Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Alanis' Lady Lumps

BEST MUSIC VIDEO EVER! Alanis Morissette wins.

On the note or awesomeness, Chinatown keeps it gully with "Crying Baby Head" that you can throw on the ground and make cry. I want to be in the Kindergarden class where a kid comes to recess with this thing...not in a pedophile way (pervs), in a fly on the wall way.

In my constant attention paid to crossing signs, I am sometimes rewarded with thing such as this. SHOCKER!

For some reason I have been drawn toward going big with my skating lately. It doesn't make sense since everyone else I skate with just skates tranny these days. I get my kicks, though.

I took it mellow yesterday and skated around downtown with my buddy Dave.

He is a ghost, btw.

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