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2013 Instagram Year In Review: October - December

Here is the fourth and final (October through December 2013) installment of my Instagram Year In Review. All of these images were posted on my @elasticback account.

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Date: 10.1.13
Caption: Why you in your clothes in the fountain tho??
Geo-tag: Washington Square Park
Additional Comment: This dude was basically a zombie the way he walked up to the fountain and just sat in it…

Date: 10.2.13
Tags: #outofofficeautoreply
Geo-tag: Jacob Riis Park
Additional Comment: A random nice day so venture out to the beach to take advantage of possibly the last opportunity of the season.

Date: 10.5.13
Caption: Skating the new ramp at the old Rockaway Skatepark.
Geo-tag: Rockaway Skatepark
Additional Comment: Ended up checking out the new mini at the old Rockaway Skatepark with Rick and EJ.

Date: 10.5.13
Caption: Rip and dip...benefit of skating by the ocean. Photo: @nyskateboarding
Geo-tag: Rockaway Beach – 90th Street
Additional Comment: The water was a bit cold but Rick, EJ, and I worked up a sweat skating the park that we decided to strip down to our underwear and go for a swim regardless.

Date: 10.6.13
Caption: @_admin - cleat flip.
Geo-tag: Soccer Field @ Midland Beach
Additional Comment: Jeremie and James and crew would meet up to play soccer on Sundays before our sessions. The field is in the same park as the Staten Island skatepark.

Date: 10.6.13
Caption: Anyone know what the epic fireworks show in the lower east river was for?
Geo-tag: NY Waterway Ferry Terminal Wall Street / Pier 11
Additional Comment: Random firework show on the East River Mark and I caught once we got back in the city from the Staten Island mission.

Date: 10.9.13
Caption: @laborskateshop accommodates #hippies. @chrisherity @tom_mikos
Geo-tag: Labor Skate Shop
Additional Comment: Typical session in front of Labor with these guys.

Date: 10.12.13
Caption: Got a makeover tonight. @hoppsskateboarding @laborskateshop
Additional Comment: Put this sick Hopps graphic to proper use.

Date: 10.16.13
Caption: The bar on the diner side of Odessa is officially open for business. Come get some drinks!
Geo-tag: Odessa

Date: 10.16.13
Caption: First time using a sewing machine and made this today! Shouts to @heyemilieschwenk for the help and use of her sewing machine.
Additional Comment: Made this bear costume from scratch.

Date: 10.19.13
Caption: If you've got a costume and are trying to skate today, holler at me.
Additional Comment: Started filming for the annual Halloween clip.

Date: 10.19.13
Caption: New York looks at New Jersey.
Geo-tag: Riverbank State Park
Additional Comment: Tried skating River for the first time in a while. The view is pretty chill there.

Date: 10.20.13
Caption: Photo by @chriszack
Tags: #uphere
Additional Comment: Climbed up here to get a picture of Brett skating this spot from above.

Date: 10.24.13
Caption: I see you doing slappies and no complies, @jacquesturner...
Additional Comment: Was apt/cat sitting at Dan’s spot on Allen Street and heard someone skating on the Orchard Street side and it was Jack. So I snapped this creeper angle.

Date: 10.24.13
Additional Comment: I cat-sit for this dude so much and I love it. <3

Date: 10.24.13
Caption: @jon_brown - nollie shifty.
Tags: #skatetrash
Geo-tag: Scholes Basketball Court
Additional Comment: This new skate set-up appeared on Scholes and Manhattan (Bushwick) and some pretty chill sessions went down.

Date: 10.27.13
Tags: #slappysundays #halloweenedition
Geo-tag: Astor Place
Additional Comment: Skated in my Bear costume for the Halloween Slappy Sundays jam.

Date: 10.29.13
Caption: Made a #jackolantern. It's supposed to be #frankenstein....
Additional Comment: This one didn’t come out that great…there is always next year.

Date: 10.30.13
Caption: Come holler at me at Odessa tonight. Photo: @jahbrimhall
Geo-tag: Odessa
Additional Comment: Decorated the bar and dressed in costume the whole week leading up to Halloween.

Date: 10.31.13
Caption: Wolfman - switch backtail while filming for this year's Halloween clip. Click the link to my blog in my profile to watch it.
Tags: #halloween #wolfman #nyc #les #costumes
Geo-tag: Coleman Field
Additional Comment: Put out the 6th annual Halloween skate clip on Halloween.

Date: 11.1.13
Caption: #diadelosmuertos face painting courtesy of @mermaidsugarskull. She killed it. Come see me at Odessa tonight for cheap tequila, margaritas, and corona.
Geo-tag: Odessa
Additional Comment: Shaved for Movember right before having my face painted too.

Date: 11.4.13
Caption: The Canucks are out here working hard. @combzone @paulliliani @colormagazine
Geo-tag: Continental Army Plaza
Additional Comment: Jeff Comber and Paul Liliani came to town and stayed with me while trying to shoot photos for an interview Paul is going to have in Color. There was this random ramp at the monument spot in Williamsburg that I guess Daniel Kim and Jordan Trahan dropped off.

