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2013 Instagram Year In Review: July - September

Here is the third (July through September 2013) installment of my Instagram Year In Review. All of these images were posted on my @elasticback account.

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Date: 7.2.13
Caption: Sup #martinlawrence
Geo-tag: Coleman Playground Skatepark
Additional Comment: Darnell pointed out that the dude that sells drinks at the skatepark looks like Martin Lawrence…and he so does!

Date: 7.5.13
Caption: 1 – What day is it tho?
2 – #gargoyling photo: @mdfilms
Additional Comment: These were posted just after midnight but were from the night of July 4th. Some rooftop in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Date: 7.7.13
Additional Comment: Monty and Hannah on the top of the stair set to Josephine’s apartment late one night.

Date: 7.9.13
Tags: #teeth
Additional Comment: Selfie in my dark room only lit with a blacklight.

Date: 7.10.13
Caption: This dude is legit...even with a longboard. His name is Ian aka Afro Samurai.
Geo-tag: Columbus Circle
Additional Comment: I wish all longboarders were like this dude. He was skating around doing all kinds of hilarious balances and “tricks” on his board, plus he had donuts and roses he came up on that he was giving to everyone too.

Date: 7.11.13
Caption: Regram from @mandibleclaw last night at Odessa post premiere. Got a bit crunk but at least Jimmy has his clothes on in this picture haha.
Additional Comment: Didn’t get to make it to the Magenta video premiere at Sunshine, so they call came to visit me at Odessa and have the after-party there.

Date: 7.11.13
Caption: @brett_weinstein
Additional Comment: Brett was visiting from Chicago and stayed with me for a few days.

Caption: Got another...
Tags: # collectthemall
Additional Comment: Got a lot of skate tickets this year. This was for “skating on the sidewalk” in Bed Stuy.

Date: 7.12.13
Caption: Pool party in the rain tho. Photo by @danizig.
Geo-tag: Thompson LES Hotel
Additional Comment: Dani was throwing a party at the Thompson Pool when it started to rain. I went in anyway and was the only one.

Date: 7.13.13
Caption: Jake fleeing the scene of the crime...
Tags: #jkjhnsn
Additional Comment: In short, Jake’s board shot out and hit a lady in the ankle and dudes tried keeping him there until the cops came. Jake humored them for a good hour until I convinced him that we were wasting way too much time and to dip. Once we did, the lady’s husband chased us on foot for a good 5 blocks, with no chance of catching us, obviously.

Date: 7.15.13
Caption: "Said my niggaz don't dance, we just pull up our pants..." @instapizzle @stillweii @natelacoste
Geo-tag: Rockaway Beach, NY
Additional Comment: Hot day with sketchy clouds landed me at the beach with Pizzle, Bill, and Nate.

Date: 7.19.13
Caption: Today tho.
Additional Comment: If there is “a” god, this was her.

Date: 7.21.13
Caption: "There are thugs on skateboards causing a riot over here in Astor Place." (On phone with police, wasting tax money)
Geo-tag: Astor Place
Additional Comment: Was skating this set up after Slappy Sundays at Astor and this dude came up trying to kick us out of this spot that he has nothing to do with (skating construction material in front of a building still being built, which he does not own nor lives in). I skated in circles around him the whole time he was on the phone with the cops, making his dogs go crazy, pulling him in all directions.

Date: 7.25.13
Caption: Dro's last #bboy session before moving back to Miami. :(
Geo-tag: Triskelion Arts
Additional Comment: Dro was the one holding our practices down. Once he left, they have disintegrated.

Date: 7.27.13
Caption: @akmos
Tags: #outhere
Additional Comment: Shot this reflection of Andy while skating around pretty deep in Brooklyn looking for spots. This was at some random junk spot we were scoping.

Caption: The bitter end.
Geo-tag: Max Fish
Additional Comment: The last night of Max Fish. I climbed up on the scaffolding across the street to shoot some photos as they closed and were making everyone leave.

Date: 7.30.13
Caption: @paulgarrr and Freddy going hard last night.
Geo-tag: Max Fish
Additional Comment: I closed down Odessa early to make it to The Fish for the last hour, and while attempting to get in, I snapped Paugar shooting photos, mid-partying.

Date: 8.2.13
Caption: Fran fan... @franzmania
Additional Comment: The swaggiest Indian postal worked was stoked on us skating the Forget Me Not quarterpipe.

