Thursday, July 31, 2008

Transworld 'And Now'

**Before reading this, go down two posts and read about what Leonard is up to...I totally missed that fact that he finally posted something.**

So the new Transworld video just came out and I got a chance to check it out online. Here is my review:

David Gravette's part is amazing. There are some boring tricks but those are over-shined by the good stuff. His ender was kinda weird to be used as an ender. Some cool things include a manny to crooks down a handrail, kickflip bean plant from a bowl onto the wall, and blaster to fs wallride from one of those loading ramp things.

The friends montage has some proper skating, but the music was pretty lame. Actually, overall the music sucked in this video.

Kenny Hoyle's part was as boring as I anticipated. There are some 'wow' tricks, but his skating is not exciting by any means (generally speaking).

Matt Miller has that Matt Miller style, sorry for that, he can't help it. He does thrown down some bangers, so it is a little less boring than Kenny's part.

Nick Trapasso, good but not amazing. There were a lot of boring tricks where he is hucking himself down things, but there are some creative and interesting tricks scattered about.

Richie Jackson's part is nowhere near as amazing as his last part, so don't get your hopes up as I did. He has some pretty amazing tricks, like wallride to bs 5-0 180 out on a bench, some powerslides down stairs, wallride to crooks on pole sticking out of bank, and some interesting polejams. However, he does an over-abundance of similar variations of the same tricks. He loves to do hippy jump combo for the first couple, but get old by the 20th. Honestly the best trick in his part was done by Patrick Melcher - wallride to boardslide the top of a wall over a gap.

Malto wrecks shop. You can just tell that he is just too consistent and lands all his tricks in a matter of minutes. The tricks he does are basic and I can see how someone can get bored with it, but somehow it pulled me in. I think because I am always anticipating what he is going to do next. Sometimes I expect a certain trick and he does something that I don't think many people would consider on the spot. There is this amazing back smith he does on a hubba and he does a line where he nose blunts a legit handrail and almost immediately back nose blunts an even more legit handrail in a line. What?! Dude is just too good.

Well, here is the link if you want to download and watch for yourselves.

Just enter the 3 numbers it gives you and press the button that says submit. It might take a bit to download depending on your connection.

As for video premiers, there are a lot of them tomorrow. Let's start with Transworld:
Homage. 151 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY. 718-596-1511. 9pm.


Watch it at Gallery Bar on 8/13 with some new footage of the World team.

Make sure you make it to the premier of Justin's video tomorrow:

Also, the new Traffic video is premier online tomorrow at 1pm EST and will be on loop all day. Watch it here.

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