Saturday, August 04, 2007

going to asia

Since Sho's passing, I have been planning on making a trip out to Beijing, China to visit his parents. Those plans are finally coming to light, as I am flying out from NYC to Beijing on Thursday with my friends Jeremy and Gia. After about 5 days there, we are flying down to Jakarta, Indonesia to meet up with Budi then off to Bali the next day. As the date approaches, I am actually starting to get excited about the trip...finally. I am borrowing a pretty nice camera from a co-worker, so I am going to try to have some banging blog photos.

Well, back to NYC life.

About 3 weeks ago or so, Harley (owner of Substance Skateboards) told me to swing by and grab a deck. As I was looking through the decks, I saw this:

Mr. Ralph Murphy was turned pro! I was psyched and have been skating his board since. Also, Jahmal (Williams) had a shout-out for his new company, Hopps, in the latest Transworld. Check the site out!

Speaking of local companies, I have been riding Prize Fighter wheels for a while now and am pretty psyched on them. Billy Rohan, Rob Campbell, and Leo Gutman are riding for them now, so that is pretty hyphy. Check them out too.

Okay, okay, enough promotion. So I have been trying to skate as much as I can when not working and sometimes that means skating for 30 minutes or so during my lunch break. But it has been so humid out that I end up running back in for a meeting most of the time dripping in is amazing. There also seems to be a trend that my friends are getting hurt, or they are out of town, or they are just over skating and it is super hard to find people to skate with sometimes...they don't have the "it's too cold out" excuse anymore. At least Matt (Rzeszutko) is coming back (the day after I leave for China) and that means a lot of rippage when I get back. He also quit ATM for 1031 and has been schralping with Kristian Svitak. He told me that the Rockstar video is almost done. Other than that, I don't really have anything new. Haven't heard from Leonard in a minute...I wonder what is up on the other coast? Leonard...City University of London?

I am going to leave you with the clip of the day, Levi Brown's part from the new Element video: