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2013 Instagram Year In Review: January - March

As I did last year, I am going to be doing a Year In Review based on the Instagram posts from my @elasticback account. I am going to do it quarterly, but there are a lot of photos I like, so this won't be too brief. Here is the first installment from January through March of 2013.

Date: 1.1.13
Caption: Why’s your neck strapped tho?
Additional Comment: A couple hours into the new year and this shawty was being strapped in and taken to bookings, all the while yelling at the cops and anyone looking in her direction. Lorimer L/G station, Brooklyn.

Date: 1.12.13
Caption: Laser party in Bushwick!
Additional Comment: What started off as a ramp jam at 561 turned into a full on light show when the lasers came out. I think at least 6 of us had lasers with various colors and effects.

Date: 1.16.13
Tags: #love
Additional Comment: Aww, Kocik. My favorite feline at a beautiful 20 years of age.

Date: 1.18.13
Caption: @tattuten & I.
Geo-tag: Fat Cat Tattoos
Additional Comment: The last time I got tattooed, when Mike Tuten was in town from Florida.

Date: 1.22.13
Tags: #troll #selfie #stoops #oninstagramstraightflexin #notafreshmantho #bathtime

Date: 1.24.13
Caption: #heatdish keeping my (monkey) feet toasty…

Date: 1.25.13
Caption: Snow being pulled behind cars makes the roads look like rivers…pretty sick.
Geo-tag: BQE Skate Spot
Additional Comment: Video of this would have been dope too because of the way it was pulled in wavy ripples.

Date: 1.30.13
Caption: Dinosaurs?
Additional Comment: For real though; these idle lifts were silent sentinels overlooking the motionless sidewalks of Kent St. in Williamsburg.

Date: 1.31.13
Caption: So #meta.
Additional Comment: At a gallery show and my friend needed to charge his phone and unintentionally plugged it into an outlet by this sign (part of one of the pieces in the show).

Date: 2.1.13
Caption: @caterinamandarina goes to Germany for 6 months tomorrow. Stoked for her but my adventure having will suffer a deficiency in the meanwhile. Too bad abandoned asylums and factories don't have wifi to FaceTime her in...

Date: 2.3.13
Caption: @randommountain wrote my name in the snow!
Geo-tag: No Name Bar
Additional Comment: Brett Land just moved back to the city from SF.

Date: 2.4.13
Additional Comment: Sweating in the winter is so nice. Not sure where this was, maybe just in the bath.

Date: 2.9.13
Caption: Trying to win the regular and winter xgames today. Skateboard + snowboard.
Additional Comment: Went snowboarding in Central Park but also had my skateboard to skate House of Vans or something later.

Date: 2.12.13
Caption: 1 - @grafluxe #aerialview of #bboy practice today.
2- Using my head. #bboy practice, another #aerialview.
Geo-tag: Triskelion Arts

Date: 2.13.13
Geo-tag: Mahattan Bridge

Date: 2.13.13
Tags: #bloodorange
Geo-tag: Whole Foods Market

Date: 2.14.13
Caption: Just two strangers dancing...
Geo-tag: Staten Island Ferry – Whitehall Terminal
Additional Comment: He was singing and dancing by himself then she went up and started dancing with him. It went on for like 10-15 minutes.

Date: 2.14.13
Caption: Fast balls, curve balls, and snow balls.

Date: 2.17.13
Caption: Caught slippin’
Additional Comment: At some art show/party in Brooklyn and Ryan Zimmerman had a station set up to take photos of everyone. He kept taking them randomly when people walked by too.

Date: 2.18.13
Caption: Afternoon baths...
Tags: #itsmybirthdayandillsoakifiwantto
Additional Comment: Birthday bath.

Date: 2.19.13
Caption: RIP
Additional Comment: Stuffed animal couldn’t take the pressure of the job anymore.

Date: 2.19.13
Caption: @grafluxe spinning '90s, up close and personal.
Tags: #bboy #1990
Geo-tag: Triskelion Arts

Date: 2.21.13
Caption: @ocramhernandez

Date: 2.22.13
Caption: Egyptian Cat?
Additional Comment: Melting snow can sometimes make interesting shapes.

Date: 2.23.13
Caption: 360s on a biggie.
Geo-tag: House of Vans
Additional Comment: Setting up for the premiere of a surf video at House of Vans. I forget the name of it but it was pretty good.

