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2015 Instagram Year In Review: April - June

Now on to the second installment of my 2015 Instagram Year in Review: April - June.

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Date:  4.2.15
Caption:  Hard at work tonight. Photo: @drankmaster
Geo-tag:  Sing Sing Ave.A
Additional Comment:  I don’t sing often at work, but sometimes, when it is dead or friends are there, it will happen…

Date:  4.7.15
Tags:  #frankzappa #sorry
Additional Comment:  The hotel had a mirror there and my reflection made this too obvious.

Date:  4.7.15
Caption:  Hai. U sk8?
Geo-tag:  South Beach Miami
Additional Comment:  Back in Miami.

Date:  4.11.15
Caption:  Out here in Cuba taking photos of dogs again.
Tags:  #Havana #Cuba
User-tag: @otrodios
Additional Comment:  Back in Havana. Found a hotel with some wifi this time.

Date:  4.11.15
Caption:  My Cuban homie, Jimmy, cooked me a vegan meal at his home last night. It was his first time trying and it was mad chill!
Geo-tag:  Havana, Cuba
Additional Comment: There were hardly any skaters on this trip so I ended up hanging with a local homie, Jimi, most of the time. I got to see where he lives and he cooked me dinner.  

Date:  4.12.15
Caption:  Amigo Paint Cuba. @amigoskatecuba
Tags:  #amigopaintcuba #havana #graffiti #xeroetc #cuba #xero
Geo-tag:  Havana, Cuba
Additional Comment: Got to paint with 5STARS (a local writer) and ATOMIK and ABSTRK from Miami. I found a hardware store and bought the paint there, which was pretty garbage, but made it work.

Date:  4.14.15
Tags:  #skateboarding
Geo-tag:  Havana, Cuba
Additional Comment: It was so hot already in April. Got some glass lodged into my elbow at a spot…

Date:  4.14.15
Caption:  Filmer Hammers! This spot was mad chill. Closest thing to a bowl here.
Geo-tag:  Havana, Cuba
User-tag: @otrodios @amigoskatecuba
Additional Comment:  This spot was epic. Hard to skate but really fun.

Date:  4.15.15
Caption:  Cuba was chill.
Geo-tag:  Miami International Airport - MIA
Additional Comment:  Going to try to track this doll down next time I’m back.

A video posted by Eby Ghafarian (@elasticback) on
Date:  4.16.15
Caption:  Miami has some chill spots. Skated this one yesterday. Filmed by: @grafluxe
Geo-tag:  Virginia Key
Additional Comment: This place was really sick. DIY spots made in an abandoned waterfront arena. I think it is a wrap now though.  

Date:  4.16.15
Caption:  Taking notes on how to pack for my next flight...
Geo-tag:  Miami International Airport – MIA 

Date:  4.16.15
Caption:  More notes on how to pack for my next flight...
Geo-tag:  American Airlines Flight 1640
Additional Comment:  She had this on her lap the whole Jesus got me here safe, guys!

Date:  4.18.15
Caption:  Shoutout to the beaches in the Cuba.
Geo-tag:  Havana
Additional Comment: For real though.

Date:  4.21.15
Caption:  Cruising was way chill today.

Date:  4.24.15
Caption:  Too tired to sleep. Good morning, Chinatown.
Additional Comment:  Sitting on my roof at 6:30am after a long night at work.

Date:  5.1.15
Caption:  I’m a Transformer!
Additional Comment:  I do not know this dog, it was just walking by and was super psyched on life, despite its misfortune.

Date:  5.3.15
Caption:  Mellow Sunday
User-tag: @lewiscruise @yoshitanenbaum
Additional Comment:  @callmeturtleboy : Ice cream sunday

Date:  5.6.15
Caption:  The world is tripping on 'cid...
Additional Comment:  I was on the rooftop of a production office I was working for during the magic hour and it looked like the Hudson River was flowing inside of it.

A video posted by Eby Ghafarian (@elasticback) on
Date:  5.10.15
Caption:  Some clips from the @havefunza vid via @mikeheikkila

Date:  5.12.15
Caption:  When you can convince the crew to strap the DP to a magliner...
Geo-tag:  Hudson River Bike Path
Additional Comment:  Shouts to Clement for giving me the heads up about an irate biker snitching on us to the fuzz. We were in the bike path but there was plenty of room to go around and hardly any bike traffic.

Date:  5.13.15
Caption:  Your lines are going different ways, Emilie.
Tags:  #powerclashing
Additional Comment:  I know about fashion.

Date:  5.17.15
Caption:  Haven't beat the sun home since Tuesday...but the hood looks chill in this lighting.
Geo-tag:  Chinatown (Manhattan)
Additional Comment:  Bar life…

Date:  5.18.15
Caption:  Sup Chi-town?
Geo-tag:  Logan Square Monument
User-tag: @brett_weinstein
Additional Comment:  Second time to Chicago, first time I got to skate it.

A video posted by Eby Ghafarian (@elasticback) on
Date:  5.20.15
Caption:  Got some clips in the new Deep Dish 2 video, by @mdfilms. Worth getting this video, trust. I think @theoriesofatlantis will have them.
Additional Comment:

Date:  5.20.15
Caption:  My friends in Chicago said the two things I should do were to take a selfie on the bean and ask people where the Sears Tower is (apparently they love that). Onto step 2...              
Geo-tag:  Millennium Park
User-tag: @heyemilieschwenk
Additional Comment:  Emilie got into town and met up with me in the loop before heading to Gurney.

