Thursday, May 01, 2008

4 teeth less wise

Last Friday I had to do the inevitable: get my wisdom teeth taken out...all four of them! Luckily I did not swell up at all and have had a pretty good recovery (minus some sore jawness).

I took this was I woke up in the recovery room. A little swollen and out of it, but that was the worst of it.

Bloody gums!

Two days later, I went to see Fuerzabruta with Camille and her mom (for her mom's birthday). It was pretty sick. If you can just ignore the house music and NYU students in the audience, it is a very immersive experience. Everything is happening all around and above you, they move you around the room, and they come into the audience. Here are some photos from my phone (no flash allowed):

Camille and her mom taking it in.

Corny audience enjoying the house music.

This was the best part. They has girls sliding through water on this huge square of plastic sheeting above us. It was pretty amazing.

They would lower them down and then back up a few times. When it would come down, dudes would try groping through the plastic.

I wonder what material that was. They were jumping all over it and it looked mad stable.

Grand Theft Auto 7 Year Old

This video is totally exploiting this kid and his family for the sake of the news story, but there are some funny quotes:

"It's fun to do bad things."

"Do you think you should be punished?"
"Just a little bit, no video games for the weekend."

However, that is all besides the point. My biggest concern is the racism within the comments area:

"I'm not going to say all blacks will go to jail in their lifetime, but more blacks than whites are in jail... for things like murder."

"they make it hard to find watermelon in the summer"

"If this kid were white, Jesse Jackson and Rev. Sharpton would be all over it b/c he would have been endangering black lives on their joyride. I am so glad my eight year old isn't 'hood rat' Then again, he would look like a javelin standing next to this future prison inmate. Learn to dribble a basketball you fat phuck."

"Stupid damn monkeys! Why can't these 'people' behave and act decently? I use the term 'people' lightly. They dont belong in jail, they belong in a zoo."

"black kids are just sooo stupid haha!"

Obvious the anonymity provided by the internet encourages these comments, but I am disgusted with the fact that people think like this. I know, I know, nothing new, but it just goes to show why we as citizens are not intelligent and accepting enough to create change, thus allowing the country to fall to shambles. As the recession progresses and we become less of a world power, these idiots can be held responsible. *End serious though*

I will leave you with a number by the lovely Jan Terri. I finally re-discovered this video after searching for it recently:

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