Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Better without a costume

So much skating went down on Sunday for this Halloween clip that my right leg has been so sore since. Do your thing, Tiger Balm. The good news is that we have plenty more footage for the clip, which is to be completed by Friday.

So I came across this new site: Beware of Sasquatch. I think these guys are based out of Seattle, but they have some sick stuff on the site. I like this teaser a lot:

Watch the Check In with Alex Moul (from Strangenotes) below.

Kickflip late shuv?! I had to replay that a couple times. The blunt backside kickflip out on that weird sculpture playground thing in AZ was legit too. Too bad you don't see more footage of him these days.

This event looks mad fun. Hopefully it doesn't rain because I would love to throw down in costume!

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