Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 Instagram Year In Review: November

This is the November installment of my 2012 Instagram Year In Review. One more left! These are from my @elasticback account, not my @naysayerskate account...

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Next and final: December.

Date: 11.1.12
Additional Comment: Camped out at Lucky Cheng's...downtown still had no power and trains were still not running.

Date: 11.2.12
Caption: Hang in there LES...power tomorrow night apparently.
Geo-tag: Manhattan Bridge
Additional Comment: Powerless Lower East Side.

Date: 11.3.12
Caption: So beautiful out this morning...
Geo-tag: Manhattan Bridge
Additional Comment: Skating over the Manhattan Bridge from Brooklyn early in the morning to head up to Poughkeepsie for the first time.

Date: 11.3.12
Caption: In Poughkeepsie with these delinquents. @leothelipski @caterinamandarina @josophat
Additional Comment: Jojo and I went up to Poughkeepsie and Leo was already up there with Cat. They met us at the train station and we biked/skated back to Cat's place.

Date: 11.3.12
Caption: Carved this Chucky jack-o-lantern tonight. He has a stomach bug, I think.
Tags: #chucky #pumpkin #jackolantern #vomit #halloween
Additional Comment: This was the first jack-o-lantern that I ever sculpted. Prior, I have only made the standard cut out ones. It was a long process.

Date: 11.4.12
Caption: Sleeping styles of @josophat.
Tags: #lolz
Additional Comment: Add this to the mystique of Josephine...

Date: 11.4.12
Caption: @josophat
Tags: #outhere
Additional Comment: We spent the day exploring this abandoned mental hospital. These 'streamers' were graphing paper used for heart add to the creep factor.

Date: 11.4.12
Caption: @caterinamandarina & @josophat.
Tags: #treelyfe
Additional Comment: Cat & Jojo climbing trees on the grounds of the asylum. This photo is so autumnal.

Date: 11.4.12
Caption: Laid down for a second...but too exhausted to get back up.
Tags: #exhaustingdaysarethebest

Date: 11.5.12
Caption: Some graffiti we stumbled across the other day in the ward...
Tags: #graffiti #streetart #poughkeepsie #ny #newyork #xero #spraypaint #colorschemes

Date: 11.6.12
Geo-tag: MTA Subway – Borough Hall/Court St (R/2/3/4/5)
Additional Comment: I appreciate natural framing.

Date: 11.2.12
Caption: Uh, @kendalrotti...whatcha doin' down there?

Date: 11.6.12
Geo-tag: Greenwich House
Additional Comment: I really love these mirrors. The more extreme the bend, the better. The best part is that you can find them all over the city in many forms.

Date: 11.9.12
Caption: Had to climb it, obviously.
Additional Comment: Climbing water towers in TriBeCa.

Date: 11.11.12
Caption: @earthish 's studio.
Additional Comment: Greg was showing Cari, Asmite, Ali, & myself this piece he was working on using a projector and stretched vinyl. It was illuminated from behind with a light box he made.

Date: 11.12.12
Caption: You create your own boundaries. It's up to you to break out of them. Photo: @slappyhour.
Tags: #urbanrockclimbing #scaling #parkour #freerunning #climbing #whenyouaredoneskatingaspot #brooklyn
Additional Comment: Back to what I said about climbing everything I could. This was kinda sketchy though...especially not knowing how secure that rod was. I had to climb the window sill and jump to grab the rod and hoist myself up it.

Date: 11.13.12
Caption: Things got interesting in #bboy practice...
Geo-tag: Triskelion Arts
Additional Comment: This was sketchy at first and we definitely fell on each other initially, running and jumping onto each others feet, but then it became fun.

Date: 11.14.12

Date: 11.14.12
Caption: Good morning, world.
Tags: #centralpark
Additional Comment: Bitter cold and windy morning on the southeast corner of Central Park.

Date: 11.15.12
Caption: <3
Additional Comment: You can't really beat this color. Kendal ended up Instagramming the same thing, but I beat her to it!

