Tuesday, December 23, 2014

2014 Instagram Year In Review: January - March

Here is my third annual Year In Review, based on the Instagram posts from my @elasticback account. Again, this will be quarterly, though not necessarily too brief. Here is the first installment from January through March of 2013.

Date:  1.1.14
Caption: That dot in the middle...that's me with my wings spread.
Tags:  #polarbearplunge
Geo-tag:  Coney Island Polar Bear Club (cipbc Since 1903)
Additional Comment: Started the New Year with a plunge in the cold Atlantic with Emilie.

Date:  1.3.14
Caption: Rock launch to tree bash. Photo: @azurite_blue
Geo-tag:  Chess and Checkers House, Central Park
Additional Comment: Took advantage of the snow and went snowboarding in Central Park with some friends. Darnell took this photo.

Date:  1.3.14
Additional Comment: It snowed so much last winter. I closed the bar a little early this night and wandered around in the snow.

Date:  1.3.14
Caption: 330 in the morning and @elasticback is throwing snowballs at my window in this brick ass cold weather. - @azurite_blue
Tags:  #Winter2014
Additional Comment: I ended up at Darnell’s apartment, throwing snowballs up at his window…they hardly made it. This is from his IG.

Date:  1.3.14
Caption: Throwing snowballs at @azurite_blue from my roof…
Additional Comment: Darnell came over to my place the next day and I threw snowballs down at him from my roof.

Date:  1.4.14
Caption: Got to hang with this babe today. She's almost drinking age too! 21 next month...
Tags:  #kocik
Additional Comment: Unfortunately this was one of the last times (if not the last time itself) that I got to hang with this beautiful soul.  

Date:  1.4.14
Caption:  My hood.

Date:  1.8.14
Caption: Shouts to @theskateboardmag for the #instacrops. @azurite_blue and I went out last night mostly to shoot another photo but after getting that one decided to shoot this too.
Additional Comment: It was like 6 degrees out when we shot this.

Date:  1.18.14
Caption: This kid was stoked watching me skate a spot right outside his building earlier.
Tags:  #futureskater

Date:  1.18.14
Caption:  We run tings, tings no run we. Big things ahead. Stay tuned. @jeremysco
Tags:  #halfselfie
Additional Comment: This was when we started filming the Kickstarter video for Stoops.

Date:  1.19.14
Caption: Huckin' honnas... photo: @ocramhernandez
Additional Comment: Playing in the sand piles, placed to reconstruct the beaches in Staten Island.

Date:  1.22.14
Caption:  So cold, he croaked...
Additional Comment: Most novelty shops in Chinatown have these guys swimming in water…the water was turned to snow in the cold…or something.

Date:  1.22.14
Caption: #(pigeon emoji)
Additional Comment: perched on my loft bed.

Date:  1.23.14
Caption: Drawing #memes on the sign today.
Tags:  #youmad #camron #dipset #bieberormiley #justinbieber #mileycyrus
Geo-tag: Odessa Restaurant

Date:  1.25.14
Caption: Repost from @gothamr who happened by as we were filming for the rooftop section of Tengu, and snapped this shot of me in Red Hook.

Date:  1.27.14
Caption: Caught slippin' last night.
Tags:  #itschill #beyallday
Additional Comment: This girl was into the fact that I was watching Beyonce videos on the train and a mutual friend tagged me in the photo, haha.

Date:  1.28.14
Caption: Plumbing
User Tags: @heyemilieschwenk
Geo-tag:  The Hoodie Shop
Additional Comment: When Emilie worked at The Hoodie Shop, she literally did everything.

Date:  1.30.14
Caption: Spittin' #alpaca.
Tags:  #drawingwhennobodyisatthebar
Geo-tag: Odessa Restaurant

Date:  1.31.14
Caption: My street post daytime #ChineseNewYears festivities. I see you @supa718n

Date:  2.1.14
Caption: Happy #YearOfTheWhores, ya'll!
Tags: #yearofthehorse #chinesenewyear

Date:  2.2.14
Tags:  #bboys #flares #chinesenewyear #mottstreet #chinatown #breakdancing
Additional Comment: I have a great view of the Chinese New Year Parade from my roof.

