Monday, September 29, 2008

Updates and slappies

Looks like the StickUpKidsNY put up a 9 minute long throwaway clip a couple weeks back. I am curious to see Flipmode 4 (whenever that is coming out) with throwaways like this!

Steve Marino, of Square Films, also put up a clip. This one is of Robert Lim and Luis Tolentino at Flushing. Wow...dudes can hold their tricks for days! Props on that front crooks, Luis.

So Thrasher is having a slappy video contest judged by John Lucero (of Black Label). Videos have to be under a minute and were supposed to include a reference to your username at each spot (though I was the only one to do that). Submissions end today. Here is my entry:

The original deadline was through Friday but they extended it until today. Too bad it rained all weekend, because I wanted to submit a more traditional curb session (which I think Lucero might be apt to like). Here are a couple of those types submitted by other, which I think are likely to win:

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"You putting this on YouTube?"

So I won an Anatomy contest on Thrasher (judged by Corey Duffel) a week or two back. Basically the premise was to create an Anatomy (breaking down a scene into what is going on or what people are thinking) anyway you like, it just had to tie in something related to Foundation Skateboards. Here is my winning entry:

That may be too long and might get cut off, so you can view the whole thing here.

Here are my other entries:

I was going to post John Motta's new video part, but I slacked too long and it is down now. I am not sure what video it is for, but it is pretty amazing. Varial heel wallride down a straight wall over stairs (and a gate thing)! One upping himself!

Since I don't have that for you, I will just give you something else from the Southwest. Brendan O' Brien's part from Somewhere In Between.

Now for random photos I came across online...


Oh yeah, and it is networking is more popular than porn. What this article fails to point work out is that young people are not less interested in porn, but they are just looking at it on MySpace! Why just passively watch it when you can "friend" the ladies and pretend like you have a chance with them by spitting game via comments and messages?

Friday, September 19, 2008

A few photos to consider

Trip out on this (move back from them monitor and see what appears).

Kool-Aid man strikes! OH YEAH!

Flip that Zune logo upside down. Microsoft didn't see that coming.

They say suicidal tendencies come with age. Perhaps these bananas were just past their prime. RIP.

Talk about too much "action" packed into one theater!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Compiled Entertainment


Does that make me qualified to handle a trip to Disney?

Missed connection with that person on the subway? I doubt they will see this, but you can at least make a passive aggressive attempt to holla back here.

Arther gets it! You don't need a jacket in hot weather!

Three year olds will be giving me movie reviews from now on!

I heard a rumor that Fred and Sharon will be making the next Transworld continue in the direction of the progression Transworld is making with their videos.

Last, but not least: NINJA CAT!

AHAHAHAHA, tell me that you could keep a straight face each time the camera panned back over to the would be lying!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Translating dialects

Manolo is the funniest guy you will ever meet...

Here is a promo for a video that some kids in LI are making. Seems pretty sick.

While I have you jumping to another site, go to the Tiltmode Army site. If you didn't already know, they are working on another video and with a roster consisting of pretty much the whole Enjoi team, Marc Johnson, Colt Cannon, Matt Evs, etc. this is going to be another classic.

Someone decided to translate a freestyle battle between two guys...which resulted in a fight.

AHAHAHA! Rappers are stupid when broken down (not that they need to be broken down to sound stupid). Speaking about rappers...let's bring back some Fatlip!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Doin' Thangs (Online)

Test your color IQ.

Yeah, I am a perfect score. See:

So they updated the Show Me Your Pirate Contest on Active. Seven of my submissions made the cut in total. Here are some new submissions from others that I liked:

Thursday, September 11, 2008

eplicly early'd

Vans is putting out a collab shoe with In4mation. Not sure who In4mation is (nor do I care), but the shoe is pretty sick...and non-leather! I guess it is coming out in December as a limited release (click image below for more photos/info). Hopefully I can get ahold of a couple pairs.

This is the funniest video you will see in a while. If that isn't true, please share.

SkateNC put out a sick new clip. It also looks like they relaunched their site. But they still have the old site archived.

I found Dave & Tania Carnie's (yes, they got married) new blog. It is about food. I'm not psyched on the subject but the writing is still awesome.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I back Russell Brand

Did you see the VMAs the other day? Russell Brand was probably the best host they ever had, yet his humour (spelled like that because he is British) went over most people's heads (or they were just caught up in self-righteousness or something). He has gotten a lot of criticism since and some even call him the worst host of the VMAs ever. To prove them wrong, here are some quotes from the VMAs:

"Without fame, this haircut could be mistaken for mental illness."

"I know America to be a forward thinking country. Otherwise would you let that retarded cowboy fellow be president for 8 years?...In England, George Bush wouldn't be trusted with a pair of scissors."

(In reference to the kid that knocked up Palin's daughter.)
"Use a condom or become Republican!"

"They (the Jonas Brothers) could literally have sex with any woman that they want and they 're just not going to do it. That is like Superman just deciding not to fly and to go everywhere on a bus."

"I like the old system for controlling a boy ban, invented by Michael Jackson's dad, right? He could control the whole Jackson 5 with just one leather belt. And there was literally no negative side-effect on any of them children in later life."

"New music, new President, brand new America and you people deserve it after eight years of Bush. Eight years of Bush. Eight years of bush is what the Jonas Brothers are going to have to cram into their bachelor parties. God bless those boys."

"I was so inspired by Katy Perry's message, that teenage girls will do anything for the taste of Cherry Chpastik, that I'm currently going through nine Chapstiks a day...and my penis has never felt more moisturized!"

"Here, at their own request, to bring on the Jonas Brothers is Taylor Swift. It will be a little while before she brings any or them off." (Note: she is dating one of them)

(Jordan Sparks in response to Russell's jokes about promise rings)
It's not bad to wear a promise ring because not every guy or girl wants to be a slut!"

"I don't want to piss off teenage fans, alright? In fact, quite the opposite, I don't mean I want to piss on teenage fans, let me be clear. I know there has been trouble with that in the past in this country."

There is also another quote that I don't remember exactly, but he was talking to LL Cool J about lingerie and said something to the effect of being careful because he was already called a slut today (referring to Jordan Sparks implying that any sexually active person is a slut).

Anyway...still on a bad streak with filming. Unproductive. Unproductive.

Hey Budi. Saturday. Skate. 5am.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Show Me Your Pirate

Fourstar is having a contest on Active called "Show me your pirate," where you can submit your version of the skate pirate with the best one being used on a shirt in the next season's line. I have no idea when the contest is going to be over, but here are the submissions I sent in:

Here are some of my favorites from what others have submitted: