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2013 Instagram Year In Review: April - June

In continuation of a Year In Review based on the Instagram posts from my @elasticback account, here is the second installment from April through June of 2013.

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Date: 4.6.13
Caption: Creepin' on dogs from the basement.
Tags: #stbernard
Additional Comment: When a huge St. Bernard was temporarily staying with me. Hurricane Sandy refuge.

Date: 4.11.13
Caption: Chilling with Kitty in Bushwick this week.
Additional Comment: Cat sitting for my friend Ralph. This is Kitty…he is kinda vicious.

Date: 4.11.13

Date: 4.13.13
Caption: Do your thing sun. I expect the ground to be dry by the time I come back over the bridge in a few hours.
Geo-tag: Williamsburg Bridge
Additional Comment: While skating over the bridge to Bushwick from a long night out as the run rises. This is while I was staying there for the week to cat sit.

Date: 4.14.13
Caption: Cross-dimensional intermingling.
Additional Comment: Lurked in this cemetery a few times this year. It’s so peaceful.

Date: 4.14.13
Additional Comment: Josephine’s cat Bully before his disappearance. He was rad, though sometimes mean (hence the name).

Date: 4.15.13
Caption: He's a king. Respect.
Additional Comment: This is starting to get very cat heavy, haha.

Date: 4.16.13
Tags: #confidence #thatshomedepotbelow
Geo-tag: Complex Media
Additional Comment: Took this after hours in the Complex Magazine offices while I was writing for Green Label.

Date: 4.17.13
Caption: Epic shot from the #Demassek show the other day that I forgot to post. @kennyrigged @azmystic
Tags: #nofilter

Date: 4.20.13
Caption: 1 - @tarela busts
2 - Me, via @leothelipski.
3 - @leothelipski is feeling it
Tags: #recordstoreday
Geo-tag: Bleecker Street Records
Additional Comment: Went to the record store with Tarela and Leo for Record Store Day and had fun with some covers. I ended up buying Gil Scott-Heron’s “I’m New Here.”

Date: 4.21.13
Caption: Today was so chill...
Additional Comment: Exploring an abandoned Asylum in Staten Island with Josephine.

Date: 4.22.13
Caption: Specter.
Additional Comment: Josephine through some broken glass at the asylum the day before.

Date: 4.23.13
Caption: I see you peeking, Empire State.
Tags: #NewYorker
Additional Comment: A glance down 34th Street from a rooftop I was doing some gardening on.

Date: 4.27.13
Caption: @dylanjg
Additional Comment: Reflective shot of Dylan James along that shiny metal circle sculpture on Water Street.

Date: 4.27.13
Caption: Photo via @azmystic
Additional Comment: If you ever have trouble finding me, look up. This was at Kendal’s birthday party at her place.

Date: 4.28.13
Caption: Mark, Mr. Catt, & @izzykross. Apparently Mark makes movies and has a Russian submarine that he is putting pretty American girls in and shipping back to Russia. Mr. Catt will be in the movies. Izzy is unimpressed.

Date: 4.29.13
Caption: Stoner #slug is stoned.
Tags: #potatobong #wakeandbake
Additional Comment: There were lots of puns in the comments, but I’ll let you use your imagination.

Date: 4.30.13
Caption: DIY sauna.
Additional Comment: No nude selfies yet, so here you go.

Date: 5.1.13
Caption: Beauty.
Additional Comment: Josephine’s cat Hanna on the back deck during construction.

Date: 5.2.13
Caption: Morning workout with @sweetwaste
Geo-tag: Coleman Playground Skatepark

Date: 5.3.13
Caption: @mandibleclaw
Tags: #gargoyling
Additional Comment: Connor Kammerer and Colin Read filming on rooftops for the Tengu video.

Date: 5.3.13
Caption: Guess who's back?! With the cutest souvenir from Indonesia possible!
Additional Comment: Skating to work and ran into Nadine who had just gotten back from traveling the world for mad long. This is her new baby Roi. He isn’t so small now.

Date: 5.4.13
Caption: @dijicam
Geo-tag: Le Bain
Additional Comment: Hanging/dancing with Mimi at Le Bain. Roy Ayers played there that night.

Date: 5.4.13
Caption: I gotchu, NYC.
Additional Comment: On a rooftop skating mission somewhere.

