Thursday, July 17, 2008

Stay Classy San Diego

Since I have been slacking and it has taken me a while to post this, I may have forgotten about some of my adventures in SD, but I will just post some photos and hope to remember as I write captions.

We flew in at night, so the next day was really where it all started. We sought out some vegan cafe (Stephanie's) in Ocean Beach that made amazing vegan pizza. Afterward we walked down the street to check out the beach for the first time.

We went to Balboa Park and found some pretty cool nature trails that we got lost in for a while. Camille applies the band-aids.

As I looked like an idiot trying to rig the camera to take a self timing photo from the railing, someone walking by offered to help.

Blending in...

Finding shade in SD can be hard sometimes. Camille takes what she can get.

The trees are perverse...and always watching.

Sticking my hand into mysterious holes (stop now, pervs...don't be eyeball trees).

These guys like to jump out and scare Camille.

Tickle plant...coochie coochie coo.

Camille just barely limboed this tree (but almost didn't, haha). How low can you go?

Outdoor fireplace vomiting rocks and bricks. It has a h-eating disorder! ahaha

Sunburned ironic.

FYI, fuzzy doesn't mean soft...on a cactus. OUCH!

Metal Mexican skeleton. Camille wished he gave her his hat...her sunburned head concurred.

I don't look nearly as comfortable with my back to that creepy thing as Camille did.

Dancers performing in Old Town San Diego.

My parking is superb. You can't really tell, but the tire is hovering over the street.

We rented a GPS for the trip. I really recommend doing that. It helped out so much. We called her Gypsy.

Trying to find out way down to the cliffs in OB.

Yes, this is actually a lost boa sign...not very comforting.

Camille brings her own shade with her!

Kids jumping in, only to be slammed back on the rocks by the waves.

We met up with Adrian and Melanie at the pier (the longest public pier on the west coast apparently).

They brought Friday.

Melanie was confusing Friday while he was doing his "shake" trick...wrong hand, wrong hand, sucker.

Fog rolling in. Apparently it is mostly sunny in SD, except for two months...May Gray and June Gloom...we were at the tail end of June.

Friday carrying around some kelp he found. Check out the weird boots ahead of him. Adrian called them snowboard boots.

There was some surf competition going on while we were there.

We came across millions of crabs while walking through the cliffs.

Melanie was firing slimy things (kelp buds?) at me. You can see this one blurred in flight around where her armpit is.

Friday may not be the bravest dog, but he isn't easily embarrassed having to walk around this gap instead of jumping across. The other dogs laughed, but he held his head high and ignored them.

Funny things written into the cliffs. Balls!

More kids cliff jumping.

The fog is swallowing us.

During prohibition, sailors would bring booze in through these cliffs. You can see the stairs in the second photo that would go up into the houses above the cliffs...right through.

Adrian and Camille explore. Melanie jumped into the ocean from where Adrian is standing in the second photo once. Crazed.

That's high!

This is the arch. Kids were jumping in from this too. You can swim through it.

They wouldn't have jumped in though, haha.

The last day we went back to try to jump from the arch (well Camille wasn't going to jump) but couldn't because there were workers there and it is illegal to jump from the rocks. :(

So instead we went to this little beach nook we found in the rocks the day before.

The ocean decided to beat me up for some reason.

Those are my feet.

I decided to try to dive into waves as they came.

It didn't really work...

But my foot did get cut up and my leg did get bashed on the rocks.

San Diego is pretty amazing. We both definitely want to go back and it has moved up the list on desirable cities to relocate to eventually. There are a lot of vegan restaurants there, most notable Vegan Zone and Stephanie's (as mentioned earlier). And there is even a straight up vegan store there with some cool things: All Vegan.

LA recap coming soon. Also, Jeremy just taught me FinalCut so look out for a new clip soon.

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