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2012 Instagram Year In Review: September

Here's part four of my 2012 Instagram Year In Review. These are from my @elasticback account, not my @naysayerskate account...

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Next up: October.

Date: 9.1.12
Caption: Woke up this morning to this creeper...
Additional Comment: This is Orange. I was crashing at Bilk's spot in BK and this dude was just staring down at me when I woke up. Weirdo.

Date: 9.1.12
Caption: Godzilla killing it on 2nd St. & 1st Ave.
Additional Comment: This was actually 2nd & A. They always project movies onto this building from the bar across the street. Was walking by two nights ago and it was Wild Style.

Date: 9.2.12
Caption: <3
Geo-tag: Max Fish
Additional Comment: This night was rad. Dan (aka DJ Dirty Digits) invited a bunch of us Tallahassee folk over to his spot for a rooftop party, which got busted up by the cops causing us to venture around the LES. So many people in this picture that played a part in me becoming who I am. So blame them.

Date: 9.2.12
Caption: The band's back together!
Tags: #notreallyaband
Additional Comment: This was during a few day streak where us old friends were hanging super hard. This is Bilk, Asmite, & Greg. Taking it back to the Tallahassee days when we also used to hang hard daily.

Date: 9.2.12
Tags: #America
Additional Comment: I kinda love American flags, FYI.

Date: 9.2.12
Caption: The crew is back!
Tags: #PaddlefootPunkRox #Bilk17 #Elasticback #Blis #bboys #missingChicagoJelly
Additional Comment: I used to b-boy (breakdance) every day but stopped for way too many years. Bilk & Blis were in my crew back then, The Paddlefoot Punk Rox. We have been talking about starting back and this was the first (and maybe last) time we got a little session going again together.

Date: 9.3.12
Tags: #NotSanFrancisco #CrownHeights #Brooklyn
Additional Comment: Brooklyn has some pretty beautiful brownstones, but this block of buildings in Crown Heights looks like a street in San Francisco with lots of bay windows and colorful paint jobs.

Date: 9.7.12
Caption: Rompin' in the rain with these folk. Check Kevin's shoes. @youngkev @jozimwa @elliottsp
Geo-tag: Purchase College
Additional Comment: We went up to Purchase to visit Elliott at school and it promptly began to rain all day. Kevin had just gotten new shoes and didn't want to ruin them so put bags around them, haha.

Date: 9.8.12
Caption: Yup.
Additional Comment: Living in Staten Island, I take the ferry pretty much every day into the city. Foggy days are usually pretty surreal. I think this photo got more likes than any other I posted from this account.

Date: 9.10.12
Caption: Oh em gee...
Tags: #icant
Additional Comment: This is my cousin Albert's son Logan, who was born this summer. I had the honor of naming him. He is a cutie.

Date: 9.11.12
Caption: Long days...long daze. Time for some sleep, finally.

Date: 9.13.12
Additional Comment: More rooftop lurking. I think this was on 15th Street.

Date: 9.15.12
Caption: @jozimwa
Tags: #ukulele
Additional Comment: This girl is amazing.

Date: 9.16.12
Tags: #notaselfie #nofilter
Additional Comment: Josephine would sometimes take my phone and snap photos without me knowing.

Date: 9.16.12
Caption: Chasin' @jozimwa on a skateboard is hard work. High speeds, up hills, rough ground.
Tags: #fun
Additional Comment: Some snaps from different days of Jojo leaving me in her dust. First three are in Bronxville, last one in NYC.

Date: 9.17.12
Caption: Super tough to photograph someone swinging while swinging right next to them...with an iPhone. @jozimwa
Tags: #swinging #blur #art #motion #swings #slc #fun
Additional Comment: Motion blurs can look sick sometimes. This looks like a painting.

Date: 9.17.12
Geo-tag: Buffalo Exchange
Additional Comment: I used to hate posting photos of myself, but now I do it all the time, especially through interesting mirrors.
Date: 9.18.12
Tags: #statueofliberty
Additional Comment: It's easy to take 'the every day' for granted, but I try to acknowledge this lady regularly, even though I see her on the regs.

Date: 9.19.12
Tags: #ichat
Additional Comment: I like taking random screenshots of iChats sometimes because they look so crazed. This was Josephine iChatting in the dark, only illuminated by her computer.

Date: 9.20.12

Date: 9.21.12
Caption: Sun showers...
Additional Comment: This is Igor during the Bum Rush The Spot event under the BQE in BK. The sun burst came out epic.

Date: 9.23.12
Caption: Street dancing with @jozimwa
Additional Comment: This was no earlier than 5am on the corner of 1st Ave & 2nd St. We decided to dance because why not?

Date: 9.25.12
Tags: #sundays #sundog
Additional Comment: This is Angela. She is old and blind, but a sweetie. She somehow ended up escaping her enclosure and barging our sleep sesh.

Date: 9.27.12
Caption: Current mood.

Date: 9.28.12

Date: 9.28.12
Caption: Ready for the animal party in the woods...
Geo-tag: Hill House
Additional Comment: Josephine told me to come up for this party in the woods at Sarah Lawrence where everyone had to dress like an animal. I was the only fool that dressed in a full costume, haha. Walking around campus was pretty humorous since most people didn't know about the party, probably. Everyone in the woods was stoked on my costume though.

Date: 9.29.12
Additional Comment: Look up sometimes. It's beautiful.

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