Date: 5.4.13
Tags: #derp
Additional Comment: At some art show/party Jude was DJing at the Greenpoint Gallery.

Date: 5.5.13
Caption: Spent the evening with the French family. @laettie
Additional Comment: Laetitia’s family came into town from France, also she had just bought a Polaroid camera and film from The Impossible Project.

Date: 5.7.13
Caption: Never posted this from the other day but love it. That squirrel was carrying that Gatorade bottle around in its mouth. @josophat
Geo-tag: Washington Square Park

Date: 5.7.13
Caption: Photo by @pranamaste
Geo-tag: Champs
Additional Comment: Ran into Heather at Champs while having lunch with Andy and Marco and she took this of me.

Date: 5.8.13
Caption: Bully is missing. If any of you see him around the East Village/LES, holler. Putting a bunch of these up...
Additional Comment: Flyers I made and put up around the neighborhood when Bully sent missing. He has yet to be found. Hopefully he is somewhere safe.

Date: 5.8.13
Caption: Turtle getting a sliver of sun in while she can. Aaaaand, it's gone.
Additional Comment: Kendal’s cat Turtle early one morning.

Date: 5.9.13
Caption: Batman POV.
Additional Comment: Central Park from the rooftop I was gardening on around 58th Street and 5th Avenue.

Date: 5.9.13
Caption: #bboy practice today. @grafluxe @april_joy_
Geo-tag: Triskelion Arts
Additional Comment: Got a little weird with our practice photo this time, using April’s friend from yoga who came to check us out.

Date: 5.13.13
Caption: Shouts 2 all u alley cats...u so flea.
Additional Comment: Somewhere in Greenpoint.

Date: 5.13.13
Caption: I can't...
PS - this is Lola. I love her.
Geo-tag: Washington Square Park
Additional Comment: This pup being walked through the park honed in on my skateboard and wanted to see what it was about.

Date: 5.17.13
Caption: 1 – Mark & @grafluxe put their necks out for me during #bboy practice last night.
2 – Searching for the balancing point while countering each other's weight. Mark & I at #bboy practice last night.
Geo-tag: Triskelion Arts

Date: 5.17.13
Caption: Up here.
Additional Comment: On a Red Hook rooftop while Allen (on top of highest roof) was shooting photos of me. We got trespassing tickets, but they got dismissed.

Date: 5.18.13
Caption: @mfvins666 is over this party...
Additional Comment: Rooftop party in Williamsburg with the French homies who were in town.

Date: 5.18.13
Caption: @parkdelibk
Tags: #POV #nofilter
Geo-tag: Park Delicatessen
Additional Comment: Took this picture of Marcel while spinning him around.

Date: 5.20.13
Caption: There may or may not be a new #BobbyPuleo part online. Text me if you want it, but I'm only choosing 5 of you to send it to. I'll make my selections in an hour. I'm sure it will seep its way out soon for the rest of you.
Additional Comment: When Bobby entrusted me with leaking his new part…

Date: 5.21.13
Caption: Just rescuing baby starlings in Soho...
Additional Comment: Ended up taking this guy up to The Wild Bird Fund on the Upper Westside.

Date: 5.24.13
Caption: Running a train on these freezes in #bboy practice with @grafluxe & Mark.
Geo-tag: Triskelion Arts

Date: 5.25.13; 5.26.13
Caption: 1 – #loser #spinagain
2 – #bunnies everywhere!
3 – Life's a beach.
4 – #Zapatista Photo by @rickysprinkles
5 – @rickysprinkles #firedancing
6 – Get at me! #usa #american Photo by @jeremysco
Geo-tag: Scarborough State Beach; Narraganset , Rhode Island
Additional Comment: Took our annual Memorial Day Weekend trip out to Rhode Island for a few day. Trip included Porta, Kyle, Jeremy, Mark, Chris Morgan, Ricky, Luke, Lacie, Tony, and a few others.

Date: 5.27.13
Caption: @josophat
Tags: #tfreport
Geo-tag: Tompkins Square Park
Additional Comment: Josephine came out to Tompkins to skate and went in.

Date: 5.29.13
Caption: Hazy days...
Additional Comment: Ferry Terminal.

