Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Stumptown Stumble

As Leonard alluded to, I took a skate/filming mission out to Portland. Lots of skating went down, and lots of pain and soreness resulted. Here is the escapade via the lens of my phone camera:

On the flight there, the guy the seat over from me looked like your typical middle-aged, middle-class, professional...reading a Harry Potter book! I was amused. I shot the photo when he went to the bathroom to release his magic potions.

We ate at this Creole restaurant in Portland where they wrapped my vegetarian jambalaya like a foil alien creature/crab (or something). We stopped by the same place to get some food to go on my way to the airport at the end of the trip and I was hoping that I didn't have to go to the airport with another one of these creatures...I got lucky (or maybe the waitress that first day was the one looking to get lucky ;)).

Leonard had to go to work the first couple days I was there. On the second day, I didn't feel like waiting for him so I took the bus to Burnside. While waiting for the bus, this guy stopped at the light in front of me...way to live in a mirror, dude!

I took these while crossing the Burnside bridge on my way to the park:

Chat Childress, aka Crooks/Luda Crooks/Ol Dirty Crooks/Crooked Arm/etc, was there RIPPING!

There were a couple spots that I was looking for (which I had magazine rip-outs of on me of him skating them) and he was able to tell me where they were. Unfortunately, one was gone and the other was outside of Seattle. Dude killed that park, as did all the other locs. I got hurt.

Apparently, skateboarding is awesomer than graffiti!

This sign follows Leonard around:

They love skateboarders in Portland! That skateboarder is totally going to punch that rollerblader in the face!

They also like to make food into animals!

Did you know that nicknames for Portland are Mudtown and Stumptown? Those are tougher names than the Big Apple (which is apparently rotten at its core).

Oh yeah, and everybody wears helmets...even tough looking bikers on their chopper bicycles they are forced to ride since they bikes were confiscated after their 5th DUI.

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