Tuesday, March 06, 2007

If you can't do it, give up!


--New: in Portland, most little skater-kids wear helmets when they skate. Old: they also write the names of their favorite brands on their grip tape.

--I Finished The Education of Henry Adams.

--Zizek seems to be on another lecture tour--on how "only atheists can believe." It is mostly at conservative southern colleges. Is it that since Derrida's dead, Zizek can dominate the market for coquettish atheists who want to whore off religion-friendly continental philosophy? Or is the gift of Lacanian/Hegelian thought intended really as a Trojan Horse?

--Transworld and the IASC appear to be backtracking. The meeting of top pros with the IASC has become just a merely heartfelt, authentic sesh with the bros.

--Hung out with Luke, finally, from Life at These Speeds. I met a friend of his who said his parents were in a Christian free-love cult. They travelled the world being promiscuous for Jesus. Some things are apparently even worse than your garden-variety fundamentalisms.

--Using the word "streetwear" will impress your friends. It is best as an adjective. For example, "Ooh, I like that shirt. It is really streetwear."

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