Monday, December 29, 2014

2014 Instagram Year In Review: July - September

Beach, babes, karaoke bar madness, traveling, and continuation of a Year In Review based on the Instagram posts from my @elasticback account, here is the third installment from July through September of 2014.

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Date: 7.2.14
Caption: Distractions in DVD shopping...
Geo-tag: Alan’s Alley Video
Additional Comment: Bitter sweet when rad local stores close. Came up on some sick stuff for the low, but now they are gone. :(

Date: 7.4.14
Caption: Took a series of #Instax photos at #FtTilden that I will be posting throughout the day.
Tags: #fujifilm #4thofjuly #independenceday #usa #america #american
Geo-tag: Fort Tilden Beach
Additional Comment: Nicole took this.

Date: 7.4.14
Caption: Babes at the beach.
Tags: #instax #fujifilm #4thofjuly #independenceday #fttilden #flag #usa #america #american
Geo-tag: Fort Tilden Beach
Additional Comment: !!!

Date: 7.4.14
Caption: The view thanks to @etemp86
User Tags: @heyemilieschwenk
Additional Comment: Hit up my old roommate Erica to swing by the old spot for the fireworks show since they finally did it on the East River again. Best view!

Date: 7.5.14
Caption: #america. The girl on ground gets it...
Geo-tag: Hair Of The Dog
User Tags: @heyemilieschwenk

Date: 7.6.14
Caption: #strippers tho
Geo-tag: Sing Sing Ave.A
Additional Comment: This group brought a stripper in with them, which was interesting when I went to bring them drink to the room.

Date: 7.11.14
Caption: Guys, @laborskateshop got the new @thrashermag in!
Geo-tag: Labor Skate Shop
User Tags: @precious_chris, @tom_mikos, @b3llerud
Additional Comment: What happens when James goes out of town…

Date: 7.13.14
Caption: Room for one x 2. They will both leave to go to the bathroom at the same time and bump into the each...then they will make music together and bump into each other intentionally.
Geo-tag: Sing Sing Ave.A

Date: 7.16.14
Caption: While you're at Kinko straight flipping copies...
Geo-tag: Central Park Lake
User Tags: @heyemilieschwenk
Additional Comment: When we rowed up to some stranger chilling on a gazebo and asked her to take a photo of us. 

Date: 7.19.14
Caption: Tinkering with Dima's brain...
Additional Comment: We had some Tintype portraits taken.

Date: 7.20.14
Caption: Go home, are drunk.
Tags: #typicalsaturdaynight #afterhours #LES
Additional Comment: “that's sad! He's probably dead, not drunk!!!” - @youlovecamille

Date: 7.21.14
Tags: #shotsfired
Geo-tag: American Academy of Arts & Letters
Additional Comment: Working in a century old library leads to many interesting finds.

Date: 7.22.14
Caption: Don't start none, won't be none.
Additional Comment: This was a stretch of time where there seemed to be a lot of fights at work, always when I was there. This dude got rocked by the whole bar…but deserved it.

Date: 7.25.14
Caption: Old, private libraries are the chillest libraries.
Geo-tag: American Academy of Arts & Letters

Date: 7.26.14
Caption: Oh, #Bethpage got spots? Photo: @fernpoppin
Tags: #LI
Additional Comment: Went to Fern’s parents place in LI to swim in the pool and skate around some.

Date: 7.29.14
Caption: Kocik <3 font="">

ps - someone got their first tattoo!
Geo-tag: Sing Sing Ave.A
User Tags: @youlovecamille

Date: 7.31.14
Caption: Sometimes it's just like that...come see me at Sing Sing tonight. Bartending at 10.
Geo-tag: Sing Sing Ave.A
Additional Comment: Some people really shouldn’t be allowed to do karaoke.

