Thursday, February 22, 2007

Noticeably Unskilled Interview of Eby Whose Blog This is Anyway with Pictures Mostly Stolen from Other Places

Leonard: So, Eby, how is New York nowadays?

Eby: Well, we can start with the weather. The weather is perfect today [note for people not in NYC: it is snowing there]. Other than that, it is the same ol’ wasted resource. I actually ran into other people skating yesterday. So that is good. I mean people that live in NYC, and skating places other than KCDC or the bowl.

Leonard: What is something actually good about the skate scene in NYC?

Eby: There are a million unused spots all over to be shredded, and you don't have to worry about most of them being crowded because everyone will be preoccupied at the TF and the TF2. Like you would be.

Leonard: Fake street spots are way better. So, anyway, top 3 musicians. Or, um, top 3 CDs.

Eby: That is a hard one. Do you want 2 CDs?

Leonard: Or let me guess.

Eby: 2 CDs nutz! But Thanks for ruining the joke. Besides, I buy vinyl, because i am pretentious.

Leonard: What else do you do besides skateboard and make fun of people on OfficialNewYork?

Eby: I am responsible for the less annoying ads and ad sponsorships on some websites. I make Camille mad a lot. I get sliced up by her cat a lot. I watch the White Rapper Show, Top Model, The Office, and Beauty and the Geek, and I film.

Leonard: How are the MBA applications going? Heard back from anyone yet?

Eby: Not yet. I am just crossing my fingers right now. Oh, and I am working on stuff for the Sho Ma benefit we are having at KCDC. The details are still being worked out, but we are editing a video of Sho and we will project some of his art. It is to raise money for his funeral expenses and such. We will have food and stuff. Also, we are trying to print out decks with his designs.

Leonard: Sounds good. Any favorite books?

Eby: I really like Tipping Point by Malcom Gladwell, and The Goal by Eliyahu M. Goldratt.

Leonard: Know any good jokes?

Eby: Maybe, but chances are that you would kill it.

Leonard: Aw, man. Anyway, I have a joke. Horse trots into a bar. Bartender looks at him and says, "Hey, why the long face?"

Eby: I am not really the joke guy. I like to play off of things, and I like puns. My co-workers say I always add things to the conversation that kick in later--if that makes any sense.

Leonard: Like CD nutz. Shit. I mean "CDs nutz." Maybe you are right about me messing up jokes.

Eby: AHAHA. Seriously.

Leonard: Ok. Here. AWESOME interview question: top 3 favorite Official participants.

Eby: Slurker! IT DONT MATTER. And there are a few pushing for third. So I’ll stick to two. You aren't the boss of me anyway.

Leonard: Dude, this is my interview though. Respect my game. Look. Just tell me a question to ask you.

Eby: Ask me something about art. Like trivia, or about science.

Leonard: Tell me who said this:“The cinema is a place of intrinsic indiscernibility between art and non-art.”

Eby: Dude. I don't know any of that yuppie nonsense.

Leonard: Ok. Um, wait a sec.

Eby: How can i respect your game if you let me run it like that? I don't even know anything about art or science. I know Seigler gets bummed when I disregard the graffiti founders. I know that about art. If you can even call it that.

Leonard: The quote is by Alain Badiou. Who are the graffiti founders?

Eby: Me. For all that I care.

Leonard: Blasphemy! [tearing my shirt and pouring sand on my head].

Eby: But he is talking about BLADE and TOP CAT and all those dudes.

Leonard: Here's one. Architectural question: what is the purpose of a buttress?

Eby: It has to be a support.

Leonard: Exactly. European engineering was apparently kind of shit back then. So say something amazing for the end part.

Eby: “Skateboarding is skateboarding, and everything else is everything else and its opposite.” -Sho Ma


artemesia said...

Cathedral sans buttresses:

Fabulous interview. Keep 'em coming!

artemesia said...

Cathedral sans buttresses:

Fabulous interview. Keep 'em coming!

artemesia said...

Cathedral sans buttresses:

Fabulous interview. Keep 'em coming!