Date:  2.3.14
Caption: No.
Additional Comment: Just when the snow dries, it snows again. Don’t let it’s beauty fool you.

Date:  2.6.14
Caption:  The struggle.

Date:  2.7.14
Caption: @mark_appleyard was doing kickflip fakies right in my face...literally head high in the @kcdc_skateshop miniramp.
Additional Comment: KCDC had a miniramp set up in a warehouse in the LES. It was nice to happen by on a day that Appleyard did…

Date:  2.10.14

Date:  2.12.14
Caption: Late night (early morning?) editing...
Additional Comment: Still working on Kickstarter video.

Date:  2.12.14
Tags: #yourewelcome
Geo-tag: House of Vans
Additional Comment: I was doing a trick in the bowl and my hand touched the coping as my friend was going to do a trick right behind me. He ended up running over my finger.

Date:  2.13.14
Caption: Nahhh…
Geo-tag: Continental Army Plaza
Additional Comment: Melting snow = flooded streets.

Date:  2.13.14
Caption: Every crosswalk in NYC right now...good thing I was wearing canvas sneakers today.
Tags: #feetsoaked

Date:  2.14.14
Caption: Ayy, I got a valentine! Some cross-stitching with the immortal words of Juvenile! #myfavoritesong Thanks @heyemilieschwenk!

Date:  2.14.14
Caption: Painted this from a photo I took in the late summer/early fall.
Tags: #RiisBeach
User Tags: @heyemilieschwenk

Date:  2.15.14
Caption: Had to dig out a #citibike to bike home from downtown BK. Took a spinning class on the middle of the bridge when I lost all traction and was going nowhere. Pretty chill.

Date:  2.16.14
Caption: @jeremysco about to attempt to unbury his car from the ice with a plastic shovel. Spoiler alert: didn't work.

Date:  2.18.14
Caption: Breakfast in bed earlier courtesy of @heyemilieschwenk! Vegan, gluten-free, yum, and typographic....
Additional Comment: I turned 30…kinda.

Date:  2.18.14
Tags:  #birthdaysuit #selfie #thisiswhereyouunfollowme #americanfor30years #maybeiwillmakeupforthislater #sorry #jk #sorrynotsorry
Additional Comment: Almost as many comments at likes, haha.

Date:  2.18.14
Caption: Family dinner.
Tags:  #peacefoodcafe
Geo-tag: Peace food
User Tags: @nyskateboarding, @tarela, @azurite_blue, @jeremysco, @azmystic, @heyemilieschwenk, @akmos, @dirtyrottenwolf, @aliyahmm
Additional Comment: I don’t really ever do anything special for my birthday besides skate. Made an exception this time.

Date:  2.19.14
Tags: #piesandthighs

Date:  2.19.14
Tags:  #penguin #batman #batmanreturns

Date: 2.21.14
Caption: Hey friends...so I need to ask you a favor. ;) Link in my profile. This project is super important to me and I have been working toward it for 2 1/2 years. @stoopsmag
Additional Comment: When I launched the first Stoops Kickstarter.

Date:  2.15.14
Caption: The loveliest kitten I ever met moved on to another dimension today. 21 years young, Kocik was pure love. Bon voyage, noon. See you again, somewhere. xoxo.
Additional Comment: Still think about her all the time.

Date: 3.2.14
Caption: Yo, who ever reported my photo from earlier, please unfollow me now.
Additional Comment: This topless lady came to Tompkins to get some photos for some sort of Free The Nipple thing with me and Andy skating alongside her. I posted a photo of this and IG kept taking it down (tried to repost 3 times).

Date: 3.4.14
Caption: Someone was taking selfies on my phone this morning...

Date: 3.5.14
Caption: Birthday parkour didn't end so well for @heyemilieschwenk :(
Geo-tag: Chelsea Piers Field House
Additional Comment: She wanted to take a parkour class on her birthday but pretty much immediately ran up the wall wrong and ended up on crutches for a while after.

Date: 3.6.14
Caption: The sun today....
Tags: #hudsonriver
Geo-tag: 155th St and Riverside Drive
Additional Comment: The sky was amazing this day.

Date: 3.9.14
Caption: Leo photosynthesizing...
Geo-tag: American Academy of Arts and Letters
User Tags: @leothelipski
Additional Comment: Spring time means guarding art at the Academy.

Date: 3.11.14
Caption: This morning in Bushwick.
Tags: #thattypeofday #chillin
Additional Comment: One of the first days the weather was bearable again.

Date: 3.14.14
Caption: Exploring the catacombs...
Geo-tag: American Academy of Arts and Letters
Additional Comment: The building are old and there are plenty of old, creepy, dark places to explore.

Date: 3.14.14
Caption: Found out how to get on the roof of the gallery.
Geo-tag: American Academy of Arts and Letters

Date: 3.15.14
Tags: #RIP #pigeon
Geo-tag: American Academy of Arts and Letters
Additional Comment: There is a glass link between two of the buildings that birds always fly into and break their necks. Even this huge pigeon didn’t survive the impact.

Date: 3.15.14
Caption: I stay glassy. (sunglasses emoji) Photo: @fourwheels_warner
Additional Comment: With so many skateboarders working at the Academy, there were many after work sessions.

Date: 3.16.14
Caption: @mayraalejandragomez stopped by. Was abducted.
Geo-tag: American Academy of Arts and Letters

Date: 3.16.14
Tags: #ghostselfies
User Tags: @l0wkeyj0j0, @leothelipski, @caterinamandarina, @roi_the_vicious
Additional Comment: How many people does it take to take Roi for a walk when Nadine can’t? Four was hardly enough…

Date: 3.17.14
Caption: Emilie making noodz.
User Tags: @heyemilieschwenk
Additional Comment: Emilie made a bunch of embroidery pieces to sell at the Stoops fundraiser show and most of them sold!

Date: 3.18.14
Caption: @stoopsmag
Tags: #stoops #birthdaysuits #noneofourbirthdays #thoughtwewouldnt #butwedid #comeseeus #hotelchantelle #thursday #8pm #to #11pm #les #nyc #fun #freebeer
User Tags: @heyemilieschwenk, @fernpoppin
Additional Comment: Better than a flyer. The comments were amazing.

Date: 3.19.14
Caption: Tomorrow! You want to be there, trust me. @stoopsmag
Tags: #bringmoney #buyaphoto #buymeaphoto #freebeer
Geo-tag: Hotel Chantelle
Additional Comment: We did have an actual flyer too.

Date: 3.23.14
Caption: Pre-work sesh with the boiz. @tyrannosaurus_frost
Geo-tag: American Academy of Arts and Letters

Date: 3.25.14
Caption: Ghost glass.

Date: 3.27.14
Caption: @azurite_blue has a #FreshCrops on @theskateboardmag site. Check it out. I got a couple photos in there, including this one.

Date: 3.27.14
Caption: Pyramids are so in right now. @callmeturtleboy is so in pyramids right now.
Geo-tag: American Academy of Arts and Letters
Additional Comment: Showed Andy how to get on the roof…

Date: 3.28.14
Caption: #sketchy. Found what looks like a hand-stitched voo-doo doll in the cemetery earlier.
Additional Comment: I spend a lot of time in that cemetery when working at the Academy.

Date: 3.29.14
Tags: #wakeup #hoggingallthecovers #sharesomewithyourbutt #andme

Date: 3.30.14
Caption: Party on! @heyemilieschwenk
Tags: #waynesworld #embroidery
Geo-tag: Odessa Restaurant
Additional Comment: Emilie, being “that girl who embroiders at the bar.”

April through June coming soon. Stay tuned. Follow me on Instagram for real-time updates. @elasticback or @stoopsmag or @naysayerskate.

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