Date: 2.24.13
Additional Comment: Selfie…on pot. cwutididthere?

Date: 3.1.13
Caption: Orion spending some quality time with his pigeon homie earlier.
Additional Comment: Every day with this guy…

Date: 3.1.13
Caption:@feelz the cat burglar.
Additional Comment: I asked him if he thought he could fit through and he said no problem.

Date: 3.2.13
Caption: Skating with @azurite_blue in the snow tho.
Geo-tag: Sara Delano Roosevelt Park

Date: 3.3.13
Caption: All the clouds in the world are produced under 1st Ave.
Tags: #littleknownfact

Date: 3.4.13
Caption: @broo_ke @busty_ @leothelipski
Geo-tag: South Shore Beaches
Additional Comment: Leo and I were exploring this area of Staten Island and randomly went to this desolate area od the beach and happened to run into James and Brooke.

Date: 3.6.13
Tags: #skateboarding
Additional Comment: Ate it bombing a hill with my phone in my front pocket and I superman’ed it chest first. Luckily the front of my phone was facing my thigh.

Date: 3.8.13
Caption: Photo by @broo_ke
Geo-tag: South Shore Beaches
Additional Comment: Front flip handspring (or whatever you call it) over what's left of that tree.

Date: 3.9.13
Caption: Beat you home, sun...just barely.

Date: 3.9.13
Caption: Cruising Chinatown.

Date: 3.10.13
Caption: Glass ceilings...
Geo-tag: American Academy Of Art And Letters

Date: 3.16.13
Tags: #sleepinglikebernie #naptime #afamilythatnapstogether #youmissedyourstoptho #toopsyched #x3 #m15 #bus
Additional Comment: I’m wrong for this.

Date: 3.17.13
Caption: The white stuff tho.
Geo-tag: Mountain Creek
Additional Comment: First time back on a mountain in years. Left barely able to walk...

Date: 3.19.13
Caption: @laettie
Additional Comment: Laetitia getting ready.

Date: 3.20.13
Caption: Iranian New Year today! Norooz Mobarak to all my Persians. I think @_sweetg_ is the only one following me on here tho, haha.
Tags: #norooz #nowruz #iran #newyear
Geo-tag: House of Vans

Date: 3.22.13
Caption: Here's my version, @jaymelemperle.
Tags: #thinkingoutsideofthebox
Additional Comment: Jayme drew some “thinking outside of the box” pun and I took another spin…

Date: 3.23.13
Caption: Sup
Additional Comment: Orion, up-close and personal.

Date: 3.14.13
Caption: FaceTiming with the fam in Iran!
Tags: #facetime #family #tehran #iran
Additional Comment: Clockwise from top left: grandpa, grandma, aunt, uncle (& grandpa again).

Date: 3.25.13
Caption: Learning how to be an alchemist...or something like that.
Geo-tag: Aurora Bartending Schools
Additional Comment: First bartending class.

Date: 3.25.13
Caption: Perpetual loco-motion.
Geo-tag: MTA SIR – Nassau Station

Date: 3.28.13
Tags: #chameleon #camocat
Additional Comment: Orion looking crazed.

Date: 3.29.13
Caption: #bboy session tonight. @april_joy_, myself, @grafluxe, & Mark.
Geo-tag: Triskelion Arts

Date: 3.29.13
Caption: Me and you baby ain't nothing but mammals...
Additional Comment: Orion and Josephine in front of the AppleTV idle screen.

Date: 3.30.13
Caption: Chillin’
Additional Comment: Orion is weird. He was just chilling in there.

Date: 3.30.13
Caption: Haven't posted a makeshift fisheye photo in a minute, or a nude. So here's both.
Tags: #sus #selfie #sorry #howtolosefollowers #poopingbeforeshower
Additional Comment: “Taken a couple days ago but not posted because of a temporary bout of dignity.”

Date: 3.31.13
Caption: @akmos stacking clips yesterday.
Additional Comment: Skating Long Island City with Andy, Ricks, and George.

Date: 3.31.13
Caption: @elliottsp just got some face decor!
Additional Comment: Went with Elliott to get her lip pierced on St. Marks.

April through June coming soon. Stay tuned. Follow me on Instagram for real-time updates. @elasticback or @naysayerskate.

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