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2014 Instagram Year In Review: October - December

Here is the fourth and final installment of my 2014 Instagram Year In Review: October - December). All of these images were posted on my @elasticback account.

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Date: 10.1.14
Caption: Consider this my virtual postcard to all of you...xoxo.
Additional Comment: Japan is rad.

Date: 10.2.14
Caption: The homie...
Tags: #prizefighterjapan2014
User Tags: @hirokimuraoka @leovalls_ @prizefighterny @fatbros_hag
Additional Comment: Some dude had a pet monkey, walking it like a dog. Apparently this isn’t a common thing…

Date: 10.3.14
Caption: The ghost of a curb cut blast over a gap to rail.
Tags: #beermonster #prizefighterjapan2014
User Tags: @hirokimuraoka
Additional Comment: Hiroki is my favorite…he was just doing this for fun!

Date: 10.4.14
Caption: Kenshiro is also a gentleman. He used his board to shelter two girls from the rain as they walked.
Tags: #prizefighterjapan2014
User Tags: @kenshiroyagi
Additional Comment: Haven’t seen Kenshiro in a long time, since he used to live in NYC. Was so fun catching up with him, he is a lady killer.

Date: 10.4.14
Caption: Walking around in the rain, exploring the long way home at 7am. Soaked and stoked.
Tags: #tokyotyphoon #prizefighterjapan2014
User Tags: @prizefighterny
Additional Comment: There was a typhoon while we were there, but we just got wet and kept it moving all night, into the morning.

Date: 10.5.14
Caption: First haircut from an actual barber in like 20-something years...from my buddy @morishitayuuki
Geo-tag: Guru’s Cut & Stand
User Tags: @morishitayuuki
Additional Comment: Just a wash and trim, but wanted to support my buddy.

Date: 10.6.14
Caption: Japanese skaters be like...
Tags: #prizefighterjapan2014
User Tags: @evisenskateco
Additional Comment: So happy I got to meet and skate with Katsumi.

Date: 10.6.14
Caption: The crew morphed throughout the day but here is one iteration of it later in the night.
Tags: #prizefighterjapan2014
User Tags: @nyskateboarding @evisenskateco @prizefighterny @morishitayuuki
Additional Comment: Rick got into town from NYC and came rolling around with us this night too! I scaled some building to shoot this.

Date: 10.7.14
Caption: Post-Tengu fall from grace...times have gotten tough for #ConnorKammerer in Japan.
Tags: #homeless #prizefighterjapan2014
Additional Comment: He actually just likes sufficient sleep or something.

Date: 10.8.14
Caption: Hate to see you go but love to watch you leave. See you on the other side...
Tags: #prizefighterjapan2014
Geo-tag: ANA
(成田)空港 - Tokyo(Narita) Airport
Additional Comment: They made me check my board on the way back from Japan but they were super delicate with it, haha.

Date: 10.8.14
Caption: Chill flight.
Tags: #businessclass #thanksconnor
Geo-tag: Delta Terminal - John F. Kennedy International Airport
Additional Comment: Connor hooked it up to where I could fly business class back to NYC…sooooo much better than flying with the peasants! ;)

Date: 10.9.14
Caption: Um.
Tags: #newyorkcomiccon
Geo-tag: Javits Center
Additional Comment: Finally made it to the real ComicCon this year! So overwhelming, to say the least.

Date: 10.10.14
Caption: The Japanese have arrived!
Tags: #evisennytour
User Tags: @shinpei_ueno @evisenskateco @shinsakuarakawa
Additional Comment: A couple days after leaving Japan, some of my homies from there came here for an Evisen Skateboards NY Tour. Hyped I got to see Shinpei since I didn’t make it over to Osaka when I was in Japan.

Date: 10.12.14
Caption: @shinpei_ueno is not wine-ing about this spot...
Tags: #evisennytour
Additional Comment: Shinpei is one of the sickest skaters in Japan with an amazing style.

Date: 10.13.14
Caption: Caught this dude tripping while going up the stairs right after he said: I don't want to hear nothing if you guys fall and get hurt.
Tags: #straightupshitisreal #TBPR #evisennytour
User Tags: @chris_jones @mandibleclaw @evisenskateco @tightboothproduction
Additional Comment: Funny how things work out sometimes.

Date: 10.16.14
Caption: Same rain, different country.
Tags: #connorandshoko 

Date: 10.17.14
Tags: #evisennytour
User Tags: @evisenskateco

Date: 10.19.14
Caption: Had a rad time skating with my friends from Evisen Skateboards squad the past couple weeks (here in NYC and Japan just before). Super talented and creative skaters. Photo by @shinsakuarakawa
Additional Comment: Find and watch the Night Prowlers video by #katsumiminami and any of the @tightboothproduction videos by @shinpei_ueno (especially Lenz and Lenz II).

Date: 10.25.14
Caption: It has begun... Shoutout to @cmartphoto for holding it down today.
Geo-tag: Greenpoint Historic District
Additional Comment: Made a Mankind costume for Halloween this year!

Date: 10.27.14
Caption: The haunting at Chelsea Piers...
Geo-tag: Pier 62 Skatepark
Additional Comment: Was doing blunt fakies and my board came down getting stuck like this...crazy. Tje whole skatepark came over to look at it. 

