Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Last Summer's Cliche Demo

Here is the clip from the Cliche Demo from last summer at KCDC that I promised. And glitched as promised (just at the end). This includes (in order of appearance): Rob Campbell, Mike Wright (cameo), Rodney Torres, Ed Driscoll, ?, Jahmal Williams, Ralph Murphy, Alan Siegler, Puerto Rico Billy, Billy Rohan, Jeremie Daclin, JB Gillet, Ricardo Fonseca, and Thibaud Fradin.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Speaking of work...

My group at my company (CSG) has been doing a series of trainings about what the different teams within the group do. My team, the Producers, was up for the training yesterday and I decided to make a little video presentation to keep people from nodding off. Now for your viewing pleasure, what I do...

Speaking of video, I am still in the process of re-capturing my footage. I think this is going to take a lot longer than expected, but I was able to recover a bugged out version of an edit I did for the Cliche demo that happened at KCDC about a year ago. Too bad the freaking out in the edit happens by the time the actual Cliche team starts to skate in it. Either way, it is better than nothing. I will post once I get it uploaded to Google Video or something.

Well, in other news, I moved to Forest Hills, Queens. While it is further away, I have a lot more space...but the best part is that I do not have neighbors above me that play horrid reggaeton all night long with the bass rattling my apartment. It is amazing.

After a long winter of almost no snow, we finally got our share today. It is coming down in blankets and I think we have already had like 5 inches and there is more to come. That might mean less skating this weekend, but maybe I can get my sledding on at least once this year. I have one that looks kinda like this one Can't wait!

(After the pre-roll [commercial]^^^)Uh, I skateboard. I fall down a lot. You don't look like a purple frog when you fall down...

And the skate clip of the week:

Oh yeah, and the trailer for the new Flipmode (aka stickupkids) video is out:

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Coming Soon...

So it has been a minute. I have been so overwhelmed with work and moving and stuff to post and Leonard is in library school in London (cheers). But look, he is skating (some) - ss bs ts. The blog will re-emerge. I will even post some footage eventually. My hard drive crashed and I am one dv tape into the process of re-capturing everything. FUN TIMES!