Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Running on 4 hours of sleep...for 2nd day in a row.

I made a 60 second infomercial. You will see it in due time. Trust me. Haha.

In case you haven't been following, I have been updating my Tumblr here and there since I can do that from my phone. However, I have just gotten on the iPhone bandwagon, so that should lead to even more updates. I think the camera is better than the one on my Blackberry anyway. Speaking of photos, I have taken some photos with my camera recently that I am kinda stoked on. I will try to get them up soonish. I have just been so busy with other things that I haven't had much time to edit photos...much less take them off my camera.

I did, however, have a decent skate day on Sunday with the weather touching 50 degrees, even if it were only for a second. It is amazing what the nice weather can do. Not only did it bring some other skateboarders out of the woodworks, but it also resulted in me actually filming some stuff. I hope that groundhog is right, because this winter needs to get a move on (the snow outside is not looking good for that wish). The new Alien Workshop video "Mind Field" is premier today in NYC and I am stoked on it, though the lines for it leave something to be desired, I can imagine. I imagine lots of Dinosaur Jr. for some reason. Haha.

I wrote this article things that I was going to submit to Thrasher, but upon a second reading, I am not so psyched on it and will just post it here instead. I think I will do so tomorrow.

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