Friday, October 10, 2008

mourning and melancholia

last night caireen and i watched this show called "never mind the buzzcocks". It is a celebrity music-quiz show. The kind where it doesn't matter what anyone says or if they win because they are only on to promote their new movie or album or whatever.

The only reason I even thought of this as a blogworthy subject is because of the two c-grade celebrities flanking the charming but kind of grossly Oxbridgish Stephen Fry (like, it seems the whole point of his being so apparently educated is so he can talk in a posh tone and be pedantic about trivia). So anyway, look at these two chiefs.

What do you notice? The guy on the left looks like who? Yes, Leo Fitzpatrick. The girl on the right looks like, who? Yes, Carrie Brownstein from Sleater Kinney.

Except both look like crap versions of them.

So I am left to wonder: do they know? Is the dude a big fan of Leo Fitzpatrick? Is the girl a big K-records, NW indie-music fan? Do they even realize how derivative they are, or is this some bizzarre thing that happens in the UK where these US originals are (like the death star) some kind of unrecognized gravitational force that makes them bleach their hair, cut it floppy in the front, or wear 2nd hand shirts and grandma cardigans instead of the usual thin, quality wool ones?

I don't know. I am still sorting out a lot of culture shock of living in the UK.

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Bob D said...

London is 'cool' New York ten years after the fact. Poor guys.