Monday, September 29, 2008

Updates and slappies

Looks like the StickUpKidsNY put up a 9 minute long throwaway clip a couple weeks back. I am curious to see Flipmode 4 (whenever that is coming out) with throwaways like this!

Steve Marino, of Square Films, also put up a clip. This one is of Robert Lim and Luis Tolentino at Flushing. Wow...dudes can hold their tricks for days! Props on that front crooks, Luis.

So Thrasher is having a slappy video contest judged by John Lucero (of Black Label). Videos have to be under a minute and were supposed to include a reference to your username at each spot (though I was the only one to do that). Submissions end today. Here is my entry:

The original deadline was through Friday but they extended it until today. Too bad it rained all weekend, because I wanted to submit a more traditional curb session (which I think Lucero might be apt to like). Here are a couple of those types submitted by other, which I think are likely to win:


ROBERT LIM!! said...

yeah i dunno if lucero is gonna go for chip da ripper.

but hey, id go for it.

elastic back said...

agreed...but it was too awesome not to use! haha.