Friday, May 23, 2008


Scottie and I decided on a mission to make a semi-cemented barrier spot in Queens a fully-cemented barrier spot (still in Queens, haha). Here are some photos from the last couple nights working on it.

Scottie with the tools to begin the sesh. You can see the little bit of cement that was there to the left.

5 bags the first day, with water from the car wash up the street.

And the process begins...

Scottie's got clout (buckets)!

After finishing up on the first day (no photos, sorry), we realized that we were really only half way there...unless we only wanted wallrides. So we went back last night with another 5 bags.

This local, Solomon, helped us out. He had extra tools and some experience in cementing.

Touching it up a bit.

Scottie was filling in some cracks while we were at it.

Overall, it went pretty smooth. We did have a cop roll up on us last night, caught like deer in headlights, but he was cool. He asked if we saw anyone painting graffiti around and we said no. Basically he acted like nothing was happening and left. Pretty amazing. Can't wait to skate it!

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