Date: 8.4.13
Tags: #busted #pornpolice #iseeyouplayboy
Geo-tag: Sara Delano Roosevelt Park Playground

Date: 8.4.13
Additional Comment: Clement slams while battling a trick as this boy observes in confusion.

Date: 8.5.13
Caption: Wish I had my real camera with me today, but my iPhone had to suffice...
Geo-tag: Sara Delano Roosevelt Park

Date: 8.5.13
Caption: Spence - switch crooks.
Tags: # mistersoftee
Additional Comment: The dude said he could skate it if he bought some ice cream, and he did.

Date: 8.6.13
Caption: Wild night for @tarela haha
Geo-tag: Odessa
Additional Comment: At the end of night following the Slime 2 premiere at Odessa. Lots of technical difficulties, but the drink of the night was Shaq Soda and vodka.

Date: 8.9.13
Caption: Jersey tho.
Additional Comment: Solo swim in my cousin’s salt water pool in Madison, NJ.

Date: 8.10.13
Caption: Haha. I think he wants to be my friend. I'm down.
Additional Comment: This little dog kept walking over to me on this ledge it’s owner had it on. So cute.

Date: 8.11.13
Caption: We stole @rayllanos from the concert in the background.
Tags: # nevernotworking
Geo-tag: Marcus Garvey Park
Additional Comment: Ray was supposed to be at the concert going on in the back but we hijacked him to shoot a photo of a trick Clement was trying.

Date: 8.11.13
Caption: @dirtydirtkid thinks I'm gay because I take selfies when I put money on my metrocard. Could any gay people verify that you do this too, please?

Date: 8.12.13
Tags: #kalethecannon
Additional Comment: Kale was being lifted in a sheet at McCarren Park.

Date: 8.19.13
Caption: Me shot by @thewastedtalent looking at a photo of me shot by @azurite_blue posted on @nyskateboarding from Saturday at Rockaway.

Date: 8.20.13
Caption: #art photo by #tajcam

Date: 8.21.13
Geo-tag: Tompkins Square Park
Additional Comment: Climbing in trees with Amina.

Date: 8.21.13
Caption: Beach bound with these two; @caterinamandarina & @leothelipski

Date: 8.21.13
Caption: Beach bummin'
Geo-tag: Brighton Beach
Additional Comment: Rode out to Brighton Beach with Leo and Cat, where we met up with Nora and Solveig…then we ran into Andy and Dani!

Date: 8.25.13
Caption: 5:30am, Odessa's after party dance club is still poppin'...
Geo-tag: Odessa
Additional Comment: One of many after hour hang outs at the bar.

Date: 8.29.13
Tags: #malibusmostwanted #meatpackers #durags
Geo-tag: The Standard Plaza
Additional Comment: Yes, the pregnant women are all smoking cigarettes.

Date: 8.30.13
Caption: No...
Additional Comment: Koki around 7am following the premiere of Tengu, hanging off my roof with a 7 floor drop below him. Sketchy.

Date: 9.1.13
Caption: Find #pirosierra...
Geo-tag: Odessa
Additional Comment: This about sums up the last night of the Odessa Bar.

Date: 9.1.13
Caption: "What are these called? Turn up cakes? TURN UP!" - #pirosierra
Geo-tag: Vegetarian Dim Sum House
Additional Comment: Piro was wasted with a huge lump on his head the night before so he crashed on my floor and I bought him dim sum the next morning. He was stoked on the “turn up” cakes.

Date: 9.3.13
Caption: Got my "key to the citi"...haha. @laborskateshop
Additional Comment: Bought an annual membership for the Citibike. So Worth it. I have used it almost every day since.

Date: 9.4.13
Caption: 1 – @oldgingerbastard & @ibetterinstadid #DP
2 – Da bois.
3 – "You listen as well as my 12 yr old son!" - security guard. @tom_mikos doing some #parkour. @laborskateshop
Tags: # philadelphia
Additional Comment: Went to Philly for a day trip with Tom and Tarela. Met up and skated with Greg and Kev.

Date: 9.6.13
Caption: @lhdnyc - nollie 360 heel. @juanleche_thelegend
Geo-tag: Union Square Park

Date: 9.6.13
Caption: My faux toes. And me. Photo: @april_joy_
Additional Comment: I had 5 prints in this group art show in Bushwick over the summer.

