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2015 Instagram Year In Review: July - September

Cutting it close with this late post of the 3rd part of my 2015 Instagram Year in Review: April - June.

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2015 Instagram Year In Review: April - June

Date:   7.1.15
Caption: A pile of hearts on Mott St at midnight last night.
Tags:  #chinatown
Additional Comment:  Sometimes I hate where I live. :(

Date:   7.2.15
Caption: Finally got to skate the new park in Williamsburg yesterday. 50-50 shot by @c.jaramillo_
Geo-tag:  50 Kent
Additional Comment:  The temporary Nike skatepark in Williamsburg was pretty fun, got a little pop back this day.

Date:   7.7.15
Caption: Darnell is my friend. I like that about him.
User-tag: @_darnellscott_
Additional Comment:  Someone randomly shot a photo of Darnell standing on this phone booth from across the street and a mutual friend tagged us in it. Should have saved it, haha.

Date:   7.7.15
Caption: @northskatemag ran a photo I shot of Eric Koston on Go Skate Day 2014.
Geo-tag:  LES skate park
User-tag: @erickoston @nikesb @northskatemag
Additional Comment:  This angle has been used to shoot photos at the park many times since, but I don’t recall anyone else shooting any skate photos at the park prior. You have to climb under the bridge to get it.

Date:   7.14.15
Tags:  #ruffryda
Geo-tag:  Williamsburg Bridge
User-tag: @heyemilieschwenk
Additional Comment:  Emilie put in a lot of practice while waiting for the next available date to take the class for her license.

Date:   7.17.15
Caption: This hill is the worst. Second attempts are chill tho.
Tags:  #dumpedbothourbikes
User-tag: @stephenmmarino
Additional Comment:  Went camping and they told us to follow them on their 4-wheeler to our site, but didn’t tell us about this quick turn to super-steep, rocky mountain face we had to climb. Neither of us expected it and we were not going nearly fast enough around the corned to climb it with our street tired. We both dumped our bikes and it was a pain getting them back started and up the hill from the middle. This was Steve’s second attempt after rolling down to get his bike started.

Date:   7.17.15
Tags:  #airbnb
User-tag: @stephenmmarino
Additional Comment:  We went upstate to the NY-PA boarder for a bachelor party/camping trip for Alex Porta. No phone service/internet. It was chill.

Date:   7.18.15
Caption: Boys day out…
User-tag: @kyleiles @aporta @rickysprinkles @stephenmmarino
Additional Comment:  What better way to end your bachelorhood than floating down the Delaware River with your dudes?

Date:   7.22.15
Caption: Paul is street legal now! Bi-Boro Bike Tour.
Geo-tag:  Williamsburg Bridge
User-tag: @mlohaesluap
Additional Comment:  The roomie decided to get his motorcycle license too! Itching to ride after, we let him take Emilie’s bike for a ride.

A video posted by Eby Ghafarian (@elasticback) on
Date:   7.27.15
Caption: Check @jono_film 's profile for the link to the promo for his video Still Cruizen, which is coming out in December. I got some footy in it.
Tags:  #stillcruizen #jonosinclair #nyc #havana #cuba #skateboarding
Additional Comment:  The video recently premiered, looking forward to seeing it soon.

Date:   7.28.15
Caption: New addition to the squad! Paul got himself a Harley too... '03 Sportster (center).
User-tag: @mlohaesluap @elasticback @heyemilieschwenk
Additional Comment:  I helped find this bike on Craigslist in Jersey…and it was a really good deal. Super nice bike. Paul was hyped.

Date:   7.31.15
Caption: The dopest show!
Tags:  #marilynmanson
Geo-tag:  Nikon at Jones Beach Theater
User-tag: @marilynmanson
Additional Comment:  This was the best show I’ve been to. I’ve been wanting to go to a Marilyn Manson show since I was in middle school and finally make it happen. The Smashing Pumpkins also headlined this show! Both performances were amazing.

Date:   8.2.15
Caption: Shout out to @_darnellscott_ @heyemilieschwenk @mlohaesluap for making the trek out to Pennsylvania today for cliff jumping, rope swinging, and rock sliding.
Tags:  #peacerock

Date:   8.3.15
Caption: Selfies at 70(mph). @heyemilieschwenk @mlohaesluap
Additional Comment:  Emilie officially got her motorcycle license so we decided to take a trip to PA to get her and Paul their highway legs. They killed it.

Date:   8.6.15
Caption: Emilie.
User-tag: @heyemilieschwenk
Additional Comment:  Look at this biker babe.

Date:   8.8.15
Caption: Found this baby #kestrel bouncing off moving cars in Chinatown.
Additional Comment:  I was working on the motorcycles in this intersection and saw this bird flailing around in the intersection and ran out into traffic to try and save him.

Date:   8.8.15
Caption: Okay, last one. He made a friend, another young #kestrel brought in recently. Scope their mouse friend playing in the bowl. I think it's playing dead...
Geo-tag:  Wild Bird Fund, Inc.
Additional Comment:  I took him up to the Wild Bird Fund on the Upper Westside (where I have taken birds before). After getting checked out, he was put in with another young kestrel that was brought in recently to recoup. The Wild Bird Fund is a great place that relies heavily on donations for support, which I gave, of course.

Date:   8.9.15
Tags:  #happilyeverporta
Geo-tag:  Full Moon Resort
User-tag:  @aporta @okduhwhatever
Additional Comment:  Alex and Lacie went and got hitched upstate in the Catskills.

A video posted by Eby Ghafarian (@elasticback) on
Date:   8.10.15
Caption: Went to a chill swimming hole in the Catskills today.
Tags:  #happilyeverporta
User-tag: @randommountain
Additional Comment:  This place was called Peekamouse. The water was freeeeeeeezing.

Date:   8.10.15
Caption: Ran into @stephenmmarino & @jeremysco on the highway en route to the Porta wedding yesterday. Jeremy took this.
Additional Comment:  We were supposed to leave together but things didn’t work out. Ended up running into each other on the way anyway…

Date:   8.12.15
Caption: Virginia Beach bound with Emilie. Currently in Philly.
Additional Comment:  Off to another wedding. This is Emilie’s first big road trip on the motorcycle. The trip to PA was a warm-up for this. After a pretty bad start with her battery dying multiple times before we left the city, she killed it the rest of the way.

A video posted by Eby Ghafarian (@elasticback) on
Date:   8.13.15
Caption: Emilie at eighty. Fires in the sky and liquid lights...
Geo-tag:  Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel
Additional Comment:  At the last leg of the trip, Emilie was finally comfortable with the ride and started opening up her throttle.

Date:   8.16.15
Caption: My sister got married today and I got a creeper angle, since (ironically) being in the wedding party means you get the worst view.
Geo-tag:  First Landing State Park
User-tag: @catin3hat
Additional Comment:  My sister got married on the beach to a super chill dude.

A video posted by Eby Ghafarian (@elasticback) on
Date:   8.16.15
Caption: My dad bellydancing again...
Geo-tag:  City of Virginia Beach

Date:   8.16.15
Caption: Squad! North Carolina bound with my Aunt Linda and Emilie.
Additional Comment:  My aunt rode her Road King up to VA for the wedding, so we accompanied her back down to the mountains of NC. She’s the one that originally got me psyched on Harley’s when I was a kid; she’s been riding them for over 40 years.

Date:   8.17.15
Caption: It's a family affair. My aunt refused to let me leave her mountain without cleaning my bike first and having Emilie's bike checked out.
Geo-tag:  Union Mills, North Carolina
Additional Comment:  I woke up to my aunt cleaning my bike. She got all her grand kids in on it too, haha.

Date:   8.17.15
Caption: My braids at the Cherokee Reservation are totally like "when in Jamaica..."
Geo-tag:  Cherokee Indian Reservation
Additional Comment:  I haven’t been to the reservation since I was a kid. Things are really different but still pretty cool.

Date:   8.17.15
Caption: No service in the Smokies.
Geo-tag:  Great Smokey Mountains
User-tag: @heyemilieschwenk
Additional Comment:  Looking forward to going back…

Date:   8.18.15
Caption: The few moments of sunlight that crept in today. Been trapped by the rain, making a run north in the morning if the rain holds out...
Geo-tag:  Union Mills, North Carolina
User-tag: @heyemilieschwenk

Date:   8.19.15
Caption: The rain has been nipping at our heels since dusk and finally caught up.
Tags:  #somewhereinvirginia
User-tag: @heyemilieschwenk
Additional Comment:  It rained on us most of way back to NYC from NC. :(

A video posted by Eby Ghafarian (@elasticback) on
Date:   8.23.15
Caption: When your bike light isn't charged and you need to ride home, but work at a karaoke bar with glow glasses and glow wands... @mort3kai
Geo-tag:  Sing Sing Ave.A
Additional Comment:  It died before he got home, haha.

Date:   9.8.15
Caption: Beach (B/D)ae!
Geo-tag:  Fort Tilden
User-tag: @heyemilieschwenk
Additional Comment:  Squeezing out as many beach days as we can.

A video posted by Eby Ghafarian (@elasticback) on
Date:   9.10.15
Caption: Um, that's not how you sing karaoke...
Additional Comment:  People like doing it in karaoke rooms.

A video posted by Eby Ghafarian (@elasticback) on
Date:   9.10.15
Caption: The sequel. The 'ol microphone in my pants trick.
Additional Comment:  “What song were they singing?” “Partition” by Beyonce. “Driver, roll up the partition, please. You don’t want to see Yonce on her knees..." or maybe "Lollipop" by Lil' Wayne?

Date:   9.14.15
Caption: Parks close at dusk...
Geo-tag:  Staten Island, New York
User-tag: @leothelipski @hityouoffmanagement
Additional Comment:  Night filming mission in SI for Paul Young’s video Bleach. You can see it here.

Date:   9.17.15
Caption: Sup?
Geo-tag:  Art Book Fair At Moma Ps1
Additional Comment:  My favorite thing I saw at the Art Book Fair.

Date:   9.19.15
Caption: They forgot their's chill tho.
Tags:  #greasemonkeyblockparty
Geo-tag:  Indian Larry Motorcycles
Additional Comment:  I went to Indian Larry’s Block Party and the Brooklyn Invitational and these dudes showed up on their “choppers.” Haha.

Date:   9.19.15
Caption: Electra-glide?
Tags:  #electraglide #greasemonkeyblockparty
Geo-tag:  Indian Larry
Additional Comment: One of my favorite bikes…

Date:   9.19.15
Caption: Werkin (it) hard...
Tags:  #themissfires
Geo-tag:  Brooklyn Invitational Custom Motorcycle Show
User-tag: @heyemilieschwenk
Additional Comment:  Portraits at the Invitational. You cansee more here.

Date:   9.22.15
Caption: When you find a chill spot in the forest on accident...
User-tag: @leothelipski
Additional Comment:  On the way upstate we randomly pulled off to find a place to pee in the woods. I rode up a bit further than the rest to turn my motorcycle around and found this!

Date:   9.23.15
Caption: Basically a bald eagle. #america @chriszack
Geo-tag:  Manhattan Bridge

A video posted by Eby Ghafarian (@elasticback) on
Date:   9.29.15
Caption: Set this up at the Nike Park yesterday. Filmed by Angel @mr.fisheye
Geo-tag:  50 Kent

Additional Comment:  Last day of the Nike park before they tore it out to build some new condos.

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