Monday, October 06, 2008

What are you supposed to be?

Do you like Halloween? Do you like skateboarding? Well, this past weekend I met up with some homies to get suitted up in costumes and skate some select spots. Obviously, 1/4 of who said they might came out actually showed up, but it was fun and we got some footage (to come soon). Well, now we are planning a second part of this (which will culminate in super rad Halloween clip). So if you are in NYC and down to skate in a costume (BYOC), keep your calendars open for October 25th. Details to come soon-ish.

In skate spot news, have you ever skated the white ledge spot on Water Street (across from Pyramid Ledges) only to be kicked out the minute you step foot there? Well, whatever business was there before must have went under with this impending stock-market crash, leaving the building boarded up and an open season for skateboarding (and apparently BMXing, scootering, and werewolves too[*hint]). I'm not sure how long this will be like that, so get yours in while you can.

So Crailtap had an Alex Olson Caption Contest for a photo of him yelling. Here is a gallery of the submissions (the last one won). This is the one I submitted:

In case you are confused, watch Eric Koston's Lakai part (or at least 2:14 in):

But OJ isn't.

Okay, break it up, break it up.

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JL said...

that rabbit/chicken video is hilarious man, tommorow im going to try to skate the white ledges if your not doing anything later tommorow afternoon you should partake in some shredding