Date: 8.1.14
Caption: Tired of being the third wheel? Sick of your two friends making out in the room you three got together? Go find an empty room and get naked alone...
Geo-tag: Sing Sing Ave.A

Date: 8.1.14
Caption: Come to the Brooklyn Night Bazaar tonight and tomorrow night to see Emilie's table for her @wicked.stitches embroidery and vintage goods. the geo-tag for directions.
Geo-tag: Brookly Night Bazaar
User Tags: @heyemilieschwenk
Additional Comment: When Emilie started peddling her goods and getting Wicked Stitches going.

Date: 8.3.14
Caption: Matt Nordness - fs nosegrind, Brooklyn.
User Tags: @naughtiernordy

Date: 8.9.14
Caption: New photos on my tumblr. Click link in profile or
Tags: #35mm #film #photography
Geo-tag: Bethpage, New York
User Tags: @heyemilieschwenk

Date: 8.10.14
Caption: Right on your tail, girl.
Additional Comment: Emilie can bike faster than I can skate…I don’t mind.

Date: 8.11.14
Caption: Doing the Rockaway with @stevernyc
Geo-tag: At the Beach
Additional Comment: Photo mission with Steve in his classic car.

Date: 8.12.14
Caption: Karaoke can make you feel some type of way.
Geo-tag: Sing Sing Ave.A

Date: 8.13.14
Caption: Mark holding down the Peking ducks...
Geo-tag: New Dong Hai Inc
Additional Comment: PA work on set at some Chinese restaurant deep in BK for some Google Translate commercial with Mark. These were actually fake/props, but they looked so real.

Date: 8.16.14
Caption: Step 1: get hotel. Step 2: pillow fight. Step 3: ??? Step 4: profit.
Geo-tag: Hampton Inn
User Tags: @heyemilieschwenk
Additional Comment: Somewhere in Jersey.

Date: 8.18.14
Additional Comment: “@heyemilieschwenk is that your ass?? 101% sure it is.” - @fernpoppin

Date: 8.18.14
Caption: Stop by and see me @singsingavea today (all night) or tomorrow (6-10) and have some drinks and/or sing...and/or finger someone/get fingered. (Not it)
Geo-tag: Sing Sing Ave.A

Date: 8.19.14
Caption: OK
Geo-tag: Sing Sing Ave.A
Additional Comment: "Oh man u guys r so creepy looking at the cameras.." - @melblissnyc

Date: 8.22.14
Caption: Charlotte or Miami? It's confusing...
Geo-tag: Zada Jane's Corner Cafe
Additional Comment: Went to visit my family in NC.

Date: 8.23.14
Caption: Yard sale come up with my nephew, Eman!
Tags: #ghostbusters2 #jurassicpark #kareemabduljabbar #ernest #ernestslamdunk #moviedisplays

Date: 8.23.14
Caption: Was in a church today.
Geo-tag: Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary
Additional Comment: Went down to my cousin’s wedding in South Carolina. He and his wife are pretty religious and went to/met at this seminary.

Date: 8.23.14
Caption: Sorry.
Geo-tag: Camp Kinard
Additional Comment: I don’t think some people were so psyched on this. This was a Lutheran camp that they had the wedding reception at. This was after swimming in the lake.

Date: 8.24.14
Caption: Haven't seen my Uncle Tim in 12-13 years. He broke into a cabin at this Christian camp my cousin's wedding receptions was at to stay a couple nights. He's chill.

Date: 8.24.14
Caption: #charlottehornets (alt title: shout out Tony Alva)
Geo-tag: Charlotte, North Carolina
User Tags: @mynamesdrew
Additional Comment: This is my friend. He is good at skateboarding.

Date: 8.25.14
Caption: Taught my 7 year old nephew how to change a tire. Trip has been chill, heading back to NY now; come see me at Sing Sing tonight (5-4) and I'll tell you all about it. ;)
Btw, he (The Worm) did about 80% of the tire change himself...sweat through it!
Geo-tag: Charlotte, North Carolina

Date: 8.27.14
Caption: Need a bike to go with my new helmet. Know of anyone selling one? Something 750, ideally Triumph/Harley/Indian, around $3k.
Additional Comment: When I decided to finally buy a motorcycle. Almost got a Triumph but it fell through…bought a helmet anyway to keep me motivated.

