Thursday, October 02, 2008


I am not usually too down with PSA involving celebrities, but I though this was actually kinda cool. I know, I am lame now. I'm still not voting democrat or republican though, does that give me some credibility back? I do want one of these buttons though:

In (somewhat) skate related news...

What do you get when a little dorky kid thinks that foxy brown (as pointed out by Bob D.) is a legitimate emcee and grows up listening to a lot of lil' wayne? This!

"I don't rap for the money, I rap for the music. Got too much skill to just not use it." - from the song "Killen em out here."

"It's obvious the quality of rap/hip hop thats out right now is at an all time low, with usually zero substance, just ignorance. I will be changing that." - from the MySpace bio.

Are these tracks supposed to be demonstrating examples of the low quality, zero substance, ignorant rap/hip-hop that he is talking about? When is he going to "change that?" Are we waiting on him to put out his real songs that will revolutionize the genre? I have so many questions.

"Too much money, too much time" for sure, dudes! Travis, show me that fire dance I heard you got. Word on the streets is it's hot!

On a more positive note, it only took me 2 hours to get ready for my midnight Walmart trip last night!

Speaking about parties, my friend left a group on Facebook...


Bob said...

finally acknowledging your blog's biggest fan. haha, nice.

also, voting is a total bore. i abstain.

ps. let people on the official board know about your blog. shit is pretty beast.

elastic back said...

i guess i should. just didn't want to be that lame promoter guy...

as for voting, i will still vote. i just don't know who for yet. i need to do some research into these 3rd party contenders. i am just mostly lazy and the news media makes information about the 2 parties i don't care about so easy.