Monday, February 05, 2007

I ride a skateboard

Before you read this. Leonard made a new post or two down there VVVVV.

A good ice-breaking subject is weather, so let me speak on that subject: IT IS COLD! By the time I finished skateboarding yesterday, I thought my toes fell off at some point. I checked and they didn't, however (thanks for asking). The windchill was 20 below last night and like 5 below when I was coming to work today. Ouch. I wandered around in the cold yesterday looking for spots. I took this photo with my phone:

Wouldn't you love to get a napkin like this? 999-999-SEXY?

I was skating in Brooklyn on Saturday and met Fos from Heroin Skateboards. If you haven't seen the Live From Antarctica video, you should check it out. It shows a whole other U.K. aesthetic than the Blueprint crew. This is Fos:

I want to introduce you all to the "funnest" thing to happen to hip-hop since Edan: Nametags. I hear they have an album is some magical post-production least that is the word on the street. While you are checking them out, listen to some whimsical beats from the producer, Dilligent. Dude is on point.

62-Mile High Club. An analysis of sex in space.

Are you in the market for a new car? No credit, no insurance, no money, no job, no morals, NO PROBLEM! Here is how.

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