Thursday, February 15, 2007

No Love Lost

Many of you know by now, but I recently lost a friend. As Leonard mentioned, Sho Ma has passed. This has been pretty hard for me because I was very close to Sho. Today was his funeral and this was my Eulogy:

Some of you know me, but for those who don’t, my
name is Eby. I would like to tell a story of an exceptionally talented person, a
guy far beyond his time, my good friend: Sho Sho Ma.

Sho moved to New York City from Beijing (China) in 1990, but he might as well
have been born on Bedford Avenue (in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn). Sho
represented what New York City was: creative, aesthetic, diverse, and
all-encompassing. This was very fitting because I considered him the ambassador
of the city. I moved here 3 ½ years ago from Florida and Sho was the first
person I met (through Liam). I still remember that night, how I was in awe at
his ability on a skateboard. Since then I have met probably 80% of the people I
know in the city through him (including Camille and many of you here). I am sure
many of you can say the same. Sho was a connector. Outside of that, he
introduced me to the city in general and became a very good friend to me. Some
weeks we would hang out everyday, because Sho was always reliable as my friend.
He would talk to me for hours about his aspirations, philosophy, art, music,
skateboarding, or whatever else was on his mind (which was a lot). Sho crammed
as much knowledge into his brain in his 24 years than most people can learn in a
lifetime. I am proud to be his friend.
Sho has given
me a lot in the time that I have known him and I am eternally grateful. He was a
very giving person that would jump at a chance to help a friend before advancing
himself. I know some of you here can attest to that. Sho has motivated me to
never settle for good enough. We are all capable of excellence, he is proof of
Sho held his family and friends close to his
heart. He would always boast to me how amazing artists both of his parents were.
He used to tell me how much he appreciated them for supporting him so much. Sho
was (and is) loved by many and I know that he knows
This was just my story of Sho Ma and I know each
of you have your own stories. Sho’s spirit will live through each one of us, as
well as through his works. That thought alone comforts
Thanks for everything, Sho. I love you.

Stay with us, friend.

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