Wednesday, December 19, 2012

2012 Instagram Year In Review: April - July

Here is the second installment to my 2012 Instagram Year In Review. This covers April through July because I didn't seem to post many photos from that time. Again, these are from my @elasticback account. Perhaps I posted more from the @naysayerskate account...

Here is the link to the previous post: 2012 Instagram Year In Review: January - March

I'll be posting month-by-month for the rest of the year because August is about the time that I started posting a lot.

Date: 4.3.12
Caption: Poor Tiger...
Additional Comment: Missing animal flyers are usually sad, yet intriguing to me.

Date: 4.5.12
Caption: For the best viewing of The Colbert Report...
Additional Comment: Usually it is a bummer when you finish whatever it is you are drinking, but in this case, it made a cool effect.

Date: 4.7.12
Caption: I love her! 19 years old and doesn't look a day over 7!
Additional Comment: My heart...haven't seen her in way too long. :(

Date: 4.30.12
Caption: My phone took this picture on its own...just of some light or something, haha. Pretty rad.
Tags: #nofilter
Additional Comment: An accidental, yet impressive yellow to orange gradient.

Date: 5.3.12
Caption: Took this yesterday and forgot...didn't want to crop it, so small it shall be.
Additional Comment: The New York Harbor from the Staten Island Ferry.

Date: 5.4.12
Caption: My homegirl, Jade.
Additional Comment: She's beautiful.

Date: 6.3.12
Caption: @laettie - fruit butcher.
Additional Comment: Laetitia was temporarily renting a room in Washington Heights from this older Hispanic woman that didn't speak any English or French so Laetitia had to go back to her days of doing a student exchange in Mexico when she was 14. Her Spanish was pretty good, actually.

Date: 6.3.12
Caption: The cat's name is Ravioli Devine Green.
Additional Comment: This was on the ferry. Dude actually carried his cat around in a backpack!

Date: 6.8.12
Caption: Fountains or fireworks?
Additional Comment: This was at Columbus Circle.

Date: 6.25.12
Additional Comment: My niece, two of my nephews, and my sister's boyfriend's daughter. They are still too small to climb trees with me...or more likely too scared. I was in trees by their age.

Date: 7.7.12
Geo-tag: Le Baron
Tags: #lights #perspective #dimension #depth #club #lebaron #nyc #nightlife
Additional Comment: This was around the time that I was going to lots of clubs and stuff to dance. Sometimes alone, sometimes with friends.

Date: 7.7.12
Caption: Thought this was cool when I snapped it the other day. Not sure why I didn't post it.

Date: 7.28.12
Caption: My youngest nephew, Jah, turns 2 today. <3 him
Additional Comment: My niece Jasmine is in the background too.

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