out on the floor of grand central, totally not down to deal with all the people tromping by.

This is where we get most of our fruit. We call it the cat place since there is an awesome cat that lives here and barks at birds.

Home (in one sense of the word).

I posted these on my Tumblr but figured that I would post them here too.

Eby (me) - pivot fakie at the BQE spot in Brooklyn

Maurice - front rock

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Don't Mess With Taxes

A couple years back, Crailtap had a contest for a t-shirt design that tied a celeb with a jail record in with the brand. I think they had one with Paris Hilton as an example. Anyway, around that time, the whole scandal about Wesley Snipes being on the run from the IRS was all over the papers, so I submitted this:

Here is the Paris Hilton shirt:

Anyway, here are some more photos that I have taken recently-ish. I will go with a Christmas theme since scientists ruined it anyway.

I went to Rocafeller Center after work one day to get a picture of the tree for my mom (and since I only work like 3 blocks away). It took me 20 minutes to swim through the crowds of people from a block away to get to it, get the photo, and get back. Not fun by any means.

They had all these weird, random figures set by by the Christmas tree in my apartment building for like 2 months.

We scoped out the light show they do at Grand Central every year during the holidays.

My mom and I got disposable camera that we are going to take all the photos on and mail them to each other to develop for the surprises. This is one I took with mine.

It was hard to capture the light show in a photo, but I tried.

Sharp had a huge tree made out of TVs in there.

Lastly, this is a snowman melting in someone's yard. Not sure what that phallic thing sticking out of the head was supposed to be though...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

On 2 hours of sleep

Since I don't have a Pro Account on Flickr, I only get to put photos up once a month, since my alloted bandwidth runs out in less than one upload. Well this morning was that time of the month. After skating the bowl, I was up until after 5am editing and uploading photos. Check out the photos I have uploaded on my Flickr page.

And since I have had a lot of other photos that wouldn't fit in this upload, I just put them on Photobucket. I will post some on here throughout the next few days. Here is the first batch.

This is from the Translations premier in the Lower East Side.

The place was pretty packed, but I would be surprised if more than 20% were there for the premier.

Peter was one of those.

There are rats everywhere in this filthy town!

Have you ever had a candy corn float?! During Halloween, Jones Soda makes candy corn soda and I always buy it up. Add some vanilla soy ice cream and it is amazingly peculiar.

I love what someone did to this poster of the Curious Case of Benjamin Button in Greenpoint.

Jahmal Willams gets in ninja mode during the holiday shopping season.

Well, I'm out for now. More to come tomorrow.

Actually, if you have seen it already, go to Pete's blog to check out a statistical analysis he did on the Battle at the Berrics. Good times.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Ralph = Vomit

A while back, when Alan and Ralph got on Substance, I was in one of my drawing modes and was just doing weird drawings for the fun of it. I decided to draw some graphics for them, totally unsolicited, and while they seemed to like them, I don't think Harley was too psyched on them. Then again, they were more humorous and not quite like the image I think he was going for.

This was the one I did for Ralph:

This is the graphic I did for Alan. He plays the (electric) piano and is a Bjork fan. I had to add the Bjork logo so that people knew who it was. To some, it was obvious. To others, they had no clue. I thought the goose dress was a dead giveaway.

Oh yeah, Alan did the lettering for his name himself.

Speaking on Alan, here is some vintage footage of the man himself. Hopefully that works since it is a Facebook link.

While I was looking for the images of the deck graphics I came across this photo of Taji. I think it was from the Nike video premier.

So Alan and I ended up getting that key to the Autumn Bowl and I have skated it twice so far. Seeing as though I haven't skated it in a year and a half, I still haven't gotten my bowl legs back yet, but you definitely appreciate grinding more than you do on a miniramp, or bowl with metal coping. I am not psyched on 5 or 6 dudes showing up (all to skate) when only one of them has a key. Bringing one or two people is fine, but that place gets crowded really quickly. I didn't see anyone donate any money either. When I used to go with key holders I would always drop some money into the box. In fact, I don't think I even saw the box...hmm. Anyway, I will be skating there a lot more for the next month or two. I mean look at the forecast!

Also, I am going to be working on a documentary about the DIY skatepark/spot movement with a friend from Seattle. He is leading it up, but I am going to help out, especially with the NY coverage (footage, interviews, etc.). I am going to cover the Autumn Bowl, the Brooklyn Banks, and the one off spots build all around the city. I will keep you updated with the developments on that.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

"those kids are so cute and awesome. fed up with the cold and 7!! haha" - Camille

My nephew, Eman, is pretty much obsessed with Africa (Kenya, in particular). Last time I went to go see him, he kept showing me his rock from Kenya and saying that he wanted to go there. He wanted me to take him there in the plane that he thinks I live on. I convinced him that his best bet was to draw pictures of himself in Africa and to pretend, which my sister said that he did. Well, Camille sent me a link to this article and said "This will be Eman's idea in the future too, I bet!"

I am in the process of trying to get a key to the Autumn Bowl for a couple months this winter. I need a go to spot when the weather sucks and I need to skate more transition.

That is Alan with the BGPs in this photo of Pat Smith doing a stalefish. Alan might be going in on a key with me. If so, expect a full Alan Siegler Bowl part one day (maybe).

Are you familiar with FailBlog? Well, it is by the same people that do LOLCats and I have been getting into a lot more lately. They have some pretty entertaining videos in their YouTube Channel too. Like this one:

Nothing like seeing a girl scorpion.

or this:

He must be a committed reporter if he could finish his broadcast after that.

or this hog embarrassing a lion (you know it is embarrassed):

or this:

I can go on forever with these, so I will just give one last one:

Where has Leonard been? Anyone know?

I have been taking a lot of photos with my LX3 and will be posting some of them soon. I have been sorting through them and need to edit some first.