Friday, October 30, 2009

Bummer in the City

Click on the Image above to view.

It is a pretty decent quality, so give it some time to load. Otherwise, just watch the Vimeo version here:

Bummer in the City from Naysayer Skateboards on Vimeo.

Oh yeah, and Valentin Jutant filmed Hadrien, just didn't have his name in time to add it to the video.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Naysayer Skateboards

So the "thing" I have been talking about is officially more than a thing now. Please welcome out of the womb, Naysayer Skateboards. I have been been planning this company for probably 5 years now, though the original plans where to do it in 2010. Well, I decided not to wait that extra year and just go for it now. Don't worry, it isn't just a "good idea" I had one day, just to get bored with and and let it fade out the next. I am all in on this one. Check out the site and have a look around. Our team is legit and our wood comes from Chapman (out of Long Island).

The Halloween video I have been working on is going to be a Naysayer clip and is coming together nicely. I posted some photos from some of the madness on the site but here are some samples.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Drehobl to Fakie

Of course I recently entered the Thrasher "Drehobl to Fakie" Contest (since I enter all that stuff) and they posted the montage and winners today. You can watch it here. I ended up getting fourth place, plus Leonard and Dylan James got some footage in the montage. Leonard at 1:01 and Dylan at 1:18. The guy who won it definately deserved it though. His last trick was hairball to say the least.

Speaking of hairball, here is Vince Del Valle's part from the new Black Label video (God Save the Label). Note his

Vince Del Valle from Black Label Skateboards on Vimeo.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Pending Entertainment

I spend some time working on the elusive barrier clip and it is coming out pretty well. It is mostly edited (minus Leonard's footage I am waiting on). I just need to work on some color correction and figure out a song. This progress, especially when you factor in times when months have gone by without so much as filming a single clip for it. It will feature skateboard maneuvers by myself, Alan Siegler, Conor Fay, Leonard Houx, Taji Ameen, Dylan James, Greg Pachell, and many others.

In other news, check out the trailer for YOUGOTTAGETTHAT! featuring Scotty Moore, Kyle Berard, Gilbert Crockett, Bobby Worrest, Mike Peterson, Dan Murphy, Brett Abramsky, and others. It looks sick and I am looking forward to seeing it. It is heavily southeast skewed.

Another independent video that is coming out soon is Flow Trash. It is out of the Twin Cities and looks proper. The guys that made it are the same guys that made Boondoggle. I am not sure who any of the skaters are other than Davis Torgerson, but that doesn't really matter. Watch the promo and get hyped:

And lastly, for you vegan's out there trying to figure out what skate shoes are animal friendly, I emailed Emerica and Adidas to ask but only Emerica responded and here is their current list:

Francis Black Tan
Francis Lo White Purple Gold
Laced White
Laced White Purple Gold
Mob Black White Red
Reynolds 3 Royal White
Reynolds Cruisers Navy White Gold
Reynolds Cruisers White Purple Gold
The Archer Animal
The Archer Black Blue Purple
The Archer Black Pink
The Archer Light Grey

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Some excuses and (empty?) promises...

So, I am pretty stoked on skateboarding these days...but that usually comes from doing it a lot, and also do other things involved with it (more details on that coming soon). Eitherway, I am still working on the barrier clip. I know, I have been saying that for months. The reason it has been taking so long is because, frankly, not too many can skate barriers and those that can don't really want to all that much. This has resulted in the footage coming in very slowly...and everyone I skate with thinking I pretty much only like to skate barriers. A few more tricks were filmed the other day, now I am just waiting to see what Leonard can send me before I finish it.

Speaking of Leonard, watch this and hold on to your jaw!

I am also about to begin working on this year's Halloween clip, which will be posted on Halloween day (no pushing that one back). It should be fun times with good people and rad scenarios. Remember last year's?

Well to hold you over, though there is a good chance you already have seen these, here are some clips I have liked a lot recently:

Elwood - Dressin' for Recession East Coast Tour Video

Toebock's Daf Oregon Montage

Fourstar's Euro Tour:

Gang Of Fourstar from Crailtap on Vimeo.


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Oh yeah, Pharmacy is working on a new video!