Monday, May 19, 2008


ok, well, i just finished my coursework for my masters in library and information studies. my second masters, mind you, (and my fifth year of post-bachelors education). i felt pretty beat afterwards. For my one of my classes, i, among other things, designed this website:

it seems to only work on internet expolorer, and there are some navigation problems besides, but whatevs. It uses HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL. what do you want?

Ok, btw, the picture is from Vienna. Caireen and I went there for a long weekend on a package deal. behind me is the secession building, which was an important center for--you guessed it--the vienna secession movement. On top of the building is a golden cabbage. I don't know why. Here, below, is Caireen in this amazing Vienna fleamarket. I bought a straight-razor and caireen bought two miniature seals with seal fur(?) and a little purse for change made of rabbit fur.

Vienna was pretty rad, i have to say: nice people, super-efficient public transportation, and culture up the ass hole. (I separated the words "ass" and "hole" there for emphasis.) This fairly small city produced Ludwig Wittgenstein, Gustav Klimt, Karl Popper, Egon Scheile, and Sigmund Freud. Like, what did Portland, Oregon ever produce? Matt Groening and the Dandy Warhols. Did Portland ever produce a philosophical, psychological, or artistic movement? No.

Then again, did Vienna produce Chris Stuker, Matt Beach, Jayme Fortune and Mikey Chin. I mean, there are certain levels of steeze that can only be produced in certain specific, controlled environments.

I mean, just look at this, will you?

Ok, anyway. As you, Eby, predicted, i have been in a pit of reading. not much interesting to report. I have become a huge fan of Friedrich Kittler, and All the Pretty Horses is a very good book, as you probably already know--even if Blood Meridian is better.

i haven't been skateboarding much. saying it makes me feel kind of ashamed. when i tell friends who don't skate they seem really sad for me. perhaps it's that i let school and whatever worries take over my life to that degree. i think it is that i feel ready for something amazing to happen, and i have the irrational belief that performing well in a librarianship course at City University would lead to this amazing thing happening. Well, some good shit has happened. I got a library supervisor job at the University of Greenwich. And I think my dissertation will turn out well. What I would really like is to publish it. That would count as an amazing thing, in a way. So, like, put me in your thoughts or whatever.

Also, did you know what the hot shit in London is right now? Track bikes. That's right, basically everything that was cool in New York, like 5-7 years ago is just now hitting the streets of london. The British also seem to believe that social networking websites just suddenly appeared six months ago. Seriously.

in any case, um, i like this song.

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