Thursday, September 11, 2008

eplicly early'd

Vans is putting out a collab shoe with In4mation. Not sure who In4mation is (nor do I care), but the shoe is pretty sick...and non-leather! I guess it is coming out in December as a limited release (click image below for more photos/info). Hopefully I can get ahold of a couple pairs.

This is the funniest video you will see in a while. If that isn't true, please share.

SkateNC put out a sick new clip. It also looks like they relaunched their site. But they still have the old site archived.

I found Dave & Tania Carnie's (yes, they got married) new blog. It is about food. I'm not psyched on the subject but the writing is still awesome.


biscuits said...

In4mation is a skate/street wear shop in Hawaii. They've been working on expanding their brand for a while now. It looks like they scored a nice collab with Vans

Bob D said...

Halfcabs always seemed like a shoe that was made to be skated. These, not so much.

elastic back said...

i think these shoes look sick, thanks for the info, meg.

i agree with the skateability factory, bob. i had those lakai crailtap carrolls, which were denim too and they only lasted a week and a half or so, but the good thing was that i didn't have to break them in and they gave you mad foot control. but i got two pair, one not to skate in...which is what i want to do with these (depending on the price).

since i don't wear leather, they especially caught my attention.