Thursday, December 28, 2006

Ping-pong balls stuck on the air vents

Treats is for old ladies in the nursing home...

I used to live a stones throw from Crawfordville, FL. Needless to say, I moved.

So I was skating downtown last night with Ralph and we get to this one spot and within minutes of skating a security guard comes over. We just kind of stopped and were looking at him, figuring that he was going to kick us out, but the most amazing thing happened. He said, "Don't mind me. It is Christmas!" Then to top it off he came back later and was just babbling (blah, blah, blah), pretending to be kicking us out. I guess he got a noise complaint and had to come out and pretend he was doing his job. That dude wins security guard of the year award. Speaking of that spot, I ate it while filming Ralph and almost destroyed my camera on a swan dive after clipping my truck on one of the stairs. I guess luck was on my side last night.

This is the new spot under the London Bridge. Burnside/FDR/Washington Street have nothing on this.

Someone is insecure about their freestyle game.

Check out this dude's agility and stamina.

Video part of the day, Patrick Melcher. The music sucks, but the skating is amazing.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Empty office spaces

Check out what I got for Christmas.

Mike McGill is on top of the world. Look at what I found in Walmart in Florida.

Have you ever seen this?

How P.C. is it to name a cleaning product SPIC and Span?

Since I do not know Spanish, I can only assume what this is...

I saw this dude in the train the other day trying to give out hugs. I bet he is a democratic...typical.


Video part of the day, the latest addition to Santa Cruz's pro squad, Ted DeGros.

Friday, December 22, 2006

I found this on 90th street and Columbus Ave.

I have always loved stop motion, but this deserves bonus points because the artwork in it is sick.

Who doesn't love exploding reporters?

Video part of the day, meet the Wetboys!

Here are a couple more pics from Florida.

The people behind us are awesome.

Once again, I am the only one on the ride at Cyprus Garden. Boring ride anyway.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Florida hasn't sank yet

So I went to Florida for a week with Camille and spent a ton of money just to rent a car for a week. The trip consisted of driving pretty much everywhere between Tampa and Tallahassee a couple times. Here are some photos...

Florida has some crazed drivers.

We went to Universal Studios and got these "exciting" prices for admission.

This kid was so into his trip to Orlando that he had no shame rocking his Goofy gear in non-Disney parks.

So far away just to end up back in NYC.

The best star on the sidewalk, Dino.

Good thing this lady doesn't over-act.


These waves were killer.

Camille held it down.

We were so busy surfing that we didn't notice this thing jump out of the water.

We had to take turns walking Marmaduke.

We went to Island of Adventure and took this thing for a spin.

The dude behind me spit on me on that ride, wack.

What is that right hand doing, Doc?

Then we went to Tallahassee and the Dept. of Education building says it all.

Otherwise you get people putting up stuff like this.

This was a sick painting in the gallery of the Capital Building.

We decided to go to Cherokee Sinkhole. We hired deer to escort us.

We jumped in fully clothed.

Florida has such classy people:

The last 4 pictures were taken in one gas station (and yes, that is vomit on the sleeve of that girl in the last picture).

This dude poked me...a few times ;)

After this dude (Bennita) warned me of the pain to come.

And this girl, laughed at me.

The result (well, sort of):

I got a bit more than shown in the pictures, but that was the worse pain of my life. Legs are no problem, ribs are no joke.

We tried to take a trip up to Havana (Florida, not Cuba) and the fog was so intense that you could barely see 20 feet in front of you.

Then the rain to follow on the way back down toward Orlando was no joke either.

Not to mention the traffic the rest of the time.

From people rubbernecking to see stuff like this...

We decided to take a trip to Cypress Gardens Adventure Park in Winter Haven and there were only like 20 other people in the whole park (90% 70 years old plus).

Empty rides, everywhere...too bad they were all lame.

You cannot go to Florida (or the South) without stopping by one of its cultural pillars, Walmart.

Flushing from the plane home.