Sunday, February 25, 2007

Dodging One-time

I was skating in Bushwick yesterday with Ralph and we were at this park skating a manual pad with a curse on it. We skated it for a little bit then went off to skate some other spots and returned to skate it some more. When we got there, this mongo-pusher was already there shredding:

The curse came shortly after. A police van drove through and there was some tension in the air, but he just kept going, no big deal. But then two cops walked up on foot and were asking to see IDs, telling us that we are not allowed to skate there. They asked us if we have gotten tickets before, implying that they were going to give us some. However, when I pulled my ID out, I made sure to make my card that my cousin (a cop in the NYPD) gave me. They enquired about it and then let us off with a warning...telling us to wait 5 minutes until they are gone to skate. Wow, I was impressed. These were the cops:

That was not the end of it, though. Five minutes later, we were sitting down talking about what just happened. Ralph was saying how lucky he was that they did not look up his info because he thought he had a warrant for a missed court date for a ticket or something. I told him that he should have just run and not worry about me, I can catch up later. Ralph lit a cigarette and then almost immediately a cop car pulled in (after lurking on us from the street). They told Ralph to give them his ID and he did (instead of running like I just told him to do). They told him that he cannot smoke in that park and then wrote him a summons. Apparently they did not look up his info either because they just gave him the summons and let us go. This is that car (with 3 cops in it):

We decided not to spend anymore time in that park and took off to scope out some other spots. I saw some park on the way and went in to check it out. Ralph came in then all of a sudden turned around and started walking in the opposite direction pretty fast...turns out that there was a police precinct on the other side of the park and Ralph was not trying to push his luck. Hahaha.

On a different note, I am going to Portland in 2 1/2 weeks to hang and shred with Leonard. I have a score to settle with a couple spots over there.

Also, the Wetboys have more fun than you do!

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