Monday, March 09, 2009

Gems Skateboard Collection Show at KCDC

I went with Peter to check out this event at KCDC on Saturday. We just barely caught the tail end of it and I tried to shoot some photos with my phone. I didn't get everything and some of the shots suck just because there were too many people there.

I was always a fan of these graphics. If I am not mistaken, there was an ever-slick of the robot terminator with the Arnold version printed over it, so when you wore down the arnold graphic, the robot version appeared.

Here are the actual drawings:

Chris Pastras was actually there.

This is one of my favorite graphics, Charles Manson with the Peanuts gang.

I didn't get the bottom row of this wall because too many people were posting up on it.

These were Jahmal's old graphics:

His Black Jesus graphic was probably my favorite of the bunch. I had to get a weird angle of it to see the graphic though since it was black on black.

Too bad I didn't get a better photo of this case. It was full of a bunch of old skate memorabilia. From NYC covers, to east coast skater endorsed product, to some Cali stuff.


Pepe and Harold:

Alphonzo's Adidas graphic was sick.

Two of the most iconic deck graphics of the 90s:

Sheffey and Duffy.

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jay adams said...

the decks look awesome... but there are these for display only?