A video posted by Eby Ghafarian (@elasticback) on
Date:  5.20.15
Caption:  @heyemilieschwenk going anti-gravity.
Geo-tag:  Jump America Indoor Trampoline Park
Additional Comment:  We went here with Emilie’s sister and friend and were the only ones in the whole place. It was one dude’s job to follow us around to each section and watch us, you can see him in the back, haha.

Date:  5.22.15
Caption:  Went to the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee this morning. This bike is serial number 1 from 1903. Pretty chill.
Geo-tag:  Harley-Davidson Museum
Additional Comment:  I really wish we had more time there, but I had to fly back that day and still had to make it back down to Chicago to catch my flight.

Date:  5.23.15
Caption:  RI greeting party. Sup, Tony?
Geo-tag:  Narragansett Beach
Additional Comment:  Got back into NYC and the next morning rode my motorcycle up to Rhode Island for the annual trip with the homies at the Porta residence. When I arrived, everyone was gone but Tony.

Date:  5.23.15
Caption:  Narragansett is chill.
Geo-tag:  Narragansett Beach, Rhode Island
User-tag: @stephenmmarino
Additional Comment:  Steve rode his bike up too and there are no helmet laws in RI, so we took advantage and cruised around without them.

A video posted by Eby Ghafarian (@elasticback) on
Date:  5.24.15
Caption:  @aporta ripping the @omfskatepark in addition to hosting us in Narragansett.
Tags:  #tony
Geo-tag:  OMF Skate Park
Additional Comment:  #allenfornicateswithundesirables

Date:  5.25.15
Caption:  Providence is chill. Photo by @sirhandle
Geo-tag:  Providence, Rhode Island
User-tag: @themanwhofilms @elasticback
Additional Comment:  Providence was about an hour drive from Narragansett so I decided to make the drive and skate around with Thom and Nick.

Date:  5.26.15
Caption:  Back in Chinatown…
Additional Comment:  After being out of town for a while in the last month, finally back. Was also stoked that my bike made the 450 mile round-trip to RI without any troubles, since the last trip didn’t work out as great haha.

Date:  6.4.15
Caption:  Wheels to wails.
Geo-tag:  Sing Sing Ave.A
User-tag: @horacewendell @morishitayuuki @_s_h_o_k_o_i_s_h_i_d_a_
Additional Comment:  @mandibleclaw : @horacewendell looks like the people who watch the vhs tape in the ring … You have seven days

Date:  6.6.15
Caption:  Oh Darn Darn.
User-tag: @_darnellscott_
Additional Comment:  I like skating with Darnell.

Date:  6.8.15
Caption:  Shoutout to @thefatjewish
Geo-tag:  Southampton Village Historic District
User-tag: @thefatjewish
Additional Comment: Working on a Fresh Direct commercial in the Hamptons.

Date:  6.12.15
Caption:  Favorite co-worker today
Geo-tag:  Bronx, New York
Additional Comment:  Mad puppies on set for a commercial we were working on. Way better than actors…

Date:  6.14.15
Caption:  Someone bought a motorcycle today... '91 Sportster 1200cc.
Tags:  #harleysarechill #hdofnyc
Geo-tag:  Montclair, New Jersey
User-tag: @heyemilieschwenk
Additional Comment:  We found a really good deal on this bike and scooped it up. It’s a beauty.

Date:  6.16.15
Caption:  Bier maiden.
Geo-tag:  Biergarten at The Standard, High Line
User-tag: @heyemilieschwenk

Date:  6.17.15
Caption:  His and hers.
Geo-tag:  Manhattan Bridge
Additional Comment:  Got Emilie’s bike registered and tagged and ready for the streets. Just needed to get her a license…

Date:  6.20.15
Caption:  Get in the van! Got to skate barriers with Deerman of Dark Woods yesterday. @oldgingerbastard told me to cover his face with my thumb haha.
Geo-tag:  Queens, New York
User-tag: @dmitrybrylev @_darnellscott @barrierkult
Additional Comment:  Was so hyped for this. Wanted to skate a barrier with Deerman since the first Barrier Kult video came out in ’06 or whenever.

A video posted by Eby Ghafarian (@elasticback) on
Date:  6.22.15
Caption:  Late start skating on Go Skate Day, got caught in the downpour in BK, but ended up at the House of Vans and got a trick. Filmed by Jon Hill. Check @walls1 for the other angle.
Geo-tag:  House of Vans
Additional Comment:  I was battling this for a couple hours and Frank even held off on closing up until I landed…glad it happened.

Date:  6.22.15
Caption:  Step 1 - buy a motorcycle; Step 2 - learn how to ride it; Step 3 - ...; Step 4 - profits.
Geo-tag:  Greenpoint, Brooklyn
User-tag: @heyemilieschwenk
Additional Comment:  This was Emilie’s first time driving a motorcycle and she was doing really well, despite not wearing pants and burning herself.

Date:  6.29.15
Caption:  Reposting this from @jeremysco from our midtown sesh yesterday. That security guard in the back was super bummed that I was riding 2 ft over his property line for my roll-up.

Date:  6.29.15
Caption:  When my female friends talk about Dan Carreiro's butt all the time...
Tags:  #thekimkardashianofskateboarding
User-tag: @nitrohydro

Additional Comment:  When Dan cemented his place in skateboarding.

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