Date: 5.29.13
Tags: #skatestopped #bigbootyhoe #itaintmybirthdaydoe #crocs
Additional Comment: Trying to skate this kinda gnar spot and this lady sat practically in my landing.

Date: 5.31.13
Caption: New office pet?
Tags: #fierce
Geo-tag: Lucky Cheng’s
Additional Comment: While working for Lucky Cheng’s the chef randomly brought a lobster into the office and JJ wanted to pose with it.

Date: 5.31.13
Caption: Hot out so Monty opts for the arctic chill...
Additional Comment: josophat: "Seriously. Seriously. Serious under garment contemplation taking place rinow."

Date: 5.31.13
Caption: #bboy practice yesterday was...exhausting. @grafluxe @april_joy_
Geo-tag: Triskelion Arts
Additional Comment: Some days we were just not on…

Date: 6.1.13
Tags: #helikesturtles
Geo-tag: P.S. 22
Additional Comment: At some skate set up Park Deli put together for some neighborhood event in Prospect/Crown Heights.

Date: 6.3.13
Caption: “Overcome space, and all we have left is Here. Overcome time, and all we have left is Now.” - Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull.
Additional Comment: When there was some confusion about the seagull flying above the water in the comments, we concluded that it could also be a cat on a magic carpet.

Date: 6.7.13
Caption: #bboy practice tonight with @grafluxe, @april_joy_, & Mark.
Geo-tag: Triskelion Arts

Date: 6.8.13
Caption: Brian Brown & Lurker Lou. @2ntr @ironclawskates
Tags: #tfreport
Geo-tag: Tompkins Square Park
Additional Comment: Set my 35mm camera on the ground and was taking photos through the view finder with my iPhone.

Date: 6.9.13
Caption: Rockaway bound...see you soon #breakfastcrew @nyskateboarding @chopperdave
Additional Comment: 7am after working all night and not sleeping, on way to meet up with homies to skate the Far Rockaway Park. Still had to wait over an hour for everyone.

Date: 6.9.13
Caption: #puertorico #hoooooo Puerto Rican Day Parade must be today, huh?
Additional Comment: It was.

Date: 6.9.13
Caption: Too beat up for #bboy practice today. @grafluxe had to hold it down. Skating defeated me this time...
Geo-tag: Triskelion Arts
Additional Comment: Fun with mirrors.

Date: 6.10.13
Caption: @dirtydirtkid said I looked like #Blanka from #StreetFighter yesterday...can't disagree.

Date: 6.13.13
Caption: Going to try to turn AIDS into lemonAIDS today. This weather can save it.
Additional Comment: Staten Island Ferry Boat.

Date: 6.14.13
Tags: #coworker #cocodeball
Geo-tag: Lucky Cheng’s
Additional Comment: Working with the funniest drag queens was very entertaining.

Date: 6.15.13
Caption: A couple weeks from her 100th birthday and grandma decided to transition to the next consciousness.
Tags: #RIP

Date: 6.16.13
Caption: @quidenhodden overseeing the madness at #bumrushthespot
Geo-tag: Coleman Playground Skatepark
Additional Comment: The third Bum Rush the Spot in NYC was held at the LES Skatepark at night, lit up with generators.

Date: 6.18.13
Caption: I'm mature.
Geo-tag: Lucky Cheng’s
Additional Comment: Monty and a random twerking Barbie.

Date: 6.19.13
Tags: #bodied
Additional Comment: Filming for my part in Slime 2.

Date: 6.21.13
Caption: Today tho.
Tags: #selfie

Date: 6.22.13
Caption: Rolling with the @luckychengs ladies for the #mermaidparade in Coney Island today.
Geo-tag: Mermaid Parade
Additional Comment: Helped with the Lucky Cheng’s float for the annual Mermaid Parade. It was super hot out, but pretty quick and fun regardless.

Date: 6.24.13
Caption: First shift at Odessa. Come get a drink, fools!
Geo-tag: Odessa

Date: 6.29.13
Caption: I live in Chinatown now...view up Mott St. from the roof.
Additional Comment: Moved back into Manhattan.

Date: 6.30.13
Caption: @akaluke fakie tailsliding at Astor...
Geo-tag: Astor Place
Additional Comment: Slappy Sundays at Astor Place.

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