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2015 Instagram Year In Review: January - March

Once again, as the year comes to an end, it is time to look back and reflect on all that 2015 has brought my way. This is yet another Instagram Year In Review with images/videos posted to my @elasticback account. This will be a four-parter, starting with January-March of 2015.

Date:  1.1.15
Caption:  Beach day!
Tags:  #polarbearplunge
Geo-tag:  Coney Island Polar Bear Plunge
User-tag: @leothelipski @caterinamandarina @nitrohydro @elasticback
Additional Comment:  Another year, another freezing dip in the Atlantic. Emilie was out of town visiting family, but I got Leo, Cat, Dan, and Veronique to take the plunge with me.

Date:  1.10.15
Caption:  Wrestling is so chill.
Additional Comment:  I worked on a promo for some wrestling event that was happening on 34th Street. One of the more interesting shoots of the year. All of us working on it gave each other wrestling names. I was: The Darkness…

Date:  1.17.15
Caption:  First day sledding in a while. My ribs are bruised from some wrecklessness earlier in the day. Photo: @jeremysco
Geo-tag:  Hunter Mountain
Additional Comment:  It seems like every time I try to go snowboarding, I try to go too big too early and end up getting wrecked. This lipslide was mellow, despite getting served earlier.

Date:  1.26.15
Caption:  Throwing snowballs at passerby’s from my roof. I got one direct headshot. 100pts.
Tags:  #sorry
Geo-tag:  Chinatown, Manhattan
User-tag: @heyemilieschwenk
Additional Comment:  It is actually really hard to aim a snowball from 7 floors up, most of them would hit the ground near people and they would look up confused. The one I hit was epic though.

Date:  2.3.15
Caption:  Pretty chill view from the Milk Studios penthouse today.
Geo-tag:  Milk Media

Date:  2.4.15
Caption:  This guy had me laughing for a minute.
Tags:  #valentinesday #dontcarebear
Additional Comment:  He just looks so grumpy, haha.

A video posted by Eby Ghafarian (@elasticback) on
Date:  2.10.15
Caption:  In outer space.
Tags:  #nasa
Geo-tag:  John F. Kennedy International Airport
Additional Comment:  Defrosting our plane so we could escape the cold and head to Florida.

Date:  2.12.15
Caption:  The #goosebumps say it all.
Geo-tag:  Cherokee Sink
Additional Comment:  One of my favorite places…

Date:  2.12.15
Caption:  Blunt fakie…no big deal.
Additional Comment:  Went 4-wheelin’ and almost flipped the thing, haha.

Date:  2.13.15
Caption:  New work from Mike Tuten this morning.
Geo-tag:  Forever Young Tattoo
User-tag: @tattuten

Date:  2.14.15
Caption:  Shouts to this girl on this day.
Geo-tag:  Florida State Capital
User-tag: @heyemilieschwenk
Additional Comment:  Anniversary.

Date:  2.14.15
Caption:  Babes tattooing babes. @shannonyoungtattoo @heyemilieschwenk
Geo-tag:  Forever Young Tattoo
Additional Comment:  Emilie’s first tattoo.

Date:  2.16.15
Caption:  Peace Tallahassee. Special shout out to our rad hosts. Happy birthday, Clare!
Geo-tag:  Jacksonville International Airport
User-tag: @bearfrex @uselesswoodentoys

Date:  2.16.15
Caption:  Miami is chill. Kayaked out to some islands and busted open some coconuts with Dro.
Geo-tag:  Morningside Park, Morningside, FL
User-tag: @grafluxe
Additional Comment:  Dro moved back to Miami from NYC a while back so it was great catching back up with him when I got into town.

Date:  2.18.15
Caption:  From Miami with love…
Geo-tag:  South Beach Pier Point

Date:  2.18.15
Caption:  Out to Havana for a week with @amigoskatecuba to bring product to the skaters out there who can’t get it otherwise. It’s going to be so chill.
Geo-tag:  Miami International Airport - MIA
Additional Comment:  It was my birthday and this was my last post before going offline for a week in Cuba with no internet service. It was my first trip there.

Date:  2.25.15
Caption:  Cuba was so chill!
Geo-tag:  Cuidad de la Habana, Cuba
Additional Comment:  Posted this when I landed back in Miami from Havana.

