Tuesday, April 29, 2008

5 months in cellphone photos

I like to capture many everyday moments in life that amuse me. The most convenient way to do so is with my cellphone, since I have it with me everyday (minus the days I have my Alzheimer's morning). Well, I finally got around to taking some of the photos off my phone this year. So here are a few scattered moments from 2008:

This photo in H&M has intrigued me for a while. There are so many questions: What is she doing/pretending to do? Who is she thinking of? Does she knows what it looks like she is doing?

Guess what number I got when I went to get a DVR box from Time Warner!

Kocik wishes she got the same number from Time Warner...

This was the premier for the Charlotte Skate Video that I went to the last time I went to Charlotte to visit my family. They had couches out in the middle of a parking lot for people to sit on. The video was pretty good, minus the lack of production put into it. I am glad they FINALLY have a scene there.

This ain't Florida!

Someone didn't want their wok stolen! I have to say, seeing a wok locked to a gate in Soho has to be one of my highlights from living in NYC thus far.

Don't forget to pick up the STD pillow case from Target, dear.

What flavor ice???

This grimy rat was chilling...just limping down the platform during rush hour. I think he got off on scaring the ladies coming out of the arriving train.

I met Ronnie from "Make Me A Supermodel" on the uptown E train. He had a whole film crew with him...this was 2 weeks before the finale. He ended up in second, btw.

My favorite! I love spineapple and scantalupe!

I went to Chicago on business.

It was dark and rainy the whole time...

At least they have hot asian buns...tehehe

I found this vegan restaurant called Karyn's Cooked. They had this bangin' pizza, but wack mac' and cheese.

Being in the midwest, you can expect more than just a bible in your hotel drawers. Sweet!

From Chicago I was off to Detroit. Still dark and wet...

I went to GM and looked through the cars in the showroom. Once I came upon this beast I wanted to see the MPG it got: denied. "Not applicable on this vehicle." What?!

Sam, a designer at my job, broke his hand snowboarding. He got a special package while he was out. He probably needed that.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Watch RB's video!

So Billy Rohan's King of Spring contest just went down last Saturday. I didn't make it out, but it looked sick on RB's HVX. Jeremy told me the fisheye for that thing runs $4k...ouch. Eitherway, there were some amazing tricks getting thrown down. Jahmal's 5050 roll-in on the van was ridiculous!

Last Thursday I got around to making it out to the second premier of the Rockstar video and the NY premier of the Second Nature video. The Focus video also was shown, but I had to break out before. So here are my thoughts. The Rockstar video was much better than I expected (I know, hater). I saw some surprising footage from people that I didn't think had it in them (or even really skated much anymore...maybe it is old?). The highlights are the second half of Gary Rzeszutko's part, Matt Rzeszutko's part, Louis Tolentino's part, Dustin Charlton's part, and Manimal and Scottie's few tricks. Those dude's throw down. The negatives: knee sliders in actual video (if anything should have been in credits), super long girl part (with lots of boring "lifestyle" filler), Danny Falla and Rodney Torres only have a couple tricks, rough editing (not in a "cool" way).

The Second Nature video started off kinda slow/boring, but toward the second half got pretty amazing. I didn't know who most of the people skating in it were, but the highlights are definitely Brian Brown and Jose Pereyra. Jose killed it with super tech tricks on sketchy spots. Honestly, I thought Brian's part in this video was better than his Listen part...chomp on that. Disappointing: Steve Marino blue boarding us (no homo) with only a sampling of his board techniques. I wanted a full part, because Steve is amazing on the wood (no homo). Also, the editing was not very fluid. It would cut out quickly from one segment and just jump into the other without any real transition. Some songs were even just cut off...no fade or anything.

Overall, I would give the Rockstar video 6 out of 10 stars and the Second Nature video 5 1/2 out of ten stars. *For a basis of comparison, Fully Flared gets a 9 out of 10 and Bag of Suck gets an 8 out of 10. When (if) my video comes out, I am shooting for the negatives on Jeremy Cohan's scale...which is much stricter than mine. His scale is all video are under 5's except for Alien Workshop videos, which are 10's. I wonder where the Chapman video lives on that scale? I wonder where the Chapman video is...apparently not on DVD yet.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Number Two Behind Door Number Two

Some "lady" at my job decided to take a dookie on (not in) the toilet in the women's restroom at my job today. Classy. I made a sign and had someone go put it on the door and get a photo for me.

Friday, April 04, 2008

No Skate Talk

So Jay-Z and Beyonce are getting married out the window of my job...