Friday, March 09, 2007

Hawt Coulture

Dang! What is with Leonard feeling horrible Puff Daddy songs (are there such things as non-horrible Puff Daddy songs?)?

So it is like 15 degrees here and has been snow-ish lately. This is what it was like on my way to work on Wednesday:

Those pictures are not dirty, that is just God boycotting Head and Shoulders (that is what snow really is, kiddies).

It is going to be in the 50's this weekend! Speaking of this weekend, if you are in or around NYC, you should stop through KCDC on Saturday.

My hood is so confusing. I have so much trouble crossing the street because of at least four of these vague crossing lights within 5 blocks of my apartment.

Speaking about are you supposed to try these???

It has to be COOKED!!! You can try samples of cookies and chips, you can try using toys, and you can try out lotions and perfumes, but you CANNOT try Indian food that has to cooked in the store. Maybe one day in the future we when you will cook meals by placing a pill in to a machine and transforming it into a platter of BBQ tofu or something. Speaking of, when are they going to have recycled food? Like in that movie Judge Dread. Or recycled urine, like in Waterworld? Someone needs to get on that.

For the record, professional skateboarders annoy me. I think I am going to stop reading their interviews in magazines...maybe.

Once again, come out to KCDC on Saturday. If you do, you may get one of these stickers.

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Leonard said...

"professional skateboarders annoy me."

It's ok, buddy. Just let the hatred flow through you.