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2012 Instagram Year In Review: December

Happy New Year, everyone! Here's the final (December) installment of my 2012 Instagram Year In Review. These are from my @elasticback account, not my @naysayerskate account...

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Here's to another epic year...

Date: 12.1.12
Caption: Aaaaand...that's a wrap for #Movember. Final 'stache.
Additional Comment: This was my second year doing Movember and this was the result of growing only a mustache over the course of the month.

Date: 12.2.12
Caption: Chaco holds me down. Photo: @darndarnscott
Additional Comment: Darnell was shooting some photos of Laetitia and I and his roommate's dog Chaco wanted in on the action.

Date: 12.2.12
Caption: #parkour class with the #bboy squad. @grafluxe on the left and myself on the right.
Geo-tag: Chelsea Piers Field House
Additional Comment: In the previous b-boy practice Dro mentioned this parkour class at Chelsea Piers that they did a couple times the previous year and we all decided to go to the next one. It was super fun but we were all pretty sore the next day for using specific muscles to jump in ways we were not quite used to. When we go, we go hard.

Date: 12.3.12
Additional Comment: Mornings with Laetitia.

Date: 12.4.12
Caption: @bossypants came thru to #bboy practice today. We put her right to work. Photo: @grafluxe
Geo-tag: Triskelion Arts
Additional Comment: Nicole mentioned that she wasn't to come to one of our sessions and try it out. I taught her some basics then played around on the wall some.

Date: 12.6.12
Caption: Battered and tired but came thru with some clips and photos tonight/this morning. The stoke flows in abundance at the moment.
Additional Comment: Working on a few cool projects with Colin for the Mandible Claw video.

Date: 12.6.12_3
Geo-tag: Essential Therapy
Additional Comment: I got my first massage in a while. It was way overdue and just scratched the surface of what I needed.

Date: 12.7.12
Caption: Put my Christmas tree up. Special thanks to @pollygrrrl for sending me this Charlie Brown tree last year when she knew X-Mas wasn't coming together for me. Made it so much better. <3

Date: 12.8.12
Caption: Kewt.
Additional Comment: Nicole's cat.

Date: 12.8.12
Caption: @josophat walking the line...
Additional Comment: She is incredible. No hesitation here...practically danced across back and forth a couple times. This was on our second trip up to see Cat in Poughkeepsie. This is at the abandoned asylum that we went to on the last trip too.

Date: 12.8.12
Caption: #joyriding @josophat @caterinamandarina @shelookswest @albertech842
Additional Comment: Cat "borrowed" one of the university's golf carts after discovering her mailbox key started it, haha. She was booking it on this thing too.

Date: 12.8.12
Caption: #DIY #yoga with @josophat

Date: 12.9.12
Caption: @caterinamandarina chilling at the top!
Additional Comment: Josephine & Cori left the first night, so the second day it was just Cat & I exploring. This was at an abandoned factory.

Date: 12.9.12
Caption: @caterinamandarina takes her studies so serious that she even goes in at abandoned asylums.
Additional Comment: We found a desk and rigged a leg where there was a broken one and made seat so she could get work done while I worked on other things.

Date: 12.9.12
Caption: Found some new graffiti in the asylum today.

Date: 12.11.12
Caption: Shattered dreams.
Geo-tag: MTA Subway – 74th St/Roosevelt Ave/Jackson Heights (E/F/M/R/7) Additional Comment: Just went by this a couple days ago and the glass is still shattered.

Date: 12.12.12 – Union Square Park
Additional Comment: I love these mirrors, if you couldn't tell.

Date: 12.13.12
Caption: Rootbeer floats in wine glasses with @leothelipski & @caterinamandarina. Killing life...
Tags: #cheers
Additional Comment: One of my favorite couples. Am I the third wheel here?

Date: 12.14.12
Caption: Genius me was leaning over that candle, which set my pants ablaze. I patted it out with my hand which led to textile being melted to my hand...probably from the heat tech layer underneath my pants...
Tags: #stoops

Date: 12.14.12
Caption: Haven't posted a sunset in a while. Had a great view of a beautiful one today...
Additional Comment: From a Red Hook, Brooklyn rooftop that I wasn't supposed to be on.

Date: 12.17.12
Geo-tag: Lucky Cheng’s

Date: 12.20.12
Caption: Feeling this. It's like two faces in one...

Date: 12.20.12
Caption: Love...
Additional Comment: It has been a while since I've gotten to see this lovely creature. It was much needed. <3

Date: 12.22.12
Caption: Deep throating cats?! Tales from the Darkside: The Movie.
Additional Comment: This movie was super bizarre. It was from 1990. I watched it with Kevin, Elliott, & Cat.

Date: 12.24.12

Date: 12.27.12
Caption: Am I a bad uncle for beating my nephew (The Worm) 7 games in a row at Connect Four?
Additional Comment: I treat my nephews and niece like adults and I think it paid off because he ended up getting really good at Connect Four and beat me in a game that I didn't even throw!

Date: 12.28.12
Caption: Ugh, this would happen to me when I leave the city.
Tags: #bearattack
Additional Comment: This photo got more likes than any other from this account. I guess people prefer to see me mauled, haha.

Date: 12.28.12
Caption: Haha
Additional Comment: Funny looking dog left in a car in the Walmart parking lot. That is my niece (Jasmine) and nephew (Eman) in the reflection.
Date: 12.28.12
Additional Comment: My sister's skylight looks like a doorway to the skies.

Date: 12.29.12
Caption: Your dose of #cute for today. Jah climbs into everything.
Geo-tag: Children’s Museum of Virginia
Additional Comment: When I say climb, I mean I put him into everything, haha. He was willing though and helped the process.

Date: 12.31.12
Additional Comment: Ending a late night skate mission in Charlotte before flying back to NYC for New Years.

Date: 12.31.12
Caption: Get it together, buddy...at least make it until midnight!
Additional Comment: I took this picture outside of Josephine's place...turns out that was her bear.

Date: 12.31.12
Caption: Window reflection of @leothelipski & @josophat.
Additional Comment: Last photo of the year...

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