Date: 11.4.13
Caption: Slung "hung."
Additional Comment: @nicdurfee: Oh yeah. Among all the shoes, belle pointed straight at that and said, "what is dat, mom?" My reply? "A toy chicken." Uh...
@elasticback: @nicdurfee and by hanging it, someone choked the chicken... #dropsmic

Date: 11.6.13
Caption: Views tho.
Additional Comment: Another rooftop I was gardening on. This building was on Broadway and Chambers.

Date: 11.10.13
Caption: Waiting on #static4, @mystaticlife. Sup?
Additional Comment: I think this was some store’s window display I walked by at night.

Date: 11.10.13
Caption: @molly_xantana - autumnal back 180.
Additional Comment: Some random, crusty Staten Island spot that wasn’t as fun as it looked.

Date: 11.10.13
Caption: @leothelipski

Date: 11.10.13
Caption: Pretty chill. Summons crew: @ocramhernandez @leothelipski @limearitaville @_admin @lucasknight_ +Dima
Additional Comment: Got tickets barging this closed pool spot in Staten Island.

Date: 11.11.13
Tags: #movember #myspace #selfie

Date: 11.17.13
Caption: Chillin' poolside. @leothelipski
Tags: #hihaters #poughkeepsie #DUCE #COPE #EVAK
Additional Comment: Abandoned asylum in Poughkeepsie, NY, with Leo. Came across this pool that we somehow missed on previous trips here.

Date: 11.17.13
Caption: If you are a cop, this isn't me.

Date: 11.18.13
Caption: Came up. $21.
Geo-tag: Salvation Army Thrift Store
Additional Comment: Spent the day exploring Poughkeepsie solo. Mostly went to thrift stores and some rad food spots I found with vegan options.

Date: 11.18.13
Caption: @caterinamandarina !!!
Additional Comment: Cat met up with me at the skatepark in Poughkeepsie as the sun was setting and rode her bike around it a bit.

Date: 11.22.13
Caption: Power Rangers: #tajcam, @fourwheels_warner, @leothelipski.
Additional Comment: Concluding a long day working with these fools.

Date: 11.23.13
Tags: #sometypeofway
Additional Comment: Rode up to Poughkeepsie again (2 weeks in a row). This time I went up with Dima and Darnell and linked with Leo and Cat there. This is Dima.

Date: 11.23.13
Caption: These cops were actually chill this time.
Tags: notickets
Additional Comment: Found this pool the previous week so we all went back to skate it and eventually the cops came and busted us. Cat was with us and guilt tripped us out of tickets though…

Date: 11.23.13
Caption: @caterinamandarina
Tags: #munchies
Additional Comment: hahahahahahaha!

Date: 11.25.13
Caption: Photo: @leothelipski

Date: 11.25.13
Caption: Sky vibes.
Geo-tag: Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT)
Additional Comment: Flying to NC to see my family for Thanksgiving.

Date: 11.25.13
Caption: Nephew posse.
Additional Comment: Why are my nephews so hilarious tho?!

Date: 11.27.13
Caption: Yes, I'm totally that dude that saw the cat about to throw up on my mom (who fell asleep on the couch) and set up to take a picture instead of stopping it...
Additional Comment: My mom woke up a little after and was like "why is the front of the couch wet?" and I almost started dying laughing!

Date: 11.27.13
Caption: Spending the day with my nephew, Eman. We came up on this huge flag...
Geo-tag: Krazy Fish

Date: 11.28.13
Caption: The Worm, Jasmine, and Jah are thankful for America and the genocide that helped it become what it is today.
Additional Comment: I gave the kids the flag and told them to run. This looks like something out of a Sears catalog or something.

Date: 11.28.13
Additional Comment: Climbed up in the huge tree in my mom’s front yard and took photos of the family from above. This one of my nephew, The Worm, on the tire swing was one of my favorites.

Date: 11.28.13
Caption: Your boy.
Tags: #treelyfe
Additional Comment: Me in the tree from the previous photo.

Date: 11.29.13
Caption: I can't with this kid! Sent him in to put his jacket on earlier and he came out like this. I was dying.
Tags: #toocute
Additional Comment: He looked so proud when he came out after putting on his own jacket…close, haha.

Date: 11.29.13
Caption: Back disaster with my niece and nephew. Photo: @eggsandjakey
Geo-tag: Albemarle Foundation Spot
Additional Comment: Was going to skate and run some errands on my last day and Eman and Jasmine wanted to hang with me so I took them along.

Date: 12.2.13
Caption: If you are in Staten Island and trying to skate today, holler. Especially if you have a video recording device.
Geo-tag: New York Harbor

Date: 12.2.13
Caption: It's hard out here...
Additional Comment: Although he looks like he is sleeping peacefully, it is an eternal slumber.

