Friday, December 21, 2012

2012 Instagram Year In Review: August

This is the third installment to my 2012 Instagram Year In Review. Unlike the previous entries, it only covers one month because this is when I started Instagraming a lot. These are from my @elasticback account, not my @naysayerskate account...

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Next up: September.

Date: 8.5.12
Additional Comment: This was taken at the abandoned mental hospital in Staten Island. Not sure what this particular building used to be.

Date: 8.5.12
Caption: <3
Geo-tag: ISHTA Yoga
Additional Comment: Jessica is the best yoga her class. I always feel so great after.

Date: 8.7.12
Caption: Dance Party! @mariairam @fallanator
Geo-tag: Trophy Bar
Additional Comment: It was Maria's birthday, so a bunch of us met at Lucky Dog and a few of us ended up going to Trophy Bar after. It was pretty dead, but we held it down on the dance floor anyway.

Date: 8.7.12
Caption: Zombie gaze...foregoing sleep is way harder after a day of skating and night of dancing. Hopefully I can make it through the day...
Additional Comment: Totally forgot that I had work super early the next morning before spending the night dancing and getting home a couple hours before I had to be up. Pulled an all-nighter.

Date: 8.7.12
Caption: Cranes lifting crazed loads...

Date: 8.7.12
Caption: Totally just fell in love with this puppy I just saw at Tompkins. Husky/Collie/German Shepherd mix.
Geo-tag: Tompkins Square Park
Additional Comment: I want to cuddle this dog forever.
Date: 8.7.12
Caption: We in there. @akmos
Additional Comment: Andy and I stopped by Juicy Lucy before heading to a party at Moo Shoes where we went in on some free vegan shortcake samplers.

Date: 8.9.12
Caption: I dun diddit...
Geo-tag: Le Bain
Additional Comment: This was my first time going to Le Bain. When I saw that they had a pool on the dance floor, I had to get in there.

Date: 8.9.12
Additional Comment: Nadine controls the lighting and stuff at Le Bain.

Date: 8.9.12
Caption: Cats!
Tags: #adoptus #aspca
Additional Comment: I love cats...wish I could adopt one/some.

Date: 8.12.12
Additional Comment: One of Bilk & Nicole's cats, Grey.

Date: 8.12.12
Geo-tag: Teany
Additional Comment: We trippy, mane!

Date: 8.13.12
Additional Comment: Was doing something fancy that day...maybe had an interview or something. Still skated.

Date: 8.13.12
Caption: Jon Wagner's birthday. @stillweii @popskeet
Additional Comment: Jumped in the photobooth at The Bushwick Country Club.

Date: 8.14.12
Additional Comment: Taking the ferry back and fourth to the city every day kinda sucks, but you can't really beat the view.

Date: 8.14.12
Additional Comment: Taken from the rooftop of some building Laetitia was temporarily staying at in Soho.

Date: 8.15.12
Tags: #bushwick #stillraining
Additional Comment: Looking west toward the city from in front of The Loom.

Date: 8.16.12
Tags: #grainy
Additional Comment: At Brooklyn Fireproof in Bushwick.

Date: 8.18.12
Caption: My captors let me free... @essy_munsta @danielgeorgeking
Additional Comment: Moving stuff from storage to the new KCDC and had to ride in the back because no room in the front. It was pitch black until they let me out at each stop.

Date: 8.20.12
Caption: Sometimes my mom sings to me on my voicemail...
Tags: #imissher
Additional Comment: I love my mom.

Date: 8.22.12
Caption: Rooftoppin'
Additional Comment: I spend a lot of time on rooftops.

Date: 8.25.12
Caption: Watching these homies for the next 5 days.
Tags: #housesitting #catsitting #prospectheights #brooklyn
Additional Comment: House/cat sat for Bilk & Nicole in Prospect Heights while they went down south on vacation.

Date: 8.26.12
Caption: This is happening right now...
Tags: #catyoga
Additional Comment: Orange is my homie. He chilled with me a lot.

Date: 8.29.12
Caption: Rooftop grillin' with @queenadine @jozimwa & @elliottsp
Additional Comment: Some of my favorite ladies right here...

Date: 8.30.12
Caption: @jozimwa killing it on the dance floor all night...
Additional Comment: Eyes closed, dancing alone amongst everyone else. This night changed a lot.

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