Monday, November 27, 2006


It has been a long time, but I have been really busy lately. Things are finally starting to calm down so I finally got some down time to post.

I went two weeks with only a couple hours of skating total, but I think I definitely made up for that this past weekend. I want to commend Ralph on proving to me that there are other people in New York City that are proactive about spots. I love finding new spots that I have skated by a million time but have never spotted.

Speaking of skateboarding. Skateboarding magazine interviews have been getting under my skin a lot lately. What is the point in putting these guys on a pedestal and letting them use your mouth as a jock strap? In other words, I am tired of reading how every skateboarder is an amazing multitalented person. Nobody cares. I want to read the dirt, or maybe something about skateboarding...maybe (I would rather see the pictures). Dave Carnie has the right approach to interviews, but 90% of the rest are wasting space.

I would love to have the job setting up decoy deer to attract people like this guy to "bump" them. I am kind of confused though, don't deer wreck people's cars when they "bump" them?

This confused me as well. How did the burglar see these images on the computer in the first place? Did they decide that they needed to check their Myspace while they were near a computer?

Mortified? Most guys would be flattered.

Quit complaining about the cold and just go skate, slackers.

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