Date: 8.30.14
Caption: Out here making cockroach piƱatas at 4am.
Tags: #lacucaracha #pinata #cockroach
Additional Comment: “Shout out all my Mexicans: @skate_skum_life @lhdnyc @caterinamandarina @wavey_dada @phazerwon @albertech842 @ocramhernandez @dirtydigits #isthatracist” (all of them are latino, none Mexican, however)

Date: 8.30.14
Caption: Typical NYC mission with @leothelipski @_charleslamb & #Dima.
Additional Comment: Staten Island.

Date: 9.2.14
Caption: Okay, cutting you sleeping at the bar, buddy! @laettie
Geo-tag: Sing Sing Ave.A
Additional Comment: Laetitia got a new puppy.

Date: 9.12.14
Caption: Saw DJ's implied nudity.
Geo-tag: Ryan Mcginley, Team Gallery
User Tags: @dirtydirtkid
Additional Comment: Stopped by to check out the Ryan Mcginley show and ended up knowing about 7 of the models, seeing more of them than I ever expected to. DJ’s photo was tame.

Date: 9.15.14
Tags: #mfdoom #mask #inprocess
Additional Comment: Started this MF Doom mask…still haven’t finished it.

Date: 9.15.14
Caption: Guess I just bought a Harley.
Tags: #oops
Additional Comment: Did not expect to win the bid on this!

Date: 9.15.14
Caption: Shouts to the random delivery driver in Harlem that skitched me 10 blocks.
Additional Comment: Some random Chinese delivery guy just rode up next to me and old me to hold on, haha. Halfway through I realized I should snap a quick pic.

Date: 9.17.14
Caption: Sometimes people start talking to me...then the drugs kick in.
Tags: #illwait
Additional Comment: Dude came up and kept trying to have a conversation about nothing, which was kind of annoying, but then he just completely went into pause-mode.

Date: 9.17.14
Tags: #(triangle)
User Tags: @mikeheikkila

Date: 9.19.14
Caption: Someone got their new Harley...
Additional Comment: The start…

Date: 9.23.14
Caption: Maiden voyage.
Geo-tag: Astoria Park
Additional Comment: Once I got my bike registered, it was time to take it for the first trip. I was a bit nervous because it had been so long since I rode one and it is a big bike! But I took it for a cruise over to Astoria Park to get my wings back and it was so much fun.

Date: 9.27.14
Caption: Had an insider pull some strings today...and we out!
Geo-tag: John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK)
Additional Comment: Took my first trip to Japan! I was flying standby and wasn’t able to get on the flight the day before, but Connor came through and got me on the flight 24 hours later.

Date: 9.29.14
Caption: Such a chill crew tonight...skating art and junk.
Tags: #prizefighterjapan2014
Geo-tag: Bction
User Tags: @evisenskateco, @shinsakuarakawa, @kukunochi. @leovalls_, @prizefighterny, @hirokimuraoka, @lomahan
Additional Comment: The second night in Japan we got invited to skate a 5 floor office building that had art installations on all floors before the building got demolished the next day.

Date: 9.30.14
Caption: We came to Japan specifically to take pictures of cats.
Tags: #hellokitty #prizefighterjapan2014
User Tags: @prizefighterny

Date: 9.30.14
Caption: Connor and Shoko have arrived!
Tags: #hisandhers
Geo-tag: Shibuya, Tokyo
Additional Comment: They came from NYC a couple days behind us, all matching. Kawaii!

Date: 9.30.14
Caption: Shoko was playing a gambling game and, every time she won, a woman appeared with less and less clothes on. When she was fully topless Shoko tried covering her up saying "nononononononono..."

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