Date: 11.18.12
Caption: 4:20am baths...steepin' while you're sleepin'.
Additional Comment: I've been pretty rough on my body this year, so I have been trying to counter that a bit with baths, semi-regularly.

Date: 11.18.12
Caption: Old crew shirt back in effect. Tell me how the front of my shirt reads forward in the mirror. ;)
Tags: #paddlefootpunkrox #bboy
Geo-tag: Triskelion Arts
Additional Comment: These crew shirts were the first things I ever screen printed back in the day. I made one for everyone in the crew and ironed on everyone's name to the back.

Date: 11.19.12
Caption: Bully goes to the vet, pt. 1.
Geo-tag: MTA Subway – Lower East Side/2nd Ave (F)
Additional Comment: Josephine's cat Bully had an upper respiratory infection, so I took him up to Manahattan Cat Specialists on the Upper West Side. We took the train and he actually did much better than I thought he would.

Date: 11.19.12
Caption: Bully goes to the vet, pt. 3.
Geo-tag: MTA Subway – 72nd St/Broadway (1/2/3)
Additional Comment: According to his eye in this photo, Bully doesn't look too psyched on the part of the trip where I skate to and from trains.

Date: 11.19.12
Caption: The face of someone who doesn't know how to pack for her trip to MI tomorrow...

Date: 11.20.12
Tags: #666
Additional Comment: Religion is dumb. I see occult imagery more as religious protest.

Date: 11.21.12

Date: 11.21.12
Caption: Stop...
Additional Comment: Cute deli cat getting some sun on Delancey Street.

Date: 11.21.12
Caption: Mobbing around with @laettie.

Date: 11.23.12
Additional Comment: Cat sitting Orion in the LES while Dan is out of town for Thanksgiving.

Date: 11.27.12
Caption: Can I kick off all the NYC snow related posts?

Date: 11.28.12
Additional Comment: Laetitia with the light/heat lamp she uses for her lizard at night.

Date: 11.29.12
Caption: @laettie
Additional Comment: Laetitia looking beautiful for a party we had.

Date: 11.29.12
Caption: Since she is French, would this still be considered a French kiss? @laettie

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

2012 Instagram Year In Review: October

Here's the next installment of my 2012 Instagram Year In Review, from the month of October. These are from my @elasticback account, not my @naysayerskate account...

Here are the links to the previous posts:
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Next up: November.

Date: 10.1.12
Caption: @jozimwa
Additional Comment: Not the most flattering angle of most. She's not most.

Date: 10.1.12
Caption: Repost from @instad33j. I'm into parkour basketball. Now if only all hoops were on walls...
Additional Comment: I have been making it a point to run up and climb as much as possible this year.

Date: 10.2.12
Tags: #inception #crackedperception
Additional Comment: Only took me 2 1/2 months to finally get this fixed...

Date: 10.6.12
Caption: Morning stretches. @jozimwa
Geo-tag: Hill House

Date: 10.6.12
Caption: Sniped doing head stands by @jozimwa.
Tags: #yoga #headstand
Additional Comment: I miss doing yoga every day.

Date: 10.9.12
Tags: #legz
Additional Comment: The contrasting colors tho...

Date: 10.9.12
Caption: Santa corpse zombie goes topless for beads. Obvs.
Geo-tag: Halloween Adventure
Additional Comment: Just throw any random props and costumes together in this store and you have gold every time.

Date: 10.12.12
Tags: #trannequins
Geo-tag: Lucky Cheng’s
Additional Comment: Display mannequins created for the new Lucky Cheng's location in Times Square. They were dubbed trannequins by their creators.

Date: 10.13.12
Additional Comment: This empty playground was next to this trail we found. So we stopped by to swing on the way back.

Date: 10.14.12
Caption: Josephine doing Josephine things. @jozimwa

Date: 10.15.12
Caption: Rooftoppin'
Additional Comment: This was in the West Village.

Date: 10.15.12
Caption: @kendalrotti being one with nature...
Additional Comment: Kendal is from New Jersey, but she is rad regardless. jk w/ the jerzee joke.

