Saturday, June 23, 2007

Batgirl, Ninja, and Subway Condoms

So about a week and a half ago, the group I work in at my job had another team outing. We went to the West Village and did some sort of scavenger hunt called The Go Game. Basically, we had to run around The Village doing some random tasks and answering some trivia and whatnot. We were guided by a phone and had a digital camera to use. Here are some of the photos from it:

One of the first tasks for my team was to find a "ninja weapon" and fight a ninja. She looked more like a dominatrix to me...

Then we had to find Batgirl and make her do something controversial, so we had her smoking a joint.

Since we found her near the ninja, we decided to bring the ninja over and get in on the "puff, puff, pass."

We found a bunch of the NYC Subway condoms. (That is one of the ad sellers from Chicago)

This is a genuine face he made right after seeing the bill for the shots of patron we ordered for a skit we did.

He licked a parking meter for the task to do something that you have never done before.

Kimi got her nose pierced for the first time.

This is our re-creation of a foreign land (Amsterdam in our case).

The rest of these photos are from other teams:

See what I meant about the ninja?

Cliff was enjoying the Batgirl controversy task a bit too much.

This was a pretty dope re-creation of Belgium.

Apparently they have never had an orgy before this task...what prudes?!

Overall, the outing was surprisingly fun. I got to see how down my co-workers are for doing pretty much anything. Word!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Cut It Out (hand signs included)!

So about going back to that bump...I did, but it was gone/flattened. If you look at the photos below, you will see white paint marks on the ground. That is exactly where they decided to cut out the "messed up" ground and fill it in with new asphalt. Oh well, still had fun for the day.

Speaking of skateboarding: clip of the moment: Cards!

Is it me, or do other people think that it is ridiculous that the news covers the Paris Hilton going to jail story daily? Aren't there more important things to cover? Nevermind, they are following Journalism Rule #3.


Saturday, June 02, 2007

13 hours of work and I somehow end up spending the rest of my night at home on the computer

So I went skateboarding with Bilk the other day and came across this super fun bump over a metal road barrier spot. I tried to snap a few photos with my phone and they came out decent for the format.

Melon Grab

Shifty Ollie

We are totally going back there tomorrow (er, it is late, so I guess technically today)...

I finally got around to making a clip with a bunch of throwaway footy. It is just footage of Alan and myself, so that means I have enough to do another one eventually. Some of this footage is a couple years old and the rest was from all in between up until a couple weeks ago.

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