Date: 9.7.13
Caption: Sniping @essy_munsta from a bike on the other side of the bridge...
Additional Comment: Pretty much got lucky, because riding a bike and taking a panning shot at the same time is not easy.

Date: 9.8.13
Tags: #AndreProzorov
Additional Comment: Andre watching Matthew David perform in Brooklyn.

Date: 9.10.13
Tags: #muppetsdochinatown
Additional Comment: Found this huge Kermit while skating around Little Italy that night with Michael Johnston and Darnell. This is on my rooftop. He has been in my bathroom ever since.

Date: 9.11.13
Caption: Beach hammocks with my friends...nbd. Photo: @heyemilieschwenk
Tags: #bryanderballa #derballagram #allenying
Geo-tag: Jacob Riis Beach
Additional Comment: End of summer beach sesh.

Date: 9.12.13
Caption: Go home, #Kermit, you're drunk.
Additional Comment: Where Kermit resides to this day…

Date: 9.12.13
Caption: #regram from @mdfilms from Sunday in Staten Island. Roll on grind.

Date: 9.12.13
Caption: Slamming to ground commences in 5, 4, 3, 2...
Tags: # yestergram
Geo-tag: Jacob Riis Beach
Additional Comment: Emilie took this.

Date: 9.14.13
Caption: #tothepointz #bboybattle in #5pointz #queens was so good today.
Geo-tag: 5 Pointz
Additional Comment: Went to this bboy battle with April and Asmite. Didn’t enter, just watched and danced some afterward.

Date: 9.15.13
Caption: Your boy has a couple photos in today's #NewYorkTimes in #allenying 's feature. So does @yonniecruz & @koki8671. Pick up a copy...
Additional Comment: Yeah, so that happened.

Date: 9.15.13
Caption: Skating around with my dawg @roi_the_vicious
Geo-tag: McCarren Park
Additional Comment: Nadine needed someone to run around with Roi while she was at work, so I took him for a skate around Williamsburg and Greenpoint. roi_the_vicious: “I <3 Disturbing young love”

Date: 9.16.13
Tags: #pirosierra
Additional Comment: Night mission with Dima and Piro.

Date: 9.17.13
Caption: Double trouble. @dirtyrottenwolf
Additional Comment: Frank printed out some stickers of his face haha.

Date: 9.18.13
Caption: Out shooting with @rayllanos. Your boy's #uphere.
Additional Comment: Skating things that are scary…

Date: 9.19.13
Caption: @mdfilms playing tag with his board...
Geo-tag: Rego Park
Additional Comment: Showing Mark around Queens some. Watching him chase his board down this thing was hilarious though.

Date: 9.19.13
Additional Comment: I don’t spend much time in Queens anymore, but the unisphere at Flushing is always a pleasant sight.

Date: 9.22.13
Caption: Staten Island.
Geo-tag: Midland Beach Board Walk

Date: 9.23.13
Caption: @tom_mikos jamming at half-mast.

Date: 9.24.13
Caption: Your iPhone screen is broken...
Additional Comment: Through a broken mirror. This was a ramp that needed a home and was temporarily set up in the warehouse next door to Skate Brooklyn. Not sure what became of it, but it was fun.

Date: 9.25.13
Caption: Powwow
Additional Comment: Snuck up behind these pigeons that were all congregating, eating bird seed that someone put down, and dropped my board to scare them as I took the photo.

Date: 9.26.13
Caption: Pretty chill.
Additional Comment: Emilie couldn’t resist. Sorry K-mart.

Date: 9.26.13
Additional Comment: In Jersey hanging with my dawg Coco.

Date: 9.26.13
Tags: #billmurray
Additional Comment: This groundhog lives under my cousin’s shed in Jersey.

Date: 9.30.13
Caption: @leothelipski in the freestyle square.
Geo-tag: Perthamboy Skate Park
Additional Comment: Leo primo’ed on what I think was a fly out Benihana.

Date: 9.30.13
Caption: Is this real life?
Geo-tag: Washington Square Park
Additional Comment: Not sure why these cops were slowly driving around the fountain in the park with a red interior light on in the car, but it made them look evil.

Date: 9.30.13
Caption: Found the Afro Samurai again
Geo-tag: Washington Square Park
Additional Comment: Two and a half months later and I run into the Afro Samurai again. Same thing, different place.

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