Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Pearl Pictures

Here are some recent photos I took with my phone camera in the past week.

I really love how New Yorkers have this obligation to alter subway advertisements...that is not sarcasm.

This was the a canvas at Sho's funeral/wake that people could write their goodbyes on.

These flowers in a vase were laying outside in the snow right outside the door of the funeral home. Talk about symbolism.

Afterward, we went to a Chinese restaurant to eat lunch with Sho's parents and family friends. One of the plates had a chicken head on it (literally!).

So (of course) Budi ate it...

For some reason this didn't come out so well in the picture, but there are two crossing signs near my apartment that are very confusing. They have both the "stop" and "walk" symbols lit up at the same time.

I know the picture is super blurry, but (FYI) Iodine is POISON!

I decided to skate Roosevelt Island alone on Saturday (because nobody else wanted to skate outdoors, or course). I walked there from my place and took these photos on the way.

This was the spot. I had to dodge some patches of snow, but it was fun.

And finally, this tiger was trying to lurk on me hard. He (or she?) scared me so bad.

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