Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Illusions commend themselves to us because they save us pain and allow us to enjoy pleasure instead.

I find arguing about music pointless.

Of course, I suspect Eby's problem is not really a music-problem at all, but rather a 'brand problem.' PDiddy is embarrassing. Even saying his name is embarrassing. And what?

I think there is another side to him. A kitschy side. I am talking some beyond your garden-variety, cool-dude irony. It is deeper, murkier.

To get right to it: I think that there is something vaguely transsexual about Pdiddy, something drag queenish. For one, there is the glossy charades. So maybe Puff's political costumery seems somehow analogous to gender costumery (I don't care if that's a real word or not). Or maybe it is just the fact that the dude looks like he wear more foundation than Rupaul.

This could really be the future of rap music. Think about how much transvestites did for rock music (Bowie, Iggy Pop, New York Dolls). And, like, with the rap world being so homophobic, what would be more subversive than a transgendered rapper? Trannie-hop? Dragster-rap?

I wonder what would Judith Butler would say. In any case, the beat sounds like early Prince or Cameo in the best way possible. I am not joking about saying I like that song. Dude, what do you want? It's got a nice beat and I can dance to it.

Whatever. I served for jury duty today. We reached a verdict in a half an hour. There were six of us. Everyone listened to each other. No one was angry or rude. Beyond the dirty details of the case (it was a strangulation), the experience was perfectly genteel.

Berrrr, who had the sickest skateboarding clips on youtube, got his account suspended. He had a bunch of clips from the Gnargnar video. I wonder if that was what did him in. This was his final post.

Some final notes:

I keep hearing about how well Sho's memorial went.

When I first met Sho, I noticed he had written a quote on his board. I asked him where it was from. He said it was from Damien Hirst (work pictured). It goes to show how little about art that I didn't know who Damine Hirst was at the time. When I asked Caireen about Damien Hirst later, she let me know how bad this was that I didn't know.

As a note: In the future, I want to talk more about 1) how stupid the skateboarding industry has become, 2) how boring it is to talk about music, and 3) why I am amazing and my life is legendary.

God. That picture of PDiddy is freaking me out. So, in any case, here is something else. Try to forget about it. New Order, "confusion."

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