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2015 Instagram Year In Review: October - December

Cutting it close with this late post of the 3rd part of my 2015 Instagram Year in Review: April - June.

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Date:   10.2.15
Caption: The new Search & Destroy shirts hot off the press! Haha
Geo-tag:  Search & Destroy
User-tag: @kenntawatanabe
Additional Comment:  They went there.

Date:   10.4.15
Caption: IKEA on a Sunday is murder.
Tags:  #chucky #childsplay
Geo-tag:  IKEA Brooklyn
Additional Comment:  This kid is the real life Chucky.

Date:   10.10.15
Caption: Like a kid in a candy store...
Geo-tag:  It’s Candy
User-tag: @tarela
Additional Comment: Tarela loves candy.

A video posted by Eby Ghafarian (@elasticback) on
Date:   10.12.15
Caption: Abbreviated version of a 1.5 min clip I made for @hdofnyc called Why I Ride. #hdofnyc Filmed by @dmitrybrylev Full video on my tumblr (link in profile) and Facebook.
Geo-tag:  Harley Davidson Tribeca
Additional Comment:  I spent a lot of time editing this footage Dima filmed for me. You can see the full video here. It was for contest to possibly win a new motorcycle, but they didn’t get enough entries and canceled the contest.

Date:   10.13.15
Caption: My dawg is a cat.
Tags:  #Orion
Geo-tag:  Da Lower Eastside
Additional Comment:  I’m kinda his nanny actually…

A video posted by Eby Ghafarian (@elasticback) on
Date:   10.23.15
Caption: @prizefighterny in Tokyo video is up over at @vhsmag, go check it! Here are a couple of the maneuvers I did.
Geo-tag:  Japan Tokyo
Additional Comment: You can see the full video here.

Date:   10.24.15
Caption: Making skate spots with #JHAKX belts... Thanks @morishitayuuki
Additional Comment:  This actually worked…got a clip.

A video posted by Eby Ghafarian (@elasticback) on
Date:   10.31.15
Caption: I present to you all, my 2015 Halloween in profile. Filmed by @dmitrybrylev and skating by myself and @leothelipski
Geo-tag:  New York, New York
Additional Comment:  See full video here.

Date:   11.5.15
Caption: Some clips from Japan in the new @toriotoko_____ clip. Repost from @kingpinmag
Additional Comment:  My homies in Japan called this the Eby jump. You can see the full Toriotoko clip here.

Date:   11.6.15
Caption: Issue 2 of @stoopsmag is being printed now. Release party very soon...special thanks to everyone involved.
Tags:  #allenying
User-tag: @stoopsmag
Additional Comment: I put out the second issue of Stoops. Overdue but people seemed hyped on it.

Date:   11.16.15
Caption: When you get to the sold-out @actuallygrimes show just before it starts and it's standing room only but nowhere to stand...
Geo-tag:  TERMINAL 5
User-tag: @heyemilieschwenk
Additional Comment:  My new go-to at Terminal 5…

A video posted by Eby Ghafarian (@elasticback) on
Date:   11.23.15
Caption: Check the new @kcdcskateshop clip "friends section" (link in profile) ft. @stillweii @nitrohydro @skeenan_f @bogdamnit @walls1 @essy_munsta and myself...
Geo-tag:  KCDC Skateshop
Additional Comment:  I opened up the KCDC video. See the fullvideo here.

A video posted by Eby Ghafarian (@elasticback) on
Date:   11.28.15
Caption: Night sesh with @dmitrybrylev ... first time skating here since Deerman of Dark Woods @barrierkult was in town.
Additional Comment:  This barrier is actually pretty hard to skate but I filmed a trick I was going back for on it after these warm-up tricks.

Date:   12.3.15
Caption: pt.2
Tags:  #whiskeydick #hetried #theyentertainedthemselves #disappointment #heblewit
Additional Comment:  This was the second part of two photos I posted of this incident where a dude totally blew it on an attempted 3-way with two girls. I have video too but didn’t post. He drank way too much whiskey and couldn’t get it up.

Date:   12.5.15
Caption: No shirt, no shoes, extra service...
Additional Comment:  This woman decided to take her shirt and bra off and sing a few songs. Eventually she put her bra back on and stayed like that until she got too much attention from people walking by, haha.

Date:   12.5.15
Caption: Chill day in the Chi with @mdfilms
Geo-tag:  Chicago, Illinois
Additional Comment:  I took a gamble by going to Chicago in early December, but I found super cheap tickets and went for it. Luckily the weather ended up being really nice, in the 50s and sunny! Mark let me stay with him.

Date:   12.9.15
Caption: Shout out to all my friends in Chicago for skating with me for the last few days. @thesteffenitionofwatts @under_ceej @brett_weinstein @schmoldt_enterprises @mdfilms etc (Nico, Shawn, Gamma, Hupp...)
Geo-tag:  Chicago Midway International Airport
Additional Comment:  It was fun skating with my friends in Chicago, including a couple new ones. Brett was out of town most of the time but got in the night before I left so I got to skate with him too!

Date:   12.15.15
Caption: One of a couple photos of me in the @amigoskatecuba article @emmy_park shot for @the_garment_district_journal. Happy to be heading back to Havana in 3 weeks...
Additional Comment:  Hyped to be heading back to Cuba next week.

A video posted by Eby Ghafarian (@elasticback) on
Date:   12.17.15
Caption: Sing Sing not only has karaoke...but now slides also! Note me seeing it happen but then walking away, haha.
Additional Comment: Victoria: “You’re so foul.” Mori: “Your work is hard!! Because always abnormal”

Date:  12.25.15
Caption: Beach Day.
Geo-tag:  Sea Isle in Galveston
User-tag: @heyemilieschwenk
Additional Comment:  We went to Galveston Island in Texas for Christmas, spending a week there with Emilie’s family (her parents just moved there). It was foggy the whole time, but Galveston is a super chill town.

A video posted by Eby Ghafarian (@elasticback) on
Date:   12.27.15
Caption: Finding chill skate spots on the island and getting my girlfriend to film me. Still cloudy, currently raining.
Geo-tag:  Galveston, Texas
Additional Comment:  I didn’t get to skate too much on the trip because of the weather and family time without a separate car, but we did make a few stops here and there to do some. Emilie filmed these. The first spot is a helipad. I really want to go back to it and film more legit tricks…

Date:   12.29.15
Caption: Photo from the Brooklyn Invitational in September shot by @jamesstonephoto ...more photos in his profile link.
Geo-tag:  Root Studios

Happy New Year!!! Here's to the good times to come. Follow me on Instagram for real-time updates. @elasticback or @stoopsmag.

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