Date:  2.16.15
Caption:  La casa de Luisa con @jono_photo. This was after a truck rolled down the block billowing out pesticides.
Geo-tag:  La Havana, Cuba
User-tag: @jono_photo
Additional Comment:  Nick Gibson took this.

A video posted by Eby Ghafarian (@elasticback) on
Date:  2.26.15
Caption:  @leothelipski and I got some clips in @chad_chadington video “Chad.” Watch the whole video (link in his profile), it’s less than 17 minutes and a bunch of other homies kill it in there.

Date:  2.28.15
Caption:  Cubutt
Tags:  #havana
Additional Comment:  Pretty serious.

Date:  3.1.15
Caption:  Got in trouble for jumping in here to swim, but totally worth it...besides Jesse (local homie) getting detained for a couple hours and ticketed (I got the tourist pass, he wasn't so lucky). I paid his ticket to be fair. Found the rose I am holding while swimming out there. The water was super clear, totally forgot I had an underwater camera with me too!
Geo-tag:  Cuidad da la Habana, Cuba

Date:  3.5.15
Caption:  #snowboots or nah?
Geo-tag:  Mulberry Streeet (Manhattan)
Additional Comment:  Do you, girl.

Date:  3.6.15
Caption:  We were supposed to be celebrating her birthday, but she flipped the scrip and got us this hotel for my birthday since I was out of town! The view is pretty chill...
Geo-tag:  The Standard
User-tag: @heyemilieschwenk

Date:  3.8.15
Caption:  Friends. I hope you all can make it to the launch of @stoopsmag. Stoops is a skate magazine I am producing with content shot 100% in NYC. The launch includes a photo show with 20 photos from issue 1. Sharing this would be so chill. xoxo
Tags:  #stoopsmag #salomonarts #skateboarding #nyc #stoops #photography
Geo-tag:  Salomon Arts Gallery
Additional Comment:  It finally happened…

Date:  3.15.15
Caption:  If you know of any shops that would be into carrying @stoopsmag (especially those outside of NYC) please connect us. This includes those of you outside of U.S. too. If you are a shop interested, please email xoxo
Geo-tag:  New York, New York
User-tag: @stoopsmag

Date:  3.17.15
Caption: my truck rattled off riding my motorcycle back to the city from Brooklyn. I have no idea even where to look for it...
Additional Comment:  I’ve been having bad luck with my skateboards lately.

Date:  3.19.15
Tags:  #tbt #Cuba
Additional Comment:  Maybe I’ll actually try this in a couple weeks when I’m back…maybe.

Date:  3.21.15
Caption:  Heading to NC for Iranian New Year. This snow can save it...

A video posted by Eby Ghafarian (@elasticback) on
Date:  3.21.15
Caption:  My dad goes in.
Tags: #nowrooz #iraniannewyear
Geo-tag:  Hilton Charlotte Center City
Additional Comment:  My dad was hyped that my sisters and I got to spend the new year with him in Charlotte.

Date:  3.22.15
Caption:  Today's bounty: 49 worms, slugs, and pill bugs.
Additional Comment:  My niece, Jasmine, is cut from a different cloth.

Date:  3.22.15
Caption:  #regram from @mynamesdrew. Innovating ways to sack on a rail...
Geo-tag:  Charlotte, North Carolina
Additional Comment:  Skating with Drew in Charlotte is always fun…even when it hurts.

Date:  3.24.15
Caption:  Renewing my Iranian passport for some homeland travels soon...
Geo-tag:  Iranian Interest Section
Additional Comment:  Went to DC with my dad for this. Still waiting for everything in the mail…sigh.

Date:  3.24.15
Tags:  #skaaaaater #dad
Geo-tag:  Lincoln Memorial
Additional Comment:  “Take a picture of me with your skateboard, son.”

Date:  3.25.15
Caption:  Charlotte was chill. Heading back to NY now. You all should come chill with me at @singsingavea tonight. xoxo
Geo-tag:  Charlotte, North Carolina
User-tag: @mynamesdrew
Additional Comment:  It’s the south, don’t worry about it.

Date:  3.31.15
Caption:  Rainy day motorcycle rides =
Geo-tag:  NYC Chinatown

User-tag: @heyemilieschwenk

April through June coming soon. Stay tuned. Follow me on Instagram for real-time updates. @elasticback or @stoopsmag.

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