Date: 12.2.13
Caption: @leothelipski ollie-ing in front of a photo of Leo ollie-ing shot by @ocramhernandez

Date: 12.4.13
Caption: @leothelipski - ollie up, pivot to fakie.
Additional Comment: Still playing on the playground…

Date: 12.4.13
Caption: I call this piece "rat eats throw up in Soho."
Additional Comment: Typical New York.

Date: 12.5.13
Caption: Leo ollies while I grind. From Monday. Photo by @molly_xantana.
Additional Comment: Timing our tricks was pretty tough without running into each other.

Date: 12.10.13
Caption: Wallie sesh with Connor Kammerer and Ichiro in downtown Brooklyn.
Additional Comment: It was mostly wet everywhere, but we found a dry spot to skate anyway.

Date: 12.12.13
Caption: @azurite_blue
Tags: #tbt
Additional Comment: From when we skated the pool in Poughkeepsie. Darnell was shooting from the lifeguard chair.

Date: 12.12.13
Caption: 26 degrees of amazing skate weather. @shinpei_ueno @shingo_ogura @shinsakuarakawa @tightboothproduction #tbpr
Additional Comment: The TBPR dudes were in town from Japan for the premiere of LENZ II and we ended up skating with them a bunch, despite the freezing temperatures the whole time they were here.

Date: 12.14.13
Caption: The Japanese homies soaking up American culture earlier.
Tags: # cowboysaresoamerican
Additional Comment: Backstory: There was a photo slideshow of this gay couple's travels and stuff going on for mad long above the spot for a wedding/anniversary/engagement party they were having in the hotel above us.

Date: 12.14.13
Caption: VX down. :(
Additional Comment: Colin’s camera broke while trying to film Shinpei.

Date: 12.14.13
Caption: Haha.
Tags: #santacon
Geo-tag: Mugs Ale House
Additional Comment: SantaCon is an excuse from all the Bridge and Tunnel “bros” to invade the city, dressed as Santa, getting wasted and fighting.

Date: 12.14.13
Caption: It's like selling ice to an Eskimo...
Geo-tag: Lula’s Sweet Apothecary
Additional Comment: The cold and snow have no effect on me eating ice cream.

Date: 12.15.13
Caption: Trekking earlier with @leothelipski @azurite_blue @chuchooh

Date: 12.15.13
Caption: Arts and crafts.
Additional Comment: Leo.

Date: 12.15.13
Caption: A photo @leothelipski took of me stretching...or something.

Date: 12.16.13
Caption: Grown Man Mondays. @_alumni_ - back smith.
Geo-tag: Homage Indoor TF
Additional Comment: With the cold and snow that keeps popping up, there will be a bit of this for a while.

Date: 12.18.13
Caption: Check @mikeheikkila 's Fresh Crops over on @theskateboardmag site. Ignore the typo in my last name.
Tags: #Slime2

Date: 12.19.13
Caption: Ugh...<3 Snuggles in Jerzee tonight.
Additional Comment: This is my cousin’s dog, Coco. She is basically teddy bear.

Date: 12.20.13
Caption: @chuchooh - backside flip.
Geo-tag: Sara Delano Roosevelt Park

Date: 12.20.13
Caption: Perspective mirror.

Date: 12.21.13
Caption: Since @pirosierra is still out of commission, this Pyro is standing in. Warm up gap back 50-50.
Geo-tag: Continental Army Plaza
Additional Comment: I balanced my board on the rail then held this toy up in the foreground to make this perspective shot.

Date: 12.24.13
Caption: @frass_ovrlord - polejams in Brooklyn.
Additional Comment: First time skating with Maurice in a while and, of course, we skated a bunch of polejams.

Date: 12.24.13
Caption: Merry Christmas to my battered muscles and bones.
Additional Comment: Epsom salt baths are my salvation.

Date: 12.25.13
Caption: Christmas morning with Orion!
Tags: #catnipfiend #catbutt
Additional Comment: Opened presents with this guy for Christmas morning.

Date: 12.25.13
Caption: Shoulda done a ho-ho. There's a pun in here somewhere? Happy wall-idays? Sorry. Photo by @cornphoto
Additional Comment: Early morning, freezing Christmas session at the LES skatepark. I was wearing a Christmas sweater and had my Santa hat and beard with me. The beard was hard to skate with because it kept blocking my view.

Date: 12.25.13
Caption: These two hold 6th Ave down.
Additional Comment: These guys are always here.

Date: 12.25.13
Caption: Spent the evening in Jersey with Coco and fam.

Date: 12.30.13
Caption: @tarela and @carlosjphoto hiding from the cold wind while I battled a trick.
Tags: #snifflesessions

Date: 12.30.13
Caption: Posse'd up today with @tarela, @themanwhofilms, and @carlosjphoto.
Tags: #snifflesessions
Additional Comment: The last skate mission of the year.

Date: 12.31.13
Caption: Birds and bats.
Additional Comment: Tested the weight allowance on the bar hanging from the ceiling at Emilie’s place. It’s sturdy…

Happy New Year!!! There is sure more fun to come this year. Follow me on Instagram for real-time updates. @elasticback or @naysayerskate.

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