Date: 10.15.12
Caption: I'm the #beardedkathielee.
Tags: #mydadisgoingtolovethis
Geo-tag: Lucky Cheng’s
Additional Comment: So this happened. The video is here.

Date: 10.16.12
Caption: Deep sesh tonight... @grafluxe @april_joy_
Tags: #Asmite #bboys
Geo-tag: Triskelion Arts
Additional Comment: B-boy practice is usually just me and Dro, but sometimes there is a decent turn out. Always fun, regardless.

Date: 10.16.12
Geo-tag: Staten Island Ferry Boat – Andrew J. Barberi
Additional Comment: I tried to capture this so it looked like the statue was in my face, but as Josephine pointed out, it looked like I am holding it as a trophy.

Date: 10.18.12
Caption: Later Bronxville.
Geo-tag: Metro North – Fleetwood Train Station
Additional Comment: Fresh squeezed sun in the morning always makes for a pleasant awakening. Even if it is dumb early and you are going to work from upstate.

Date: 10.20.12
Caption: People actually dropped $2 bills into the tip jar?
Tags: #suspect
Geo-tag: Dun-Well Doughnuts
Additional Comment: Do they still make these? These looked pretty crisp.

Date: 10.21.12
Caption: Chilling with my homie.
Geo-tag: City Hall Park
Additional Comment: I used to hate pigeons, but over the last fews years I have come to appreciate these odd creatures.

Date: 10.25.12
Tags: #metamorphosis
Additional Comment: I've got boxes of Halloween stuff. This was one night reviewing my inventory.

Date: 10.26.12
Caption: It's that time again!
Tags: #honeybadgerdontcare
Additional Comment: I put on my Honey Badger costume from last year and filmed this quick Halloween clip with Tarela one night.

Date: 10.27.12
Geo-tag: MTA Subway – 1st Ave (L)
Additional Comment: I occasionally get asked if I am a werewolf. Not joking.

Date: 10.28.12
Caption: Good luck, friend. It may get rough out there.
Geo-tag: Staten Island Ferry Boat – John F. Kennedy
Additional Comment: I was heading back to Staten Island for Hurricane Sandy before all public transit stopped.

Date: 10.29.12
Caption: #lolwut?
Additional Comment: I went for a walk during the hurricane and somehow produced this picture. I assume it was a droplet of rain on my lens? Or some alien force.

Date: 10.30.12
Caption: No internetz = more basement yoga.
Tags: #handstand #headstand #forearmstand #screenshotofvideo #postedwheninternetisfound#basement #yoga #namaste
Additional Comment: Being trapped in SI because of no public transit meant I had lots of time to kill. Luckily it motivated me to do yoga (on top of others things, like painting).

Date: 10.30.12
Caption: Stopped by the cemetery to check in on the otherworldly...
Additional Comment: I had no internet at home, including on my phone, so I went for a super long walk to try and find some. I stopped by the cemetery on my way to see how it held up. This statue was super rad/creepy...peeling paint.

Date: 10.30.12
Caption: Power went out...
Additional Comment: I never really lost power where I was, but they did have to turn it off for 2 hours while they did work on the power grid. I made lemonAIDS.

Date: 10.31.12
Additional Comment: This was hanging from someone's door in my neighborhood.

Date: 10.31.12
Caption: Aw, Sandy can be a sweetheart too. <3
Tags: #xoxo
Additional Comment: Exploring the St. George area of SI and came across this in a parking lot by the water.

Date: 10.31.12
Caption: #outhere trying to get #outthere. :(
Geo-tag: Richmond County Bank Ballpark
Additional Comment: I was taking bus to bus trying to find my way into the city from SI after being trapped there for over 2 days. This was while wandering around St. George.

Date: 10.31.12
Caption: Finally made it into the city...after 2 hours on the bus.
Tags: #howmuchfurthertomidtown? #igottapee!!! #noreceptionhere #wherearetheinternetz?
Additional Comment: Finally made my way into the city Halloween night. Hurricane Sandy pretty much ruined any Halloween festivities in NYC this year.