A video posted by Eby Ghafarian (@elasticback) on
Date: 10.31.14
Caption: It's that time of the year! Click the link in my profile for my annual Halloween clip! xoxo
Tags: #mankind #wwf #wwe #mickfoley #mrsocko #mandibleclaw #zombie #thewalkingdead
User Tags: @_path @cmartphoto @tarela @never_trust_gus @fvckmikepowley @pirosierra
Additional Comment: Watch the full video here!

Date: 10.31.14
Caption: Wandering aimlessly from my apartment trying to figure out what to skate for the #laborhalloween14 contest last minute.
Tags: #laborhalloween14
User Tags: @laborskateshop
Additional Comment: Labor had a Halloween best trick in a costume contest and I got home from work around 5pm when I saw it posted and had until 7pm to submit, so I grabbed Emilie and made her wander around the hood with me to film some stuff. I ended up winning too! This got more likes than anything else I ever posted.

Date: 11.1.14
Caption: Leo finally found a doe to take down. She was surprised to look over and realize she was in his crosshairs.
Tags: #leohuntsthings
User Tags: @leothelipski
Additional Comment: Leo dressed as a hunter for Halloween and hunted everything throughout the night.

Date: 11.6.14
Caption: Yesterday was chill.
Additional Comment: Finally made it back out to the junk spot in Jersey City after a couple years with Twillz, Leo, and Dima.

Date: 11.7.14
Caption: Illegally parked.
User Tags: @leothelipski
Additional Comment: Sometimes taking my Harley out skating can be super chill.

Date: 11.7.14
Caption: "This one is for my bitches with a fat ass in the fucking club/ I said, 'Where my fat ass big bitches in the club?'"
User Tags: @wicked.stitches
Additional Comment: Maybe I post too many pictures of her butt, but…who wouldn’t?

Date: 11.23.14
Caption: Hi @bushwickron
Geo-tag: Orchard Street
Additional Comment: Heard Ron skating outside while house sitting and took this from the window.

Date: 11.25.14
Caption: Charlotte bound...well, D.C. first.
Geo-tag: Chinatown
User Tags: @heyemilieschwenk
Additional Comment: First big motorcycle trip. Emilie was the co-pilot on the back.

Date: 11.26.14
Caption: First, and hopefully last breakdown of the trip yesterday at sunrise, coming into Wilmington, DE. Luckily could see a Harley shop from where we were and got up and running hours later. Bad wire...
Geo-tag: Wilmington, Delaware
User Tags: @heyemilieschwenk

Date: 11.27.14
Caption: Drove to visit my aunt in the mountains and she hooked me up with new handlebars and a cushy seat. She's been riding Harley's for much longer than I've been alive...
Geo-tag: Union Mills, North Carolina

Date: 11.28.14
Caption: Jah dunks on The Worm!
Tags: #nephews
Additional Comment: Always fun playing with my nephews. Teaching Jah how to dunk, though I am sure before long he will be doing it on his own. He is already super good at shooting the ball for how tiny he is.

Date: 11.29.14
Caption: Wallies are for the kidz.
Additional Comment: Always have to do a demo for them when I visit. Hopefully they will return the favor one day.

Date: 12.1.14
Caption: Is it December?
Geo-tag: Cuddle Cabin, Lost Bowl
Additional Comment: Made it up to Richmond, VA and skated the Lost Bowl. The weather was so perfect this day…sunny and warm-ish.

Date: 12.3.14
Caption: Made it back to NYC through the pouring rain today. Not the chillest ride the last couple days but overall the trip was rad. Shouts to my family and friends I saw along the way and to @heyemilieschwenk for hanging in there until Richmond (when she had to get back for school).
Geo-tag: Taste Of Chinatown
Additional Comment: Rode from Richmond to Philly in the rain, stayed the night, then from Philly to NYC in the sketchy, pouring rain. But made it back safe!

Date: 12.4.14
Caption: Shout out to @kcdcskateshop for teaching me how to Dougie. "The term 'Dougie' means to have a cool or hip stlye." - #urbandictionary
User Tags: @kcdcskateshop
Additional Comment: KCDC officially added me to the team!

Date: 12.11.14
Caption: Imagine if all dogs flew like Falcor. But still being the size they are...
Additional Comment: Wolves would be so scary.

Date: 12.15.14
Caption: Pre-order Issue 1 of @stoopsmag now! Link in my profile...
User Tags: @stoopsmag
Additional Comment: Re-launched the Stoops website and nearing completion of issue 1.

Date: 12.17.14
Caption: Nothing like waking up to the sound of people throwing furniture off the fire escape...
Additional Comment: Why would anyone think this is acceptable?

Date: 12.25.14
Caption: @heyemilieschwenk
Additional Comment: Emilie left this present for me in my room although she went back to IL for the holidays.

Date: 12.28.14
Caption: Aww...
Geo-tag: Fontana's - DUPLICATE
User Tags: @azmystic
Additional Comment: Look at Brian and Asmite being all cute and junk.

Date: 1.1.15
Caption: New Years with my Citibike Gang.
User Tags: @caterinamandarina @leothelipski
Additional Comment: Had to work New Years Eve but Cat and Leo invited me for dinner first and came and hung out singing karaoke into the new year. Always glad to have friends around for the new year...

Happy New Year!!! There is sure more fun to come this year. Follow me on Instagram for real-time updates. @elasticback or @stoopsmag or @naysayerskate.

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